Well, this is a grear visual for us to see the size of Anwr and all the hullabaloo going on about whether or not we should be independent of foreign oil.

Thanks to Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller for the following: ANWR, THE DEMOCRATS AND THE BIG LIE great photo comparisons

Excerpts below:

I received this from George whose brother worked in D.C. for a firm that helped companies and other entities present their views on public policy issues with printed materials, speeches and congressional testimony. “The pictures below are some of the ones he used on behalf of his client (not these exactly as these were forwarded to me from a friend who did not identify the source). His client was the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Their headline was “If you care about Mother Earth, you should support opening ANWR.” They went on to explain in detail about the methods and care taken to protect the environment while drilling for the energy that is the lifeblood of our economy –and way of life. I was surprised, too.”

Bottom line. When you hear Demoncrats saying ANWR won’t solve all of our oil problems. Let me say – no one answer will (until some genius scientist develops a synthetic oil). Until such time, we must take many proactive actions. ANWR, shale, coastal drilling etc. — altogether these solutions will relieve us of the horrible dependence we have on jihad oil.

Who the hell are the Dems working for? We elected them – they are public servants. They work for us. /not.



  1. Alaska Pipeline Facts

    Pipeline Quick Facts

    The Trans Alaska Pipeline System was designed and constructed to move oil from the North Slope of Alaska to the northern most ice-free port in Valdez, Alaska.
    Length: 800 miles.
    Diameter: 48 inches.
    Crosses three mountain ranges and over 800 rivers and streams.
    Cost to build: $8 billion in 1977, largest privately funded construction project at that time.
    Construction began on March 27, 1975 and was completed on May 31, 1977.
    First oil moved through the pipeline on June 20, 1977.
    Over 15 billion barrels have moved through the Trans Alaska Pipeline System.
    First tanker to carry crude oil from Valdez: ARCO Juneau, August 1, 1977.
    Tankers loaded at Valdez: 19,625 through April 30, 2008.
    Storage tanks in Valdez- 18 with total storage capacity of 9.1 million barrels total.
    The mission of Alyeska’s Ship Escort Response Vessel System is to safely escort tankers through Prince William Sound.

    Just my humble opinion but:
    I just can’t be convinced that doing the above when we got cut off in the 1970s can’t be duplicated with LESS environmental impact and QUICKER results because of new technologies, etc.

    Environmental impact will happen as long as we inhabit the earth. Mistakes and accidents will happen no matter how we operate things. It is a fact of life and at least we are responsible enough to try to clean things up…the real outrage is to just leave our mistakes/accidents.

    I personally believe the reason we have not continued to drill and explore is because of political agendas. I think deals are made that no one knows about on a handshake and a knowing smile. I think it happens much more than I suspect it does.

    Appalachia coal is coming…appalachia coal is coming. It is now financially feasible for gas to be made from coal. Could this have been the back door smile and handshake? To again move money into impoverished, inhabited areas as opposed to remote isolated locations? Yes, I have a twinkle in my eye.

    Good information and link Deb, Your last two paragraphs say a lot..You betcha there have been deals made and I totally agree it happens a heck of a lot more than we could begin to imagine.

    I’m suddenly getting a twinkle in my!:)


  2. youre right Ang..the Dhimmicrats would rather we depend on jihadi oil forever!..pfftt! 🙂

    The sooner we are independent of jihadi oil, the better! It is shameful to ask other countries like Saudi to drill more and we won’t drill in our own country. How idiotic is that?

  3. Hey Ange,
    The problem with the Dems is that they are ruled by their utopian dream of communism. Doing things that would make the public at large more independent and able to live more freely would interfer with that dream. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the public, but they do about their own power and that pretty much, in my mind, answrs the whole question.

    Your last statement: “They don’t give a rat’s ass about the public, but they do about their own power and that pretty much, in my mind, answers the whole question.” It certainly seems that way. It is as if they are h*ll bent on destroying our country and turn it into what you have suggested above, A utopian dream of communism..

  4. “…hullabaloo going on about whether or not we should be independent of foreign oil.”

    There shouldn’t even be a hullabaloo about this, those who don’t think that you should be as independent as possible should be kicked out of office, plain and simple.

    What it all boils down to is that whatever country you are, you are like a basic family unit, when did good parents decide that not going to work and depending on welfare would be a good idea. I understand that dependence on foreign oil is not like welfare, however you are still bound by the emotions and decisions of an outside party. Never depend on someone who doesn’t care about you.

    Just on the Democrats, they won’t favor any drilling for the simple fact that they don’t like gas at the current price, they’d prefer it much, much higher, that way they can force Americans out of their cars and onto public transport, that way it gives them a bit more control over where you go and when you go. lefitsts by nature dislike the motor vehicle because it gives you freedom and we all know how much they like freedom for you.

    Yes, Obama said as much..he does not think 4 bucks is so bad when you consider Europe’s prices. Control is the word all right. Control the people.. Far too many have said for years, since the 70’s in fact that we needed to be independent of foreign countries oil..The power they have over us is mind boggling when you allow this..not to mention their buying up our financial institutions..I am just appalled at how these so called ‘leaders’ have allowed this to go on..Power and money is truly the name of the game..think power even more so than money.

  5. Angie said Who the hell are the Dems working for? We elected them – they are public servants. They work for us. /not.

    Ain’t that the truth, Angie? They will never be proactive. They’re about bringing the country down, not building it up. Yes our elected, very well-paid bureaucrats are there to serve, not to enforce their own agendas.

    Proactive is the last word I would ever even dare think about this lame congress and the so called ‘leaders’ .. Well said, Aurora.

  6. The Dems work for their pocketbook and for Soros. Now you can say the Republicans also work for their pocketbooks, but they do it the good old fashioned American way… through business, through commerce, through trade… through capitalism.

    The Dems do it by taking FROM YOU the people and spending YOUR MONEY in ways they see fit because YOU can’t be trusted to spend it yourself. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. You are ENTITLED to these things for FREE… yes FREE… you just have to pay TAXES but that is all… it is FREE… yes yes… taxes are now 1/3 of your income… and soon it will be 50% but that’s OK. Look at all you get for FREE. (Pollyticking looking around… huh?)

    Republicans say you can have it if you pay for it. Here is how you can pay for it. You are not entitled to have it, but it is available to anyone and everyone who wants it. To get it all you have to do is WORK.

    WORK? But I want it for FREEEEeee…… the battle cry of the “entitled”


    Hey girl, I be liking your take on! You are certainly right about ‘Nothing is Free’..certainly not our liberty..

  7. Bottom line: The Democrats WANT high oil prices. It accomplishes their pet goals of reducing carbon emissions and making us take the bus. Plus, It creates a disincentive for the sprawl they hate so much.

    Think you hit the nail on the head TT.

  8. Wow… great post, and great comments. Consider my thunder officially stolen! 😀

    Thanks, they are great!..Aw, nobody could steal your thunder lofter..Happy 4th of July!

  9. Just a little afterthought – I agree, the Dems want us all on the bus – but the irony here is have you ever seen the crap that oozes out of city busses? If you’re behind one of these inefficient beomoths at a red light, you best hang back unless you want to choke on cloud of black soot and carbon crud. Why don’t they take their energy and convert all the public transport to hybrid, eh?

    Also, sorry for gabbing on – but I saw an article the other day about Algore ‘greening’ his property from soup to nuts and the result was he was using even more energy than he was before that and his monthly bill for energy could have powered 235 homes for a month. How I love irony.

    Good idea ya got there Annie, Al Gore is green..irony..Totally agree.
    Love ya chickie

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