The View or Spit-Rude and Crud

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The women of the View were rude and crude today during their interview with John McCain. In my opinion if it had been the great one they were cross examining, we would have seen a different show.

Now I have no problem with their different points of view or their flawed World View. This used to be a pretty good show..back in the day with Meredith Vierra.. Then we had Rosie the Posie..along comes Whoopie. who in the beginning (before the election seemed to get out of hand for them with McCain’s rising poll numbers) seemed she might be calming and fair. Forget that Jack!

Whoopie asks if McCain wanted her to be a slave again! Give me a old are you Whoopie? When were you ever a slave? Guess she wanted us to think the Maverick of the Senate that has a proven record of crossing Party lines when he (in his view) felt it was best for the country is a Racist.  Seems they have forgotten it was the Repubs who abolished slavery!

It would seem to me that any sane person would want a Supreme Court Justice to Interpret the law..oh scuse me, You want them to make the law! They had a lot of fun grilling and the way Whoopi rolled her eyes and made facial expressions while McCain said he respected others opinions but yes, he did believe life started at conception. You would have thought he was against women and with Palin as his VP, together they would ruin the country! Slouching in her posture and acting like a child, she seemed bored as hades when they asked him how he felt when he saw the new clip of his release from his captors. You can bet there would be tears if it had been NObama and she would have sat up straight!

some commenters on MM

the ladies were talking about Charlie Gibson Interview with Governor Sarah Palin. It was their first hot topic of the day.Their first comments on the interview: “She was obviously very well briefed.” Not that she did a good job, but that she was well briefed. Would anyone in the media say that Obama is well briefed on the issues? Doubtful, they would say he knows the issues. Even if that is not the case!

I’d like to see Joy and Barbara describe the Bush doctrine succinctly. Bill Sammon was on Fox discussing how that term has different meanings to different people, and Gibson should have known that. This show drives me nuts – way to be all for women, ladies.

Walters has crossed the line here in my opinion..she has completely lost it when it comes to fairness. They were shrill, interrupted and loud  when he did not answer as they wanted. McCain handled it well and did not back off any of his views for his audience as some others do. Cindy McCain joined them and was gracious.

So the View or Spit has shown themselves to be crass while McCain’s were a class act!

check out  Michelle Malkin post

Whoopi to McCain: “Do you want me to be a slave again?”

You can also see the video of the View on Michelle’s site.

By Michelle Malkin

Did you watch “The View” (or rather, “The Spew”) today. I didn’t. I’m trying to watch my blood pressure. Many readers did tune in — and watched in disbelief and disgust as the hysterical liberal women gone wild derided Sarah Palin and grilled John McCain, who made a guest appearance with his wife.

Class vs. crass. It’s the emerging theme of this campaign.

Speaking of crass: How about that Pamela Anderson telling Sarah Palin to “suck it?”

Nice Hollyweird role model there, eh?

Sarah gave me some hope but The left has reinforced my resolve

McCains my Man!



  1. I think my comment flew into spam? Or WP ate it. ~sigh~

  2. I can’t watch that show it drives me crazy. Glad you watched it for me, ha.

    Those people are so far Left they’ve gone off the deep end.

  3. “Did you watch “The View” (or rather, “The Spew”) today.”

    What’s the point, the same old angry elitist liberals hatin’ on middle America and trying to foist their views on the country. Let em’ spew and rant, they’ll remove any doubts in the minds of the voters.

  4. Darla, I think WP eats some of it..:) I go nuts trying to comment on typepad and sometimes blogger. I think it may be my browser..not sure but it views better in Firefox.

    Debbie,That show drives me crazy too these days. Elizabeth seems to be a token on the show that they would like to shut up and do usually. If they really wanted different points of view, it would not be 4 against one that could lose her job if she goes too far wiith her point of view.

    MK, they are doing a good job removing any doubts from those who believe in respect and old fashioned manners. Sometimes you do think ‘what’s the point’! I have turned it off many times..guess I am a glutton for punishment.

    Thanks for stopping by gang!

  5. Angie, the liberals never fail to stun with their hypocrisy. You said:
    Seems they have forgotten it was the Repubs who abolished slavery!

    I think they know the true history but are trying to obfuscate for political advantage as they always do. It’s always better to do a little bit of history revision than to have to deal with the inconvenient truth!

    Speaking of crass: How about that Pamela Anderson telling Sarah Palin to “suck it?”

    She is such an old skank…sorry to be blunt. I hate to see Pamela Anderson soil Sarah’s name by mention.

    Sarah gave me some hope but The left has reinforced my resolve

    Quotable line, Angie. Great post.

  6. If you have time please go and check out my latest post on Sarah Palin! Lets keep up the good work of getting the word out to the people that count! Those hollywood people belong in SF along with Obama! 🙂

  7. Barbara Walters is a leftie. And even beyond that, she likes to issue personal attacks. I recall when she said something like this to Rosalynn Carter: “Is it true that you had Amy to bring your husband out of a mental depression?” Good grief! Amy was old enough to have heard that question — yet still a child! Poor taste on Walters’s part. She hasn’t changed or mellowed since those three decades ago.

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