No Americans Need Apply/ Fake Job Ads Defraud

What a joke! Here is a law firm for law firms..their goals are to make sure Americans do not get the job..Is that not lovely? Did we have any doubt? Why don’t we just get it over with and give our country a new name? Meximerica .. It is BULL that Americans will not work. BULL! If this does not change soon, our children/grandchildren are going to have a rough time raising their families..forget the American dream..It is being stolen while we are oh so blind to what is happening and procrastinate on making a lot of noise to our reps. I suggest a lot of noise as it is clear that you have to do it over and over and over to aggravate them enough that they want to get you freaking off their back! To quote that famous line once again..

“I’m Mad as H#ll and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

Personally I wish we applied Mexico’s immigration laws here. You can check their laws out at the link at the bottom of this page.

Don’t think it would go though..We after all, must not enforce our laws. All the globalists and special interests just would not be happy with an immigration policy that was tough! That would not be humane much less PC. Meanwhile, back in the states, it is open season for purchasing our landmarks, our banks, and controlling our economy but then this seems to be what all those in power have allowed to happen since Nafta rolled in..opps, I was not PC to have mentioned the dangers that could happen with this policy..HERE’S THE DEAL…Capitalism is great! Greed is Not! 0ne of our founding fathers John Adams mentioned just such a danger over 200 years ago!

So give a big old round of applause for all the treasonous Lawyers and their esteemed treasonous firms and the treasonous greedy companies that pay them …Yeah, find a loophole so you can bring this country further down the pit and while you are at it…please don’t call yourself an American. Don’t forget the treasonous politicians that support it.. Are there any that did not support it? That is the question? America is for sale according to them..I call it Treason!

Hattip to Debbie Schlussel

Yet another story that puts the lie to the claims about the “work Americans won’t do” and the Wall Street Journal’s whines that we need for H1-B visas for “skilled” foreigners.

It’s not news that law firms across America are specializing in advising and helping U.S. corporations to avoid hiring qualified Americans. Last year, I told you about a seminar hosted by the law firm of Cohen and Grigsby, in which they shamelessly engaged in exactly that. (Video reposted below.)

What is news is that the government–it appears–is finally doing something about it. Not Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but the Department of Labor.

It is now investigating the nation’s largest immigration law firm over allegations that it helped major U.S. corporations disqualify American job applicants and give thousands of high-paying positions to immigrants. (Obviously, the jobs become far less “high-paying” when they don’t go to Americans.)


The unprecedented Labor Department inquiry centers on Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy – a New York firm at the forefront of a political effort to ease hiring of skilled foreign workers.The Labor Department is auditing all pending applications for legal immigrant workers the firm has filed on behalf of its corporate clients.

Fragomen’s prestigious client roster includes General Electric Co., IBM Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Intel Corp. and Bank of America Corp., according to company publications and trade journals. The firm also represents The Associated Press on immigration issues.

The inquiry focuses on what advice the law firm gave its corporate clients. There was no indication the companies themselves are under scrutiny. [DS: Gee, why not?]

The Labor Department said that Fragomen may have improperly advised clients to contact a Fragomen attorney before hiring “apparently qualified” U.S. workers. The agency said lawyers can advise employers on how to follow the law in hiring immigrants but can’t dissuade them from deciding a U.S. worker is qualified.

The audit focuses on what is known as the permanent foreign labor certification, or PERM, process. Companies normally use it to permanently hire legal immigrants who have been working for them on temporary visas. It essentially allows companies to sponsor workers for green cards, the first step to U.S. citizenship.

Before applying, companies must recruit and try to find a qualified U.S. worker for the same job. If they do, they can’t hire the foreigner. . . .

With more than 200 attorneys, Fragomen is overwhelmingly the biggest player in an industry where firms with several dozen immigration attorneys are considered large firms.

In 2004, the last year the Labor Department made such information about law firms public, Fragomen lawyers filed more than 3,600 labor certifications – more than twice as many as its largest competitor.

The firm’s managing director has also said Fragomen represents about half of the Fortune 100 companies. Last year, Fortune 100 companies submitted more than 5,300 applications. The jobs listed in the applications pay an average of $80,000. And the largest group of applicants were from India.

Sadly, many law firms are engaging in this illicit advice and helping businesses take jobs away from Americans. Unless the government goes after both this law firm and all of the companies engaging in these practices, they will continue.


Video: The Law Firm of Cohen and Grigsby a/k/a “Dewey, ScrewAmerica, and Howe”

click here for video: PERM Fake Job Ads defraud Americans to secure green cards fo

Our goal is clearly not to find a qualified and interested U.S. worker. And in a sense that sounds funny. But it’s, uh, what were trying to do here.

Click link for this video Lou Dobbs: Law Firm teaches how to avoid hiring Americans

What an outrage! Get mad and flood your reps with calls, notes and fax or email… This is truly a war on the Middle Class! They have got to get rid of the loopholes that slick lawyers find to the detriment of our country and our way of life!

For another great link on how a community is affected by companies like Verizon and others hiring illegal aliens and local Governments bias. It is happening all over the Nation. If it is not in your area will be, if we don’t take a stand like we did with the border fence. check out this linkbelow: I am so glad I did not switch to Verizon..with the present trend..who know’s there may not be any choices left one day soon..we are expected to ‘suck it up’ just like we do with rising energy costs..They just about have us where they want us. With a lame do nothing Congress that cares more about PC. than actually taking an unpopular stand.

Illegal Immigration Problems in Loudoun

hattip to bwana at renaissanceruminations

Finally read :

Mexico’s Immigration Law: Let’s Tryit Here at Home & Candidates record on Immigration



  1. We have to close our borders and I don’t see the government trying to! Our agents are getting killed by mexicans. I ‘m not sure what McCain will do, but I do know that he loves his country and will be better than Obama and Obama’s wife thats not proud of her country. Obama is a lier and the worst one I have seen in government since I’ve been on this good Earth! Good post!

  2. This is incredible. I guess the GOOD news is that people ARE starting to report on and document this stuff. Now.. the question… will enough people WAKE UP and SEE it before November 08? If not, then I know we will have a huge swing back to conservatism by the end of Obama’s term. That is, unless of course, he does away with terms and makes himself “King YesWeCan of North America.”

    Great post girl!

    Oh and I agree with goodtime, McCain catches a lot of heat for being too liberal, but here I am hoping he is “liberal” enough to catch some Hillary voters and get them out voting! (for him of course)

    Speaking of Hillary, guess it proves friends can be bought… helping her pay off her campaign debt has sure put a smile on her face and an adoring look in her eye as she marches towards “Unity.”

  3. It’s outrageous that American companies are doing this to their own people, hope there’s a campaign of naming and shaming, it’s the only way to get them to do the right thing. As it is just about every job that can be outsourced is being outsourced and now they’ve found a new way to screw us over. Fines won’t work, jail time is what will deter them.

    Yeah i think the best chance of getting something done is before November 08. Just on Hillary, it’s the leftist way pollyticking, try something and fail but someone else pays the price.

  4. Ange,
    The bastids! What really gets me is the arrogance too of these so called foreign workers who do work we don’t want. Before all this crap became the norm, entry level jobs were for young people, starting out in the work world. It was a way for kids to learn responsibility, money management and self sufficiency. Now, forget about it, mommy and daddy will just pay for everything and they can keep their lazy asses home until they’re forty and non citizens flip us the bird while they are wiring money ‘home’ for free. Chaps my hide, I must say. It really does.

  5. oiy!..shakes head..will we ever learn Angie!! 🙂 great work as always……….Mexico..sigh.

  6. Ah the pitfalls of the free market. I’m not sure what you guys are so in a huff about, unless you have a better idea? Companies are in competition. If they don’t have the cheapest prices, they lose. Since American workers are some of the most expensive in the world, they either have to bring the entire company overseas or hire cheaper labor here to compete. I suppose they could “do the right thing” whatever that means and hire expensive American labor. Then when the company goes broke in a couple of years they can lay off all those people. Sounds like a plan to me!

    This American lifestyle we’ve all enjoyed for the last 50 years or so is unsustainable guys. Everyone wants what we have, and there’s no way to stop that. And it’s not really necessary to stop it, I think. We didn’t earn it. We inherited it off the backs of millions of people who never will have the opportunities we have unless they claw their way up. I know if my family was starving in Mexico, and I couldn’t get a job because of corruption, you’re damn tootin’ I’d sneak into the U.S. and try to make a life for myself and my family. Breaking a couple laws and then working your ass off to succeed…what’s more American than that!!??

    Angie, the picture of the Mexican (maybe their Puerto Rican I’m not sure) men accompanying this article is hilarious. So sad that THOSE guys are what you think of when you think Mexican immigrants. White people hating brown people and thinking they are somehow entitled over them. It never gets old.

    Oh, I know, I know. Don’t bother with the cacophonies of “I don’t hate them, I just don’t think it’s fair that they don’t follow the laws”. Blah. You’ll never convince me that someone who watches their children starve is somehow morally superior to the person that breaks the law to work and feed his family.

  7. Welcome goodtimepolitics..Yes, I agree that it is totallly ridiculous that we have border guards being killed. I also think ti is a disgrace that we have border guards in prison for doing their job. That is something we should all be working on..getting them out! I guess to do that, you would have to remember who put them in and get them out and make sure you have those in power the next time who actually put their country first and enforce the law on this issure. McCain does love his country, of that I have no doubt.

    Pollyticking, yes, that is the question..willl they wake up? As to Hillary’s smile, I really think she should get an award for acting..I don’t think she felt it. Both she and Bill C feel betrayed especially BC. There are quite a few HC supporters going over to McCain, he is pretty liberal on a lot of issues…Immigration, global warming..they were treated pretty shabbily by their party and I don’t know if the wounds will heal in time..Who knows?

    MK soon as we can get all the names, they will be shamed…don’t much think it will do much good but ya gotta try. iF i have a choice, I won’t be buying their products..of course, that may mean no products…:) today! lol!

    Writer Chick, everybody expects the Government today to just take care of em..give me this, give me that, heck, just take care of me from cradle to grave and we then can all be like the former soviet union..broke and waiting for the promised shoe for our left foot.

    Duh, in the first paragraph you sound like a Big Business Republican..

    In the second paragraph, you state that we got what we have today off the backs of who? those that never will have an opportunity here? I beg to differ.. First, I believe our Fathers, Grandfathers Uncles and Brothers Cousins Friends gave their lives for us to have opportunity.and our way of life. Wonder why so many want to come here? Could not be for the opportunity…oh you said claw their way up. Could that have anything to do with working hard for your family? Not many are born with a silver spoon..after all.

    Yeah, you cnd everybody else just come on in…We are the only country in the world who allows this ..and prosecutes our border guards. Did you read Mexico’s immigration laws? Europes? Middle East? Asia?

    Really with these views, why should we have a border at all? Why should some people be forced to wait in line…heck, just sneak on over and drain us..I suppose you think they are entitled to your social security and that you should pay for their stamps..welfare checks too and don’t forget college education? Oh wait, there probably won’t be enouch S.S. and I imagine we will have a ruined economy before all illegals aliens get through with it.

    As far as the picture, it came from the link posted above know, the guy that is fighting his local government to enforce their zoning laws about single family dwellings versus a housefull of illegal immigrants..oh, that was one where their wives and daughters tried to go outside but got catcallls ..He has quite a few interesting photos from the houses on his street.

    I do not need to reiterate my views on ILLEGAL ALIENS..I have made it loud and clear in many posts and will continue to do so..Ya know, there are some legal Hispanic immigrants here that do not like the current status quo either. They truly do want our opportunities and guess what? They wave our flag and shock shock..they believe in our country and assimilate.

  8. I would sound like a big business Republican except that I don’t like capitalism all that much. But that’s what we got so the question is, what can those companies do except play by the free market rules? Suggestions?

    Our Grandfathers and Fathers gave their lives? That’s a very romantic notion, but unfortunately most of our ancestors died of old age, and probably most of them died in a nice comfy bed too. What we have and what most minorities and immigrants don’t have is opportunity to do well. You are fooling yourself if you don’t think that being born into a white middle or upper class family puts you at an immediate advantage. And what did those white middle and upper class babies do to earn that? Nothing. All I’m saying is that Mexican/Black/Indian babies deserve the same opportunity to succeed as you do. You’re not special because you’re Grandpa worked hard. That idea is ridiculous and also, in my opinion, one of the most damaging ideas our culture perpetuates.

    The picture is just a great example of what people automatically think when they hear “illegal alien”. It’s the stereotypical scary brown men coming to get us, and it’s another damaging image that steers people away from compassion. “Look at them, they’re barely HUMAN.”

    I’m not sure where you live, Ang, but I live in San Antonio. Every legal Hispanic immigrant that I’ve met has had one thing in common… MONEY. And usually lots of it. You didn’t answer my question. If YOUR family was starving would you sit there and watch them starve?

    Rush Limbaugh said yesterday on his show that some people feel that Americans don’t deserve the lifestyle we have, and that we need to be taken down a peg or two. That somehow we should pay for the attrocities that made our country what it is today. For the first time, I agreed with him because I am one of those people.

    Not everyone was born with a silver spoon, true. But most white people don’t have to live in a country that is openly hostile to them. I understand your views, and I think they’re racist. Why should anyone assimilate? This is America. They have the freedom to do and be whoever and whatever they want. Who should they become to be acceptable to you? Should their culture disappear because it makes you uncomfortable?

  9. “Why should some people be forced to wait in line…heck, just sneak on over and drain us..I suppose you think they are entitled to your social security and that you should pay for their stamps..welfare checks too….”

    Liberals might not state it publicly, but that’s what their half-assed policies and law enforcement leads to eventually. They just love expanding the welfare/parasite base.

  10. Excellent post, Angie. But it makes me burn inside. Who is it that hates Americans so much that they want to see our economy destroyed by this kind of thing? Throughout history, it’s always been considered madness to have porous borders when one has hostile enemies outside, even without the economic consideration you mention here. Even the RINOs are supporting porous borders though.

  11. “You’re not special because you’re Grandpa worked hard.” WHAT? Hard work doesn’t pay off? Hard work doesn’t make a better life, make you smarter, wiser, richer in mind, body and spirit? I’m not understanding that statement at all.

    “Rush Limbaugh said yesterday on his show that some people feel that Americans don’t deserve the lifestyle we have, and that we need to be taken down a peg or two. That somehow we should pay for the attrocities that made our country what it is today. For the first time, I agreed with him because I am one of those people.”

    So is our solution to return to sweat shops where everyone over the age of 10 must work 80 hours to help put food on the table? You may get your wish, but it won’t stop at a notch or two and who will be screaming the loudest when it is your family getting squashed?

    If laws aren’t made for following, why have them? Anarchy, Ferris? Anyone, anyone?

    Yes, why have laws at all? The sweat shops? I seem to remember in school where we read about some faith groups helping stomp that out…probably be hard to find that info in schools today. Yes, I expect there will be a lot of screaming if that comes to pass again..of course, they do that in India and some other countries..we need lists of american companies that hire this kind of work out and perhaps of all work…we probably would not have anything to purchase as so much is produced overseas by our great fantastic admirable companies..I am all for tax breaks for the ones that are in this country and give americans jobs..I say, lose your breaks when you just want to sell it to us..That has actually been proposed..need to see what happened to it. Oh, for more time..


  12. I don’t even want to go into how I feel about this! I just know it ticks me off-royally! My Mom worked at Worth Bat and her job was shipped to China. It is so sad how the American jobs are not for the Americans anymore! I thought I had decided to try to start a family-but I am not so sure I am ready to have a child and have him/her have to live in this crazy world we are now living in….and it only gets crazier. Aaaaaahhh!

    It ticks me off royally too! This will bring our country down …think that’s what they have in mind behind the scenes..bring us down to raise up the others..we are so far in hock now to China it is not even funny. Yes, this is a crazy time..but ya gotta have faith..and keep on keeping on until the fat lady sings..:)

  13. Duh, you don’t like capitalism….do I have any suggestions? Yes, I do.
    First, they should play by the rules as the post suggests…they are to hire Americans first..I took issue with lawyers finding loopholes as they always do and I suggest they are Treasonous..No they are treasonous just as the companies who hire these anti american law firms to do just that.. But then I am repeating myself as I believe I said that in the post.

    Yes, I suppose you could call me a romantic..won’t take offense at that. You are wrong dead wrong when you suggest many many of our Fathers and Grandfathers did not give their lives to fight for the freedoms of this country..(How far back do you want to go?) I suppose I and many others could share how many in our families have done just that going back to the American Revolution..for what? SO you and I could have this conversation and people would and do have opportunity..

    So Minorities and immigrants don’t have an opportunity to do well.. What about all the programs out there where minorities and legal immigrants can get low interest loans for starting a business? What about Affirmative Action? I know several people that were much more qualified for certain jobs but were passed over because they had to hire a minority. We could sit here and have a p*ssing contest about this but it would just go on and on..

    What did the middle class and upper middle class do say nothing….Is that right?
    I beg to differ…I could tell you story after story about my family and the hard work they did to get there. But It is useless…Do you believe in socialism/marxism..maybe communism.? Sure sounds that way. ..

    What puts me or anyone else at an advantage is just this: We were born into families that loved us, loved our country and taught us about a Loving God.. and tried through hard work to provide a better way of life..Yes, I would say by example alone that those blessed with that had and have an advantage. I would say that your ideas are damaging to families and America as a whole, as you have suggested mine and others are.

    Actually Duh, when you and others promote illegals, you are promoting them to slavery.Slavery to extremely low wages, and living conditions. I do not think anyone should live in the conditions the illegals are forced to live in because they are illegal..
    Did you read the post “Thank you Mr Bush for 21st Century Slavery?
    If they want to build a future here…then they need to do as other earlier immigrants did and assimilate ..learn english…take advantage of the opportunities like the Hispanics you mention that had money and lots of it. Could it be that they did that?

    I did not realize you had asked me the question…what would I do if my family were starving…First I would pray for wisdom…might take in washing and ironing…would apply at every retail store, food place, gas place…mow lawns….heck, dig a ditch! Would I do it illegally? Again I believe God’s word where He said ‘if a man won’t work for bread, don’t let him eat.’. You see, work is Christians.

    The picture is just a fact..already told you that..complain to the ones who took it.
    Compassion my A**. The ones with compassion want them to get in line legally and get a better life than dishonesty and slavery.

    So you think we should be taken down a notch or two? Well, you have made yourself very clear…You do not like this country at all…yes, I know you like Americans just not America. Well who the heck do you think America is? It is certainly not the Hollywood version nor is it the Sean Penns nor Susan Sarandons..It is the ones who have kept quiet too long..the ones who get up every day to go to a job they don’t like to support their families..It is the ones who teach their children human dignity, respect and love..and try very hard for their children to get an education in a humanist approved textbook distorted history. The same parents who try to teach them values..and yes, they get upset when their children are dumbed down by our system and taught ‘stupid’ . Many have gone the way of home schooling to have more control over their childrens education..bravo for them! That right would be taken away by the Moonbat far Left..Who btw,educated most of their children by private schools they go to? Don’t even get me started here..

    So I am a racist because I believe differently from you? So be it…imagine I have and will be called worse before its over..who cares? The real racist are obvious!

    One thing you said that I agree with: “They have the freedom to do and be whoever and whatever they want.” when you are legal. Yes, we do don’t we?

    We again are going to have to agree to disagree..My views are not Politically Correct..yours are..I have never been too correct in popular thinking and I am a bit old to start arrest me.:)

  14. Mk,”but that’s what their half-assed policies and law enforcement leads to eventually. They just love expanding the welfare/parasite base.” So very true..MK.

    Aurora, it burns me too. You are right..they hate America..and what country does this with their borders? Barf!! I have tried commenting on your breaking story from Road Sassy..just would not go through..said I commented twice…tried again when did not see it and still no go..guess I may have to try IE.

  15. Standing ovation Angie, standing ovation!!!!! Hugs Deb

    Hugs to you Deb.

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