Obama Camp Deceitful…Dirty Tricks Campaign

Can you trust this Man?

Forty-nine percent (49%) of voters say they trust McCain more than Obama on the economy while 45% trust Obama. Here is a new link about Nobama shake up to take the heat off .thanks to GoodTimePolitics.

excerpt: Jim Johnson, the former head of Fannie Mae who was leading Barack Obama’s vice presidential search when his favorable loans with Countrywide Financial were revealed, is stepping down from the Obama campaign, he says, to avoid becoming a distraction.


you can see the politicians that benefited with the Lehman brothers – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mess. are on post below at this link:Follow the Money

Just when I think I have heard it all, here comes another one.

Now did not the Great one, the Deliverer of our country..our World say he was running a clean campaign..why one of change of the sort that we have never been exposed to.

Hate to break it to ya NObama, you and your cronies are still playing dirty tricks..yep..that’s the way it is..Dirty Tricks and Lots of. Kicks..Chicago Politics in action…of the 1968 Daley kind? Or did you learn about these ways at Harvard? Naah…must be those guys that helped get you to this place..Ayers? Resco? How about one of the most notorious..George Soros perhaps? We have been on to you for awhile, We know what you have done to your opponents in the past..it is much better to get somebody kicked off a ballot then you can run unopposed..We know you did that NObama..we know lots of things and The Truth is your worst nightmare..

Now, we all know he always denies, denies denies..denied his meaning…denied anything the least bit derogatory..lies. It was not the person he knew..course not. Accusing others of lies but Nobama did not do it..of course not. Well, now we got ya!

Nobama has taken what one has said and clipped it and made an ad that is running. Go the link below..it will take you to the link that exposes his shady low class campaign tactic. Don’t forget it is Barry Barack and he approves that message..

Hattip to goodtimepolitics Go and check this out.


excerpt below from GoodTimePolitics

Obama is a lier as we already know! He was deceitful with Hillary Clinton is why he beat her in the primaries. Do you want a deceitful person like Barack Hussein Obama in the White House.

Not this Chick! He’s got my lipstick, Nuff said! 🙂



  1. Sadly, diehard Obamamaniacs will continue to support him, no matter what.

    But some of the others who were going to vote for BHO have changed their minds or at least are entertaining the possibility of voting for McCain-Palin.

  2. Obama is a master at stealth, he and the left who have aspirations of leading the nation have to be. They can’t tell ordinary people what their policies really are or show them examples of what life is like with the radical left in charge. Britain, Europe, Canada, New Zealand and now Australia are shining examples of why you ought to steer clear of leftism.

    Obama is lucky that much of Europe still believes in Socialism, otherwise he wouldn’t have arrogantly lectured Americans to learn French and Spanish. Because if they weren’t and Americans did learn the languages of the rest of the world, they’d learn from others’ mistakes much faster.

  3. Hey Ange! Great post! Yes the man is an extraordinary liar. And the converted, the true believers will never see it. Fortunately, there are many who do though. More and more I’ve no doubt that McCain will take the election. Obama has no successful experience anywhere – the debates should be interesting. I can’t wait to see them. Or have I missed them? Cripes I am so out of touch these days.

    Keep banging the drum my friend – there are those who will hear you and already have.


    Hi Annie, You are right they won’t see it. They cannot get past the fluff. There are many who are seeing as you say but we have to keep hammering it with all the bucks big bucks out there for ads and many who just get their news from the tube..we have to. I can’t wait for the debates either.
    I am going to keep banging the drum as long as I can. Thanks for the support.

    Hugs to ya!

  4. hey Ang!..NO we can not trust this traitor!!!
    Have an optimistic weekend..heh! 🙂

  5. Hi Angie, The Obama camp is lying again and this time on who they are getting advice from! I sure like the way you lay out your writings Angie you’re so much better at it then most of us bloggers out here. Maybe this will give you something else to investigate and come up with another good post.

  6. Check your spam for my last comment. Thanks!

  7. Thanks to all of you for your comments.

    AOW..yes, if we can get them to think about the true cost.

    MK, I cannot imagine what you all go through with your guns taken away and many of the crazy laws now. The stress must be tremendous. I appreciate you and your efforts. You are fighting the fight and hopefully one day it will change. I sure hope we do not go down that path.

    Hey Angel! see this 🙂 you are precious!

    Oh, Goodtimepolitics, you are so sweet..but you are the best at finding the links and I love your blog. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

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