Democratic Convention plan

Democrats gathering in Denver for their nominating convention (why do they call them a nominating convention? We know who is are significantly more nervous about Senator Barack Obama’s prospects this fall than they were a month ago, and are urging him to use the next four days to address weaknesses in his candidacy and lingering party divisions from the bitter primary fight. (Could some of the weakness besides the obvious, be a lot of non committal votes in the senate (present) and he has never run anything…community organizer yeah, but a million dollar decision?)

They plan to go after President Bush —and suggest that McCain (even though a well known maverick that makes conservatives nervous for his centrist bi-partisan views) is more of the same, and would use their time to draw sharp contrasts with Senator John McCain, particularly on the economy and Mr. McCain’s opposition to abortion rights. (That’s a good thing, right Martha?)

This is going to be about powerful words..words that work as they say to persuade and well, they just work.( I heard about that word book, maybe I need to purchase one eh?)

“The stakes of this election will be made very clear,” said David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s chief strategist. “We are going to define the choice.”

At the same time, acknowledging persistent unease with Mr. Obama among a significant segment of voters, ( must be talking here about those that work for a living, and cling to their bibles and guns, and don’t forget those that are pro life and are concerned about America’s security from terrorist’s ) his aides said they would use speeches and presentations during the next four days, including having Al Gore (This should reach all those that believe in Global Warming and never mind his carbon credits plan, Shucks, America can pay for the world’s smog and pollution…don’t ya know we are not paying enough for gas and oil now?) introduce Mr. Obama for his acceptance speech Thursday night, to offer a fuller biography and a more detailed plan of what he would do as president.

They said they were looking to 1992 as a model, when Bill Clinton successfully used his convention to address persistent questions about his personal life and what he would do as president.

In interviews, Democrats arriving here said they remained confident that Mr. Obama would leave Denver at the end of the week in a strong position to defeat Mr. McCain. But many Democrats made it clear that a convention they had once anticipated would be a breezy celebration of Mr. Obama had turned into a more sober and consequential event. (yeah, there are always consequences for choices we make, could you be talking about dissing HC? Florida? Michigan? by any chance? I really don’t know what more she can do, she gave Nobama a hug, smiled and rallied the troops in speech and email and website..maybe a tear..just saying..Could you not have pretended she was on the list for your VP? Could you not have sucked up to her a little with keeping her in the loop of goings on? Jeepers Creepers, talk about people skills? After all, she got 18 million votes from supporters, Biden got what? 9,000 plus? Funny too how Florida and Michigan votes at your request will be entered at the convention, shame they were split up into 1/2 votes each during the primaries..guess that is

Are you not the Man of Change? or is it the People’s change?

This reflected a summer that they said demonstrated Mr. Obama’s vulnerabilities (yeah, he’s all that )and Mr. McCain’s resilience,(yeah, he’s got plenty of that,don’t suppose it would have anything to do with experience or anything) and the signs of lingering divisions between some supporters of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mr. Obama.

“Back in June and July, I truly thought he was going to blow McCain out of the water and carry 30 or 40 states,” said Donald Fowler, a former national Democratic chairman who supported Mrs. Clinton in the primary.(Yeah, the radical America hating far left has taken over the party when it comes to choice of candidate, just saying…don’t get mad at me, just look at his friends in LOOOOWW places, and remember all those looney celebs that adore him,)

Discussing the days ahead, Mr. Fowler continued: “Obama has got to do some things that will shore up his ability to lead — not just to charm, but to lead. ( Hey you said that!) They’ve got to give credibility to his understanding of foreign policy, his ability to deal with tough people and tough questions, and his ability to be more explicit and convincing on his health care policies and energy policies.”(Did you say that?)

Dennis McDonald, the Democratic chairman of Montana, a state that Mr. Obama is trying to win from Republicans, said this was a critical opening for Mr. Obama after a month in which polls suggested the race was tightening and events in Russia and Georgia put a new spotlight on foreign affairs. ( Yeah, This made it clear who I don’t want in a National or world crisis)

“Normally I might say these conventions are not so important, but I don’t think that’s the case this year,” Mr. McDonald said. “There seems to be a sense of urgency. We have had a couple of weeks that were not so good.”

For the most part, this is a confident if slightly anxious party. And many Democrats were cheered by the choice of Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware as Mr. Obama’s running mate, saying he had the potential to help address some of Mr. Obama’s political shortcomings. (Look, who is going to be the President, sure it helps to have someone to take over if the Pres suddenly resigned or went to Pres Heaven but for Pete’s sake, It’s about Nobama here and his leadership. the VP smiles and rallies the troops during the campaign whether he agrees with the Pres or not, and then longs for some action once the Pres takes the oval office, most of them are bored from what I have read. So we still got shortcomings and you said it too. uh huh, right!)

Still, Democrats said Mr. Obama should offer a concrete idea of what he would do as president, to counter his image as a showman. And they said he had to offer a tougher contrast with Mr. McCain. He and all the rest are going to make this a 4 day bash of McCain. (Never mind your change speech and change theme, that only works while you are ahead.)

“I think in the case of McCain, they need to frame him,” said Mr. Kerry, an early Obama supporter who four years ago was nominated by this party as its 2004 presidential nominee. “Viscerally, my feeling is they’ve got to come back at him hard. And they’ve got to do more to complete the task of definition.

Joe Trippi, who ran the presidential campaign of one of Mr. Obama’s rivals, John Edwards of North Carolina, said: “He has still got to get to the meat-and-potato, blue-collar workers. This is a big opportunity for him.” (I just pray that people will read Obama’s record, his true beliefs, and the numbers he proposes..they don’t add up. The numbers don’t work according to leading economists. Plus what working blue collar men and women want is employment and a chance for the American Dream…that means a job with a payday big enough to support a family, buy a home and educate their children and they want safety and respect. They do not want to give up American Sovereinty and chase jobs away..someone has to invest a lot of moola to start a business or invest in business that employs others.)

There are some things that may be beyond the control of the Obama campaign. Most pressingly, Democrats said they were worried that the tensions between supporters of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama from the contest that just ended two months ago would spill into public view after her name is entered into nomination, particularly after Mr. Obama bypassed Mrs. Clinton in choosing Mr. Biden.

“I have a lot of doubts that this convention is going to be as persuasive as it should be because they’ve got this damn thing with Hillary,” Mr. Fowler said. “I love Hillary. I was for her. But this is the worst political decision I could imagine. This is supposed to be an Obama celebration. You’re going to get the nomination of someone who came very close to winning and you’re going to get a lot of people in there cheering and hollering and some people booing.” (Oh I think everyone will behave and smile and fake it. look for more smooching!)

Mrs. Clinton’s advisers said Sunday that she would move to avoid this by meeting with her delegates on Wednesday and formally urging them to support Mr. Obama during the roll-call vote that night. ( I think she is being very helpful, what else you want her to do?) (Whether she releases them or not, under Democratic Party rules, delegates are permitted to vote for whomever they want). (They will go for Unity at least in public because they want to win.)

Still, several Democrats said they feared that even a clash between a small handful of Clinton and Obama supporters would draw disproportionate attention.

Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, a former Clinton ally (traitor actually, Betcha he is going to be in the cabinet) who came under attack by the Clinton campaign after he endorsed Mr. Obama, said: “There has got to be a full reconciliation between the Clinton people and the Obama people. I think the convention will put to rest any past divisions among supporters.”

The Obama campaign is leaving little to chance. ( Look for Hollywood style convention..glam, hope for the world, just be sure if you want a seat at the huge stadium, you gotta commit so many hours of volunteer work) It has created a rapid response team — led by Craig Smith, a former top operative in the Clinton world — to head out to the convention floor at the first sign of any trouble from Clinton supporters.

Mr. Obama’s campaign began sending out a one-page sheet of daily talking points to delegates, instructing them what to say and what to avoid in talking to reporters. (In one last week, according to a recipient, the central thrust was how to parry questions about Clinton-Obama strife and Mrs. Clinton’s speech by saying, “I can’t wait to hear Hillary Clinton talk about the future and am excited that her candidacy is unifying our party!”) whoo hoo, tell the robots what to say and what to avoid..after all, they don’t have a telepromter.

Listen, Maybe now Michelle will say she is proud of America ? Now there is just that ole Jeremiah guy, drats!

For more on behind the scenes look check out the post below

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Meanwhile back in Denver..

Dems rally against unions. from Slate

Source: New York Times

article: Anxious Party hopes to show Strong Obama



  1. “…when Bill Clinton successfully used his convention to address persistent questions about his personal life…”

    Don’t they mean, cover up his personal vices successfully for a few years.

    “Back in June and July, I truly thought he was going to blow McCain out of the water….”

    You gotta love the sight of reality crashing liberal fantasies.

    “Mr. Obama’s campaign began sending out a one-page sheet of daily talking points to delegates, instructing them what to say and what to avoid in talking to reporters.”

    You mean there might be an unbiased media presence [as in hostile to liberals] towards the Democrats, this i have to see with my own eyes to believe.

    “Maybe now Michelle will say she is proud of America?”

    Maybe she will, but we all know that’ll be phony, she’ll only mean it if America puts her hubby into the top job.

  2. They are all as fake as glamor nails. The dems are sick. So now the DNC shinnanigans are minutes away and poor Ted who I do feel sorry for will not speak-even though he is in Denver – so that was the only thing I intended to listen to – PFFFFFFFFFFFT! To Howard Dean and the rest of them at the dog and pony show. And btw-they are hardly clapping for that fool Dean. LOL! All ego.

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