9/11 – An Air Traffic Controller and the Choices Before Us


Cnn’s poll shows that most Americans have forgotten the attack on our nation just 7 short years ago. Most of us were sleeping then and I fear we do not really realize the dangers that Radical Islam with it’s love of death poses for us. We must not be complacent.

Thank you to our Military that is out there in the trenches fighting for those liberties that we hold so dear. Thank you to all those who have given their lives and those families who have suffered so much in the wake of their loss.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of 9/11 that were suddenly thrust into sudden horror and tragedy. Your loved ones are indeed martyrs and we will not forget!

For air Traffic controller, the terror is still vivid 7 years later.
Previously declined to tell his story, read his nerve wracking account
Click on the link above.
I want to introduce you to a couple of great blog sites out there, Dinah Lord and Layla at the Hill Chronicles.
Both are very informative and well writen. I think you will find them very interesting. While there, look around their site at some of their other great posts.
Read Dinah Lord‘s post on
It explains quite well the differences being offered to us
And for another great site be sure to read
These ladies remember the day very well..

Rememering September 11 – It Is Not Business As Usual – So Many Have Forgotten

From Layla at theThe Hill Chronicles

Angel lives in New York also see her memories

and Angel at Woman Honor thyself

Sept 11: Seven Years Ago……..

Just found this and wanted to pass it on…2 more great sites

Thank You

Below is from Debbie at Right Truth.

There is a very important event taking place this Thursday, September 11th — a special 9/11 screening of the film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” at 6:00pm at the AMC Fairlane 21 Theater (located at 18900 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI).

We need to see you on Thursday evening. (More information is available online here: http://www.myspace.com/obsessionmovie ) The tickets will be FREE, and persons interested in attending the screening can send an RSVP with their name and the number of tickets they need reserved to: ObsessionDearborn@yahoo.com

It is important to note that most Muslims reject the acts of terror and bloodshed that are used by radical Islamic jihadists. However, it is also worth noting that at times some of those same Muslim groups or leaders say one thing in public, but undertake actions behind-the-scenes that undermine the West’s efforts to defeat the jihadists.

We must be able to gather in any American city on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and speak in one voice to denounce not just those attacks and the perpretrators behind them, but those radical Islamists who are currently plotting, raising money, securing weapons or explosives, to be used in the next terrorist attack against America or our allies.

More at Right Truth. Pass it on quickly if you can.



  1. Greart post and thanks for the link my friend.

  2. just back from Ground Zero..will post about it soon..Blessings :)..beautiful work and ty for the link girl!:)

  3. Thanks for the link back Angie.

    We will not forget and we will remain by your side. God bless America.

  4. Thank you for sharing that information on Obsession. I think this is an extremely important movie and to show it in Dearborn Michigan, a/k/a Dearbornistan, home of the American jihad and sharia movement, is huge.

  5. You are all very welcome to the links. I admire and appreciate each of you.

    Welcome antiterror, It is an important movie. It is something that it is being held in a city that appears now to be the home of the American Jihad and Sharia Movement.
    I will be over soon to visit your site. Thanks for visiting and come again.

  6. That air traffic controller is a pretty cool dude. 😉

  7. The air traffic controller’s story gave me the chills!

    I fear that our nation remembers the 9/11 attack but but for some reason just can’t bring themselves to really “know the enemy.” (Could it be – wait for it … political correctness?)

    What a great post, Miss Angie. (to be included is an honor. Thanks for the link love!)

  8. Darla, that air traffic controller had to be cool, my brother did that for a few years before flying commercially. They contend it is the most stressful job out there and after a few of these, I am afraid I would fall apart..or like that song..shes come undone or something like that.

    Me too, Dinah. I get the chills just thinking about it.
    I believe PC has a lot to do with it. We as humans, tend to get comfortable sooner than we should. We tend to (unless we have studied them) think of others as being much like ourselves. I would venture to say that most Americans would be shocked if they knew how much danger we were in daily from the enemy. Most do not understand that they truly believe this is their mission in life..We cannot understand others who love death more than life. They are biding their time before they hit us big time and they are also working the system as they are in Michigan.
    You are very welcome Dinah, you have some great posts that need to be shouted from the rooftops!

  9. And we have a man running for Commander in Chief with a record of being more comfort with people like William Ayers, The Nation of Islam and Jeremiah wright! Look here who has endorsed Barack Obama.

    After seeing all the ones here that has endorsed Obama, how could any American who loves their country ever vote for him? Friends, we have to fight and fight with everything we have to defeat Obama in Nov. God help us if he gets into the White House. Ben Laden said that the next attack on America would be from inside government and that worries this American as Obama has not proved that he’s not muslim, matter of facts he as tried to keep all his muslim connections secret.

    Please think long and hard before you vote and then vote for the man that we all know loves his country and is proud of her. John McCain is a war hero with wounds from being a POW and Obama has even tried to make fun of him for it. Shame on Obama!

  10. Ang,
    I just saw this post, it’s fantastic. I don;t think I ever saw this photo of the towers. btw, http://davidschrag.com/schrug/category/politics/


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