Slander Sexism and Lies

Why do they hate her? What is it about Sarah that is driving left-wing elites to say the most idiotic and bizarre things? Since her explosive arrival onto the political scene, Palin has endured far more than the customary and expected vetting and scrutiny.

Obama underlings and their dinosaur media apparatchiks have dug through her garbage, rifled through her dirty laundry, and interviewed every friend, foe, and caribou in Alaska. She has been (falsely) branded a book-burner, a religious zealot, “anti-women,” and “anti-science.”

I found an interesting take on this from and this one over at good writer,both are left leaning..but very interesting reads below.

A Great Leap for Women?

Then came Charlie…er…I mean Charles Gibson. The ABC News star tried to jettison his nice-guy image in the first interview with Palin and ended up coming off like a pedantic snob. Aside from tripping up on the Bush Doctrine (she explained it as his general worldview, as opposed to the doctrine of preemptive military action), she acquitted herself well.
Sorry, Charlie. There are actually 4 Bush can find them over on Right Truth at this link:

There is no single meaning of the Bush doctrine

You can vote for what you think of Sarah Palin’s performance in the ABC Cleveland market on the Charlie Gibson Interview…. It is in the mid right hand corner called net 5 poll …– it was running 41% yes ability to lead the country and 41% No..go vote. A dead heat!

In the past two-weeks, Obama-friendly columnists and commentators have questioned Palin’s fitness as a mother. CNN, NBC and the other left-wing media outlets have expended more man-hours looking into Palin’s faith than they did in two years looking into Barack Obama’s. My personal favorite, though, is actor Matt “Bagger Vance” Damon’s saying that the mere possibility of Vice President Palin was like a “bad Disney movie.” Damon really really wants to know if she believes there were Dinosaurs 4,000 years ago! Pamela Anderson.. “I can’t stand her”..not that you know her Pamie, you just can’t stand what she stands for..they have to expletive deletive your suck comment!

The vitriol is so over-the-top that it is having a boomerang effect. As the attacks over the last two weeks have intensified, the McCain/Palin poll numbers have shot up. Today’s Gallup numbers show for the first time in years Republicans winning a generic congressional ballot among likely voters. Elites from Los Angeles to Manhattan are sensing that their chance at a political utopia may be slipping away.

Sarah Palin’s entire existence is a refutation of everything the Radical left holds sacrosanct. They champion abortion rights, she stands for life, personally and politically. They think the redistribution of income is indispensable to achieving “economic justice.” She sees it as their means to grow government and penalize prosperity. They look at America and see a collection of oppressed minorities. She sees America as the land of opportunity. They believe we need to do more to court “world opinion.”
She’s not embarrassed over having little use for Europe.

It is not enough for them to beat Sarah Palin, they must destroy her. The shenanigans they pulled on Hillary and her supporters was unbelievable..with Sarah they attack her personal life and family to boot! Yep, the Obama camp got a free ride from the MSM for quite a long while. I personally believe if it were not for the many blogs outrage and frustration with his dubious associations, and corrupt ‘good ole boys’ they would be silent yet.

UPDATE: in Red

Today, the Democrats have announced they will employ a troop of “female surrogates,” including Senator Clinton of New York, Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona, and Governor Kathryn Sibelius of Kansas to take Governor Palin on and hopefully steal her thunder away from voters in battleground states.

Sounds like it will be a page from the book Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman.

I wonder why the guys are so uncomfortable taking a woman on publicly? In the political arena, they do so all the time, usually behind closed doors–except if that woman is Senator Clinton. How ironic, that Senator Obama has had to turn to her now.

In my opinion, President Amadinejad might indeed have formidable opponents in Senator McCain and Governor Palin who understand that we are at war and that it is one we must win. Unlike Senator Obama, I bet they do not view the terrorists as “perverting the Islamic faith” (Obama said this in his interview with O’Reilly) but rather, as expressing it all too well. On this very point, (whether there is a “good” and “peaceful” Islam or not), our Republic will either stand or fall.

I have heard (do not know if true) that they are considering dropping Biden from the Messiah’s ticket. I did hear Biden say that Hillary would have been a better selection. Is he now going to use a health issue? Thought his health was vetted. If they do drop Biden and convince Hillary to go on the ticket now..would that not prove finally that the great one has poor judgment? Proved it to me with several issues..The latest being the Russian invasion into many times did he backtrack with his statements? 3 times. Could Hillary have been the focus of Obama’s meeting with Bill Clinton? Time will tell.

It is time to face it…both parties need an overhaul! Many of the leaders in both parties have left their constituencies. They have not heard or they do not care! I did not hear one word at either convention about our illegal immigration problem. Did I miss it somehow? Do they not understand that the American people are concerned about terroism? Yes, they promise to make our borders safer. Why are they not safe now? Why are border guards still in prison?

When will we get back to the issues? When will the ads stop their lies? I am speaking here of a new ad yesterday from the Obama campaign..the one where it shows a computer and says McCain can’t even send an email! Do they not know, do they not care about the truth being that he cannot comb his hair..that he truly fought for us..and in the process he cannot raise his arms. Does the MSM care to address this?

See the link below from NoQuarter that addresses the cruelty of this one.

This ad, released by the Obama campaign today, and played numerous times on television, is utterly cruel, and should not only be pulled from the Obama Web site and Obama YouTube channel — where it is still displayed — but also require Obama to issue a profound apology:

Jonah Goldberg Wondering No More

Of the candidates that have proven change (that is clearly on their record) and in the process taken on their own party, we have the McCain Palin ticket. Two candidates that are very much alike with quite a few of the same values of reform. On the change ticket of Obama Biden, he chose a Washington insider. One that would soothe the fear of Obama’s lack of experience. McCain took a risk. McCain revealed in this move that he truly is the Maverick of the Senate!

I found a beautiful letter from a Republican to a former Democrat who is now an Independent, I consider this a must read..the writing, the heart really says it all, below is an excerpt from NoQuarter. We all love our country and this says it all. Thank you Patrick. Thank you NoQuarter for posting this. It is time that those of us who love our Country put the Country first.

Patrick »

From Patrick:

I wrote this on 9/11, after watching it all happen again…I probably should have posted it in the Thank You thread below, but it also seems appropriate here, because the Erosion this thread speaks of is thanks in large part to you all…

I just watched the Towers fall again.

And the world stopped. It changed. We would never be the same.

Seven years later and here we are. We haven’t had another attack, but we’ve lost thousands of America’s finest. I will not debate the merits of the Iraq war. I believe that I, as a centrist Republican, and all you good people differ on that issue. Read the rest

It’s a long way ’til November 4th, but I’m betting on the Maverick of the Senate and the gal with the double-barreled shotgun and camouflage ski jacket.

Kinda like this photo.

Check this out:216 for McCain-Palin, 217 for Obama-Biden, 105 Toss Ups: Obama’s lead in the electoral college has officially eroded..They are going to be on a witch the toss ups are very important for our country.

Sources below in links above thoughout this article.

Thank you

Right Truth




Laura Ingraham

Pajama’s Media



  1. Let them dig all they want because the more they attack Sarah Palin the lower Obama gets in the polls! I think that the American people are starting to wake up to just what this far left nut Obama really is! We the people have to get out and speak up before its to late!, tell a friend, blogging, making comments and there are many other ways to get the news out! Thanks for fighting the good fight!

  2. great overview Angie..they wont rest till they destroy themselves…bring it on lefties!.ha

  3. While I applaud the Republican Party for nominating their first woman VP – remember that the Democrats did long ago – I would ask you: does this particular woman represent the values you hold and does she have the knowledge to take over the presidency should McCain suddenly die in office.

    One of the things that haunts me is: What if McCain suddenly dies on day two of his administration? Does she have enough foreign affairs knowledge to take over as President on day two or day one?

    Palin admitted that she’s not been interested in or paid any attention to foreign affairs. Does she know enough about international affairs to deal with the extremely complex issues facing our foreign affairs? This is an extremely important question.

    Sen. Clinton could have handled the issues. She has the knowledge. Palin, by her own admission, does not.

    And that is what concerns me. I don’t care about her personal life. I don’t care about her religion. I don’t even care that she’s female as opposed to male. I believe in HIRING THE BEST person for the job.

    Yes, I long for the day when a woman becomes President of the U.S. Hell, I personally have experienced all the discrimination and prejudice dumped on women. But that does not mean I want an unqualified woman to become the leader of the free world just because she’s a woman.

    I mean would you want your company to promote a female co-worker, regardless of her experience and knowledge, to CEO just because she’s a woman? Wouldn’t you want that female to be a knowledge leader in the field …or at least highly knowledgeable in the field…in order to make the company grow in order to preserve your job and your benefits and increase your salary?

    Tell the truth, if you had a choice in your company’s management, who would you choose: A male who had lots lots of experience and knowledge or a female who admitted that she had almost no interest and no knowledge? Who would you bet your salary and job on?

    That IS what counts. If you vote for McCain solely because he chose Gov. Palin, you’re saying that knowledge doesn’t count. Just as you would be saying to your company that experience and knowledge don’t count when hiring a CEO.

    And for those of you who say she’ll have time to learn, I point to the fact that many presidents have died early in office and that McCain is 72. Sure he may live long like his mother. But I too had grandmothers that lived well over 100; yet my father died at 73. There is no way of knowing how long a President…any President…will live. Several have died almost upon taking the oath of office. That is why it is so important to choose a VP who can immediately step into the shoes of the President.

    We no longer live in an isolated world where the VP can be a novice in world affairs. We’re too interconnected politically, socially, and financially. We need a VP , regardless of gender, who understands this interconnectedness upon assumption of the office. If not, we as a country are doomed to repeat or make worse the mistakes of the past seven years.

    As a female who really has experienced and dealt with all the prejudice issues regarding female abilities, capabilities, knowledge base and so much more, I still want to hire the best “person” for the job, regardless of gender,.. because gender means a whole lot less to me than knowledge and ability.

    I want our country to regain it’s competitive edge in a world economy. I want the U.S. to export the highest and best technology the world has to offer. I want us to grow jobs. I want the rest of the world to look at the the US and say, “hey, that’s the kind of place where I want to live. ” I want to keep our country safe and growing, But to get to that point again, we need to have leaders, regardless of gender or race or religion, who understand the world and world politics.

    Can you HONESTLY say Sarah Palin has the knowledge of world affairs and economics to negotiate with often hostile foreign leaders — or at the very least leaders who seek their own country’s self interest — and keep our country safe, grow our economy in a world economy, and provide the kind of economic and social leadership our country needs. I ask you to remember too that according to all economic indicators we are at the tipping point of a major, catastrophic depression.

    Does she have the knowledge to take over from McCain? We’re not asking her to be the Gov of Rhode Island, we’re asking her to possibly be the leader of the free world…potentially to take over the most important position in the world. And potentially take over that position on day one or two after assuming office.

    What is at stake is not whether she breaks the deplorable “glass ceiling” but whether she has the knowledge and ability on day one to lead our country forward and protect it from all the many threats, both military and financial, that could harm us.

    As a woman who has quite literally dealt with all many and disgusting prejudices that have been thrown against women, I simply do no believe that Sarah Palin has either the experience or knowledge to keep our country safe. Therefore, I cannot support her.

  4. Thanks goodtimepolitics! Same to ya!

    Angel how are you? I know it was difficult for you this past week with the memorial for 9/11. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you.

    Welcome Valerie,

    My grandmother always told me she voted for the person, not the party..While I have found that I have become very conservative (an independent conservative) in my core beliefs. I still remember how she looked at the conceived character she had observed in the candidate. I share that because that is an important factor to me.

    I would not vote for someone based on their gender or color. I too, know how it is out there with the prejudices that have been thrown against women.

    Now in my opinion, Sarah Palin has more experience that Barack Obama. He has been running for President for nearly 2 years of his Senate Seat. He is a constitutional lawyer..We have two many lawyers now in the house. 🙂 just saying…Seriously McCain and Palin are not lawyers and that is a switch from politics as usual.

    Sarah has run her own company. Mayor for several years ( I think 6) that is like the CEO of a city. Making decisions not deliberating for months on end as they do in the house and senate with all due respect for our Reps. She is the Governor of the largest state in the Union. Again she has had to be the CEO of that state. She has taken on the oil companies and her own party..She has shown leadership skills and courage.

    .In addition, I am sure that whoever is President will have seriously qualified people around them on Foreign Affairs. I once read that a leading CEO said he did not give a ‘whits’ d##m about some things. He made sure he had those that did around him and if they did not..they could hit the road. While that may not be the best example I can give you, it is important who we surround around us.

    Yes, I can and will support her, not because she is a woman that could break that formidable glass ceiling but because I believe she has my values and will do what is best for our country. Of course, since we have the 3 legislative branches..I see Congress and the Senate as having more power. It is rather hard to get all 3 to agree. We usually have deadlock versus getting anything done. I am glad we have those checks and balances while I dislike very much the dragging of the feet.

    I would trust the McCain Palin ticket to keep our country safer..She has as Governor been over her N.G.and been with them in Kuwait. She has the same views on our safety as McCain who has a proven record of not just talking about it but doing it. He paid a high price for our country and yes, they are both reformers. I believe we need reform.

    McCain too has taken on his party and crossed over many times much to the chagrin of Conservatives. So has Joe Lieberman from the democratic party (and the democratic party has said he will pay for that and possibly lose one of his positions appointed to him) and so has Sarah Palin. I do not see any evidence of the other ticket doing so. McCain has said he will have Democrats & Independents in his cabinet. Not just the token one as has been the case in the past.

    On Economics, she has a sound record for creating jobs and getting the job done. Many liken her economics to Reagan. She has a clean fiscal record. The Alaskans love her for what she has done and brought to her state.

    Yes Hillary was way more qualified than Obama, but that is who they wanted and they hung her out to dry in my opinion.

    I heard about Sarah Palin some time ago when there was a huge email campaign to McCain promoting her. Dick Morris was a democrat strategist during the Clinton Administration likes and promotes her over Obama. He personally met her a year ago and was impressed enough to suggest her. We did not think anybody was listening. She is very much like McCain where you have the opposite with the Obama Biden ticket.

    To answer your question again, no I would not vote for one because of their gender or race. I do vote for the one I feel is most qualified and I think Sarah Palin is a perfect fit for the VP and President if need be.

    Let me ask you a question..if we had another major attack on our shores, who would you rather have at the helm? One with a proven record or one that talks. It is the same thing different issues.When Russia invaded Georgia,.McCain was quick to respond like a commander, Obama changed his response 3 times rather haltingly.

    People still obviously love to come to America. Hundreds cross the border daily, Many more with visa’s to come here for their education have disappeared into the woodwork.

    I still think America is the greatest country bar none. America can still have a great future..

    Sometimes we have to agree to disagree. I hope that you will look at her record and the woman she is behind the tabloid print.

    I hope I have answered your questions. It is difficult sometimes to reply in these little boxes. I used to reply in each box but that too became time consuming. I may go back to that eventually.

    Your opinions are welcome here..all I ask is for commenters to be courteous to each other and try to stick to the post..

    Respectully Angie

  5. “Why do they hate her? What is it about Sarah that is driving left-wing elites to say the most idiotic and bizarre things?”

    They cannot find anything substantial against her, so they have to scrape and scrape and use every ridiculous crap to try and bring her down. She not only stole Obama’s mojo, she stole the left’s mojo as well.

    I had a thought today, you know how Bush has been the focus of leftist derangement for 8 long years, if nothing else Bush will be so pleased & relieved to finally pass that baton onto someone else.

  6. Angie, excellent post and excellent response to ‘Valerie’. Your assessment of Sarah Palin as having more experience than Obama says it all really. And she is the VP nomination. he’s running for POTUS.
    It’s great to hear that the Democrats numbers are declining. Will Obama give in and bin Biden and grab Hillary? Actually I really hope not. Firstly because I know he will cement his support base that way and secondly because I believe she is just as evil as he is. I haven’t forgotten the Hildebeeste era when we all thought she was going to win the nomination and all that dirt came out on her. She is also an Alinsky fanatic. For us to get the two of them in power in November would be an unmitigated disaster.

  7. Why do they hate her? They are jealous. Period. The above photo, photoshopped of course still does her more good than discredit. This only proves the desperation of the left and just how jealous and dumb they are. The did it to Hillary, now Palin – the media and left winged nuts are sexist PIGS!

  8. The more the left falsely slams Sarah Palin, the more votes Obama loses.

    And here’s the best part: Palin can handle this nonsense!

  9. Thanks for the info!

  10. Definitely AOW, she stares them down and makes em’ fidget, it’s almost like the left can hardly contain their rage but they’re scared that if they get physical with her she’ll kick their ass and that’s the worst humiliation to a leftist, having your ass handed to you by a ‘Conservative’ woman!

  11. Angie,
    Please, please, please let my Democratic governor of Arizona try to take on our Sarah Palin. Sarah will eat her alive! I love the post by the way. Keep up the great work.


  12. Angie, thank you for inviting me to add to your discussions. And I don’t expect to win over anyone to my thinking. But I have to try because this election IS the most important one we are likely to face. With our economy tanking, Wall St. sinking, our federal deficit at the breaking point, 2 + million people out of work , average incomes stagnate or lower than 8 years ago, involvement in two wars, energy and inflation rising precipitously, and the rest of world laughing and enjoying what they see as our comeuppance, I believe it is far too important to vote for the person who will make the best president, based on his policies, temperment, ideas, and judgement.

    While I understand your readers approval of Palin, I still cannot support her.

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of reading about McCain and Obama policy positions from experts in their fields. As a result, I am more than ever certain of my voting position. McCain, even to many Republicans in the Senate, is not Presidential material. I could write a whole list of reasons why McCain and Palin are not suited for the White House at this moment in time. However, I ask your readers to research them. Or go to my blog ( where you can read what experts in their fields think.

    As for Palin, I again get back to the idea that she has had no interest, no curiosity, and no knowledge about international relations and foreign policy. I just can’t see her standing up to Putin, Ahmadinajad, Chavez, or any one of a hundred other leaders if John McCain died on day two of his Administration. Oh, I know she’ll have advisers. But she needs to have her own ideas and opinions and knowledge. When you’re in a negotiation or discussion, you can’t rely on advisers to get you through. I know; my profession requires negotiation and diplomacy as an everyday requirement. Without specific knowledge of the field, you fall flat on your face…and worse, get taken advantage of.

    One thing we as women have to get over is the idea that any woman, no matter how inexperienced or lacking in knowledge, should be elected to the highest offices in the land just because she’s a woman. Talk about sexism! That’s the highest form of it. And I’ve heard and read plenty of it. I find that kind of thinking degrading. Degrading to me as a woman and a professional. As a Director in my field, I would never hire my number two person based on gender. Only on experience or knowledge and the ability to execute sound judgement.

    Right now is the time to be thinking about the future of our country and who has the best policies and plans to lead us out of the fiscal and international mess we’re in. It is not the time to be thinking about race or gender.

    Ladies, we’re in serious trouble here! Our country is in serious trouble.

    Our children are facing an inheritance that will keep them burdened with an enormous debt…while trying to take care of us as we retire. Our children are facing a world of increased challenges as the world grows more flat, using Tom Friedman’s words. Our children are facing a world where energy supplies are decreasing as third world economies grow. Our children are facing a world where jobs and economic opportunity increasingly lie with a highly educated, robust and innovative workforce…and we’re losing that battle. Our children are facing an increasing number of wars over food, energy, arable land and economic opportunity.

    If we don’t do something NOW by hiring the best person/team possible to lead our country forward, we have failed our children!

  13. Valerie said If we don’t do something NOW by hiring the best person/team possible to lead our country forward, we have failed our children!

    We all agree with you on that Valerie. And the picture you paint is truly dire. We just happen to know way too much about Obama to agree that he is the ‘best person/team possible’. His entire campaign seems to have been some sort of bizarre Obamessiah spin doctoring climaxing in his Grecian temple debacle. And behind all that are his socialist type politics and totalitarian intentions for tightening controls on individual freedom. How on earth anyone can see him as the ‘best person’ to lead the country is so beyond me. Sadly there will be many on the left who will never see that in the clear light of day.

  14. Valerie, while I can appreciate your research and comments. I think you wil find that most of the commenters here are well read on Obama and to be perfectly honest with all due respect, I find him to be very dangerous for our country. He is very well scripted as well and many things are well, just above his paygrade. No slam intended. His words.

    I find his associates, connections and yes, some of those that support him monetarily to not have the best interests of this country in mind if they ever got a chance to implement their agenda. Bill Ayers, for one who does not regret bombing the pentagon and wishes he had done more. George Soros who has ruined other countries economies. Then there is Resco with his dubious illegal schemes. Obama’s communist mentor, Frank Davis and many more we do not hear much about on the MSM. I question his change from taking public funds to taking Hollywood money and most especially Soros and his cronies. I question Obama’s judgment. I question that he changes his position to his audience. I question his campaigns tactics. Most of all and perhaps the most important to me are the values that I hope to adhere to. Obama does not meet those.

    I have had and still have some issues with McCain that concern me but it is certainly not his age or his selection of Sarah Palin whom I believe has far more experience than all 3 candidates when it comes to the energy crisis we find ourselves in plus as I said earlier, A lot more decision making as a former business owner , Mayor and Governor.

    With all that said, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, we have nothing without National Security. You can hang the economy and everything else we are justly concerned with if we do not have that.

    We are experiencing fall out, that is true with many many years of corruption, greed in our Banking and markets and they did not just begin 8 years ago. You can trace many of the problems we are having today back to the 90’s. That is no slam. No disrespect intended, just the barebones of truth. Add the free spending of the present administration that should have put the brakes on much of it but it did not..To be fair,It has protected us thus far from further attacks on this soil but that may very well be a matter of time before we are struck again. Yes, we have me a Pollyanna or what you will but my hope is in the American people and their ingenuity and wisdom in time of trouble.

    I too believe that now is the time for all good men/women to come to the aid of their country and in doing so, put the country first. That would be to me McCain Palin.

    Again, I do not believe that anyone should vote party over values nor vote specifically for ones gender or race.

    I agree that is the most important election in my lifetime as well.

    Thank you for your view, and come again, but I could not agree less on which team is best to lead us in times of crisis. economy or National Security. Now is the time for reform and John McCain has a proven record of reform and crossing party lines for the good of the country.

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