Joe Biden, Obama VP Pick

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New VP for Obama-Everybody is wondering why we got it at 3 AM..some have suggested it was to get at HC for her 3 AM ad. Now I don’t know but I do know there is going to be some tension at the Democratic Convention this week. 

 Do you wonder if Obama and Hillary really are warm and fuzzy good buddies?  All is forgiven and forgotten?  Read the Post below about the  Political Olympics. Then maybe we can all read behind the lines.



  1. What’s with the media, they act like they just won the lottery.

    This is the end of me being a dem for this political race. ~sigh~

    The media? Me thinks they just (excuse me) but suck would be an accurate word..right? LOL!

    The dems left me when they lost the values I hold.. know what ya mean though. seems like a circus..if not a movie production..

    Hugs to ya

  2. welcome back girl!..its goin from baaaaaaaaaad to worse eh!..blech! 🙂

    We will definitely have some entertainment with the
    Thanks, hope to see ya soon.

  3. Dunno much about Biden, but from what i’ve read, he’s pro-gun, but does he cling to Bible. Will that then put off the elitist leftists? Oh and apparently he’s quite gaffe prone. Sounds like it’s going to get real interesting soon.

    He could have picked worse. I just don’t see them (according to Bidens record) truly agreeing on things. But this is party loyalty and as they say, we are not really electing a VP, but a President. Usually they select someone with like values in case they have to actually be the Pres.. Here I think it was designed of course to raise the odds on winning..if the people concentrate more on Biden, they will see someone born into an average working family.Of course he is wealthy now just as most of the politicians are these days. Nothing wrong with that, That’s American opportunity.. He voted on going into Iraq. He is a Catholic. He has some qualities that many are looking for. He is a pretty good speaker with a sense of humor and he is experienced and either 65 or 66. I have read both ages. so who know’s? The bottom line is they are opposites on many guess Biden will have to suck it up and say otherwise now. After all, how can he be by his side unless he suddenly supports pro choice.. gun restrictions..etc:

    He is quoted and taped as saying Obama was too inexperienced and the Presidency was no place for on the job training. He said he stood by that statement another time.. Its like all of em…they just say what they say to get elected. We need someone to put this country first versus a power trip.

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