McCain is “Hero” to U.S. Taxpayers on Earmarks..Obama Not!

A Government spending ‘Watchdog group has concluded that John McCain is a “hero” to U.S.taxpayers for his lifetime record of resisting earmarks or pork, while Barack Obama and Joe Biden are “hostile” and “unfriendly”.

Well, how can that be? I am sure that I have heard Nobama promise to take action against wasteful spending.and what about the line by line cuts on the programs that no longer work that you promised at INVESCO FIELD? I guess he meant in his FUTURE PLAN FOR CHANGE..NOT HIS ACTUAL RECORD!

But this year, Obama voted against cutting $23 billion in federal programs rated ineffective by the Office of Management and Budget. His campaign said there were programs he didn’t want to cut..Well, Guess you are smarter than the Management and Budget Office..Why am I surprised? $23 billion is a huge chunk of change to be rated ineffective. What was that line you used about programs that were no longer effective? Oh, I adapt to what you think we want to hear when it is convenient..yeah, that is the kind of change we need. What about your request for over $740 million in federal earmarks for Illinois? Oh, it is just wasteful spending by that the way that is? 

Excerpt below

In its new report, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste gave the Republican presidential nominee a 100 percent rating for his votes in the Senate last year, and a lifetime score of 88 percent.

By comparison, the nonpartisan, nonprofit group, which is the lobbying arm of Citizens Against Government Waste, gave the Democratic presidential nominee a 10 percent score last year and a lifetime score of 18 percent. Biden, Obama’s running mate, scored 0 percent last year and an overall score of 22 percent.

Higher scores mean stronger resistance to federal earmarks. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate, was not included because the ratings only evaluate members of Congress.

“In spite of a growing recognition that earmarks are a problem, Congress still spends more than is necessary,” CCAGW President Tom Schatz said in a written statement. “Taxpayers would be wise to hang onto their wallets and demand that Congress refocus its priorities and cut wasteful spending.”

The Democratic ticket has repeatedly criticized Palin for seeking earmarks for her city and for her state, including her initial support for Alaska’s infamous “Bridge to Nowhere.”

But mayors and governors do not fund these projects – members of Congress do. In 2005, Obama and Biden both voted for the “Bridge to Nowhere,” defeating a bill to spend that money on Hurricane Katrina relief instead.

“It’s a little like, don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house,” Schatz told FOX News.

Read the complete report here:Report: McCain a ‘Hero’ to Taxpayers


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