Drilling For Oil? Whoopee!

 You all know I be liking Glenn Beck…..he had an interesting program on tonight..You just won’t believe it! Say it ain’t so…Not!            

You are not going to believe this;There is drilling for oil finally going on. Guess what? It is  China and India doing the drilling 50 miles from Key West! That’s what I said..Bunny Bread! You read it correctly. Yep, right off our Florida Coast..Whoo Hoo! They call it slant drilling…which means not only could they tap into the natural gas and oil into the Cuban outer Continental Shelf, but it would also allow them arguably to drill into our natural gas.  They can take the oil from underneath us and, yet, we’re not doing a dadgum thing about it.  This is — making me crazy! If you see a woman running up and down the street slightly disheveled and screaming bloody murder..well, you got the right one baby!

What’s amazing about this, too,  is this is the same sort of technology they want to use in an war so they don’t stop.  So, you obviously know they’re going to be disturbing the environment.  In Anwar they can drill hole and drill all under the bottom there. Did you read that right? They will most likely disturb the environment..Yes, they are not concerned with their own nations environment when it comes to the economy and for sure their energy. Do you really think America that they are going to be concerned with ours?  

Havana, Cuba) Cuba has 59 blocks of deep Gulf of Mexico waters claimed in an economic exclusion zone fronting the United States. Of the 59, 28 have been reserved for exploration by seven foreign companies.

The latest to join is the Brazilian state oil company Petrobras which signed the agreement with the Cuban state oil company CUPET on Friday.

The US Geological Survey estimated the North Cuba basin could contain 4.6 billion barrels of oil, with a high-end potential of 9.3 billion barrels, and close to 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

PDVSA of Venezuela is already a major partner of Cuba in oil, taking out blocks in the gulf and building and modernizing refineries. Others signing agreements include Spain’s Repsol-YPF, India’s ONGC and Nordsk Hydro, Vietnam state oil and gas group Petrovietnam, Malaysia’s state-run Petronas and Canada’s Sherritt International.


So, along with Venezuela, Spain, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Canada, now Brazil will be drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Isn’t it odd that the only country that can’t drill in the Gulf of Mexico is the one which borders it on three sides?

This is absolutely incredible to me.  Everyone I talked to this weekend, everyone I talked to said, I can’t do it anymore.  I don’t know what — I mean, I don’t even know what to do.  May I ask you a question, America?  How are you doing it?  How are you taking your kids to ballet, to karate, to, you know, Little League, to soccer?  How are you running them to Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, to the church on Sunday, to school, back and forth?  Most stay at home moms are not at home.  They’re usually in the car shlepping the kids.  How are you affording it anymore?  Gas is going to be the top line expense with everyone.

I mean, food is not magically going up because of, you know, oh, gee, it’s hard to, you know, make a bagel now.  Food is going up because of fuel.  Fertilizer, fuel, delivery, ethanol, all of the things that Congress has done and do you know what I’ve been saying for awhile?  this country is disenfranchised.   The people in Congress are not listening to us. 13 percent approval rating of Congress. They’re not listening.

  Are you with me yet that if we continue down this path, if we continue down this path of — they’re debating cap and trade.  It’s going to cost $1.50 more per gallon.  This is what they’re working on, cap and trade.

Now, it’s not going to pass this time around, but you watch because all three, all three presidential candidates are for cap and trade, which will add $1.50 per gallon for your gasoline.  The EPA estimates it will take 1.1 to $2.8 trillion out of our GDP.  70 percent of our GDP is consumer spending.  That means to take $2.8 trillion out of the GDP it means that you have $2.8 trillion or about, what, 70 percent of that, 1.5, $1.8 trillion less to spend.  It means it stops you from spending because you don’t have any money left and this is what they’re doing.  I’m telling you.  Pitch forks are coming.  The media doesn’t discuss the costs of these things.  So, people ya need to let your reps know what you know and want or don’t want..a need to tell your neigbors, your family, your friends, if you want TRUE CHANGE..not the fancy rhetoric talk of politicians.

  Do you know what?  Before September 11th, when we were all fat and lazy and everybody was talking about technology and Glenn Beck said, I warn you, I warn you, what were the elements that I said?  Do you recall at all?  He told us all you have to do is create fear and hunger. Fear and hunger.  We’ve got fear.  The war is going.  You’ve got fear.  You’re creating hunger now.  When you put hunger into this, because people are not afraid of what they cannot feel or see. Issues are important to us…just saying…I am thinking those two issues at top are going to take over…

But wait a minute.  See, that doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter.  People aren’t seeking out that information.  They’re going to seek out the information about gas because it affects them.  Food prices, it affects them.  The media can say whatever you want, but when I say to you China is 50 miles off the coast of Florida building a platform right now along with India, building a platform that includes slant drilling, so it’s 50 miles off our shores, they’re taking the oil from Cuba’s property and they’re also slant drilling into our property or they have the capability of doing that and we are not drilling on our own property, people will say enough of it. OR they should say ENOUGH ALREADY! Everybody can drill offshore except the US..and they are coming here. Our country is rich in resources…we are tied up..we are not PC. We are spoilers. We have no sense to use our own resources and be energy independent and do it with style with the environment intact.. I don’t believe that..I think American ingenuity and innovation is there…it just has to be unleashed.

While  Cap and trade is difficult to understand.  Drilling for your own resources is not.  The shale in Colorado is not.  I mean, they are going up for the oil sands up in Canada.  They’re doing it with the oil sands.  They won’t let us take shale.  Here’s what you need to know.  In 2007 congressional democrats led an effort which became law to prevent the department of interior from enacting new rules for commercial oil shale leases until at least October 2008.  The republicans in May this year tried to get around it saying, okay.  Can we stop this?  Let’s go after the shale.  Well, they didn’t do it.  They didn’t go after the shale.  The democrats are still saying, no, no, no.  The mountains are too important.  Put the mountain back.  Coast off of Florida and California, President Clinton, no, no, no.  Cannot drill anything off our shores until 2012.  Here is what’s at stake:  The outer continental shelf moratorium, the at LAN tack ocean, the outer continental shelf moratorium, Pacific Ocean, outer continental shelf moratorium, Gulf of Mexico.  And even a congressional ban on doing an analysis of the resource potential for oil and gas in the Atlantic, Pacific and the eastern gulf.  We can’t even say can we look into it.  Congress has said no.  Then the Anwar.  Back in 1995 President Clinton vetoed it.  It is 700 miles away from a tree.  700 miles away from a tree. This is the point where my hair starts standing up doing its own dance..believe me, it is not a pretty sight.

Oil, when he vetoed this, was $19 a barrel.  He said we didn’t need the oil that much.  New technology was right around the corner and it would be until 2007 until we got the oil.  So, it was going to take us way too long.  Now oil is — let me see here — $125 a barrel, up from $19 a barrel.  We would have been pumping that oil out now.  They say, well, there’s not that much oil to get, yet.  Here’s a solution in the paper:  Try this solution.  See if this doesn’t make your curly hair straight or vice versa! This is quite possibly my favorite solution.  Ready?  They don’t want to go into Anwar.  No, that’s not go in Anwar.  Let’s not go off of our own chest.  Let’s let China do it but not us.  Let’s not go in and take the shale in the mountains.  Let’s go  take coal.  We’re three times the size of Saudi Arabia in coal to oil, three times.  We’re going up to Canada and buying it from them, but we won’t do it ourself.  Here’s a solution.  Are you ready?  Empty out the strategic petroleum reserves.  Empty out the strategic oil reserves.  It’s now holding 700 million barrels of oil.  That’s nothing to sneeze at.  We’re at war in the Middle East.  Empty out the strategic oil reserve?  Are we intentionally trying to destroy ourselves?

By the way, if you go to buy a new car, if you go to buy a new car, it’s going to cost you about $2,000 extra.  Now, why?  We’re having a hard time selling cars.  Detroit is having problems.  Why would cars go up $2,000 per vehicle?  Because the trains are overloaded, because we can’t afford to ship products by air anymore, because the airlines are becoming obsolete, the airlines cost too much money to ship things.  So, people think, well, I’ll just ship it by train.  Well, now  — the backlog on the trains in Chicago is so enormous, it’s costing $2,000 extra per car to get it onto a train.

By the way, the airlines, they announced last week, the people who sell the jet fuel to the airlines, the airlines are in such precarious positions for the first time ever, they’re being told, by the way, you have to pay cash for everything.  They used to have a 20‑day turn around.  They would give you the jet fuel and the airlines had 20 days to pay it off.  That means the people who are selling the airlines’ fuel think they’re not good for 20 days.  They want cash.

We are in a precarious situation and what is Congress doing today?  Cap and trade?  Something that — to protect the environment? Americans are angry! Congress should start getting concerned. I’m telling you, I don’t know how much carbon torches give off, but the environment is going to weep one of these days because I think Americans are going to light torches and grab pitch forks and head to Washington and tell these clowns, get the h*ll out!  But maybe it’s just me.  What do I know?

 Hat tip source: Glenn Beck

Source:The Jawa Report

Sarcasm Angie

 Great petition on creeping Sharia blog. go pay a visit..lots of current info that will make your blood boil…:)

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less Petition

 Thanks  to Creeping Sharia for the link for drilling now

Nice idea and long overdue. Click image and learn (in English & Spanish), then sign the non-partisan petition.

Drill Here Drill Now Petition



  1. The fact is, neither side is willing to negotiate. Don’t just blame the liberals! You can thank a lot of this crap on the wonderous free market which by it’s very nature makes the rich get richer and the poor get poorer without regulation. But I digress…

    Back to negotiations. What if the Republicans said that if we’re allowed to drill for oil in the Gulf, Alaska, etc. but a certain % of the profits would have to be earmarked for children’s healthcare. All children, not just poor children. Don’t you think that would make a lot of Democrats stand up and listen?

    Why would that never happen? Because the Republicans would start yelling about the free market and about personal responsibility. Blah blah blah. Because the agenda is more important to them than compromise. Because compromise does NOT get you re-elected.

    If there is any fault, it is our elected officials who do not listen to the needs of the people. John McCain is not for drilling either..I am not a Republican..I was a Democrat….they left me when I realized my values were not theirs. I am a conservative Independent. I will vote for the one that best represents those values I hold. Now I Think they are all Bozos.

    Yes, I agree the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. The middle class of America is the new endangered species. Do I think they care? some might..most don’t. It would be wonderful if they would give some profits to poor people, they could start by lowering our prices..:) Do I think that would make Dems listen and act? I don’t know.There are Republicans the same way.The environmentalists are pretty much calling the shots now. That would be a good suggestion to make. Why not?

    I believe it was John Adams..who said “We have no government armed in power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

    It is my opinion we as a Nation have lost our moral compass..Capitalism is in danger when you have unscrupulous people at the helm of the government. What do we have? sure, there are some good people elected..but I would venture to say since most are lawyers…what does that tell ya? 🙂 lol!

    Yes, I agree again, they mostly have shown by their actions what they are interested in…and there seems to be no compromise on new drilling. However, those are facts above that did happen. Some of the Rinos did try to get offshore drilling but they did not have enough support. So what will it take? If we want lower energy or heck, just our own energy we need to be self reliant as a country. We cannot continue to play a parlor game with Big Oil or Opec.

    I try to inform… let the chips fall where they may and hope to rile others up enough that they would be so outraged enough that they would get in touch with their reps and let them know what they think, what they want, Will it happen? I don’t know..maybe not, but we have to try..:)

  2. OT: Hey girl! I think maybe Hilary is now going to try to worm her way into VP, what do you think?

    It really seems that way. Great speech she gave, asked her supporters to go to her website and advise..Taking a few days to talk with advisors. Bet Obama was upset, he needs her support but it has been reported that Michelle did not want HC on the ticket. I think she reiterated her power with winning the most states and winning the popular vote. He had the delegates to take it. She garnered more votes in a primary than anybody in our history. I just would not be surprised if she did take the VP. Don’t think she would be happy though. I also would not be surprised if she took it to the convention. Of course, there is bound to be unbelievable pressure from the party for her to concede. Oh, the suspense! lol!:)

  3. Yeah, what is the democrat controlled congress doing, where is that idiot new-direction Pelosi.

    “I think Americans are going to light torches and grab pitch forks and head to Washington and tell these clowns, get the h*ll out!”

    Why, you folks still have guns, use those. it’s only the rest of us who bought the liberal crap and gave up our guns and only have pitch forks now. None the less, i’m waiting for that day, it has to happen every now and then, keeps them honest.

    Glad to hear you’re better now, missing ya.

    Can’t you just see it, the people with pitchforks that is? I can’t help laughing when I visualize that pic..Even funnier is the pic I get with the looks on the faces of our reps. 🙂 Pelosi is probably visiting Iran’s President..planning a joint venture no less. 🙂 I am keeping my gun handy dandy in case the 2nd amendment gets amended..lol!

    Thanks MK, I am better but with lots of warnings to pace..which I detest..so I am probably going to visit more and post maybe 3 x a week..just have to see how it goes..I sure missed all of you and reading about what’s going on in this wonderful, wacky world.

  4. Come on MK. Get some help AND buy a thesaurus. Can’t you think of anything else to say except idiot and moron?

    Hey girlfriend, I love the way MK cuts to the chase and says what he thinks..:) A thesaurus would take the fun out of it..Dang, I would never comment if I had to go to that much trouble. I be likeing spontaneity. He is talking about the ones in the post article..eh? Besides think how boring it would be if everybody sang kumbaya.

  5. so true Ang!..the Dhimmicrat controlled Congress does nothing but point fingers at Conservatives!…what a thorough read girl..ty!! 🙂

    Thank you Angel!

  6. Sorry Angie. I’m all for intelligent conversation, the key word being “intelligent”. MK insults everyone who doesn’t agree with him, makes baseless claims that he pulls out of thin air, and doesn’t even attempt to converse. Every single thing he says is mean spirited. I’m baffled that you defend that type of discourse.

    He really is not mean spirited..guess you have to know him..plus as I said, he is referring to the post, not the commenters unless he feels a need to defend. He helped me a lot when I first started blogging. Both he and Aurora were like Godsends to me…so he is definitely not mean spirited. He really cares deeply about things…he just sees things happening here that he has already experienced in his country and is concerned that we are headed in that direction.

    Some think you and I are mean spirited…now both you and I know that aint true. 🙂 We just have our own style or manner if you will. I’m a sweetie and you are a sweetheart. just saying..just saying..
    We all do have to laugh now and then.

  7. According to ABC News and Fox News, Hillary’s dropping out on Friday.

    And MK is a MAN? I’m way out of it. I always think of MK = Mary Kay. LOL! You can take the girl outta MK but you can’t take MK outta the girl. *sigh*

    I had heard that and a few minutes ago they said she was concedeing on Saturday with as I understood (on the tail end of it) a speech and party. who knows? I am sure it will be a big deal…Obama will be praised and she will be dutiful.

    ROFL! Yes MK is a really nice man from Australia, . He saw his country lose a lot of liberties and even their weapons as the far left took over in elections..I could just see you in shock as you thought MK was a woman..:) it is the name is’nt it? I know everybody probably thinks he is in Mary Kay. I get tickeled sometimes..

    Well I guess you won’t have to hold HC down now while I get her autograph dang, I was looking forward to it…lol! 🙂

  8. Obama is meeting with Hilary as I type. I’m SCARED to even THINK about what THAT might bring. UGH.

    Would have loved to have been a mouse in that room and heard what was discussed. lol!

  9. MK may be a nice man, but he has clearly shown that he is incapable of communicating. Personally, I see closed mindedness as a lack of intelligence, but that’s just my opinion. How many people have changed their minds after something he’s written? Not many I suspect. How smart is that? I mean, why waste your time preaching to the choir?

    BTW, I have no problem admitting that I can and have been mean spirited. Just because I’m nice most of the time doesn’t mean I haven’t said awful things. 🙂 So I should amend my comment to say every single thing MK has said here on your blog is mean spirited. Not to mention ridiculous. I mean, is every single person in the world that has different ideas a moron?

    On the Obama/Clinton meeting ( doesn’t that look nice? hahaha) :
    I hope they come together to form a Super Ticket for November. It would be really hard for any Dems to turn away from the party if they are together. And I think McCain will have a hard time finding someone of Hillary’s calibre in the Republican party to match her. Maybe Guiliani?

  10. Trust me, Duh… there are plenty of liars, thieves and power-hungry cannibals in the Republican party. McCain wouldn’t have any trouble finding someone of Hillary’s caliber there at all…
    I’m just sayin’… and like I commented previously on my own blog… you’d think that, out of over 300,000,000 people in the US, we’d have been able to come up with better candidates that what we’ve got standing in front of us now. If you look at them closely, there really isn’t any significant difference. In recent commentaries, most political pundits are shifting their paradigm to one which accepts that the coming administration/congress is almost unavoidably going to be disastrous – partly because of the mess they’re to inherit, but mostly because of their loss of touch with those they intend to govern and their hopelessly terminal need for political correctness. That being the case, the Repub’s are hoping for a Dem victory, while the Dem’s are hoping for a Repub victory. That way, in four years, they can point the finger of blame at the other side and scream, “I TOLD YOU SO!” We’re still 4+ months away from the election, and they’re already planning for how to pin the coming failure on each other four years from now! (I’m serious… that’s gotta be a sign…)
    Wait and watch… it’s only going to get uglier. But fear not, for most of the sheeple in this country will sleep straight through it. As long as there is a full belly, there is not much complaining. (That’s what makes us different! LOL!)

  11. Oh I don’t think it’s a guarantee that the next four years will be horrible. How soon we forget! Franklin Roosevelt followed one of the worst presidents in American history, Herbert Hoover. The years before Roosevelt was elected were positively, absolutely an economic and environmental nightmare for this country. Now there are those that say that WWII would have brought us out of the Depression, but it wouldn’t have done anything about the Dust Bowl. Roosevelt implemented environmental agencies and policies that are still around today.

    I don’t know if Obama is that kind of guy, but I sincerely hope he is for the sake of all of us.

  12. Ah… so bigger government is your solution? Don’t get me wrong, I think FDR was a great war-time president (even for almost four full terms), but I don’t think a modern day version of the CCC is gonna pull us out this time. Essentially, what FDR did was create vital, and yet otherwise meaningless, jobs to put the unemployed back to work. And, if it weren’t for the onset of WWII, those efforts would have eventually failed. As for environmental policies that are still around today… those passed back in the 30’s, as well as those passed since then, need to be seriously reviewed. While I don’t disagree with them – in spirit – I believe that, in the bigger picture, we’ve succeeded in hamstringing ourselves to too large a degree. Responsible environmental policies are needed, no doubt… but the key word is ‘responsible.’
    Like you, I don’t think it’s guaranteed that the next four years are going to be disastrous. I was merely pointing out an observation that many political pundits are expressing that point of view. Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re wrong. Time will tell. My personal opinion hasn’t changed… nothing will happen. Our government is so polarized along party lines that each will effectively stop the other from accomplishing anything of any significance, thereby leaving us to continue in the mire we currently wallow in.
    But that’s just me… what the hell do I know!

  13. Bigger government? I didn’t say that. The fact that Roosevelt was a Democrat who happened to be a great president, and Hoover was a Republican that happened to be horrible is completely a coincidence! LOL While the Democrats are for more government programs because they feel ideologically that the government is responsible for more aspects of peoples’ lives than the Republicans, the Republicans are not against bigger government. That’s just what they say to get Mr. Rural-Gun-Toting-Plural-Wife-Keeping-Anti-Abortionist to vote for them. They are actually against government programs for individuals. When it comes to bailing out huge corporations, they’re all for that. When it comes to protecting business (i.e. rich people) they will stop at nothing. Don’t let them fool you with their small government talk!

    In fact, this administration has turned the executive branch into a one man show. Bush has signed more executive orders than any other president. So I guess it depends on what you mean by “bigger government”. I don’t consider spending money on people who need it “bigger”. I consider weilding unchecked power “bigger”, and that is what Bush and Cheney have done for 8 years. And people say Bush is dumb? Psh.

  14. Preachin’ to the choir, sister! Just look at the national debt… it makes that case for you without any assistance whatsoever! However, look back at history and tell me that FDR didn’t create “bigger government” during his multi-term presidency. (We both know he did… don’t we!)
    I love this part… “Mr. Rural-Gun-Toting-Plural-Wife-Keeping-Anti-Abortionist…” LOL! Not bad! Of course, the opposite would have to be “Ms. City Slicker-Second Amendment Hating-Gay Activist-Baby Murderer”… is that pretty close?
    I’d rather live next door to the first guy, myself. Rural or city, doesn’t make any difference… each has its pro’s and con’s. Gun or knife… either will kill you, if not handled with care. Plural wives? See, in my world, that’s called masochism. I’d had three wives… enough torment for any one human being to suffer. I’m just sayin’… And anti-abortionist… yeah, let’s kill ’em before they get old enough to drive, or we have to feed ’em, or (heaven forbid) you lose your waistline and suffer from those eternally nagging stretch marks! While there are circumstances when it may be medically necessary to terminate a pregnancy, I’ll continue to say that the only legal avenue of abortion for the sake of convenience should include killing the parents, too. Either that, or make abortion legal until the kid turns 18! The old Bill Cosby line… “I brought you into this world… I’ll take you out.” LOL!

  15. I have no problem with anti-abortionists…but only if they have adopted or fostered one needy child during their life. Just one. One. I agree that abortion is awful, but since I currently don’t plan on fostering or adopting, I’ll just keep my opinions on the subject to myself. I wouldn’t mind living next door to either of our hyperbolic people. As long as they keep their grass cut.

    Yes FDR did make the federal government bigger. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but that’s just my opinion. It’s how you use the “bigness” that counts.

  16. Oh, see… there it is! It’s that woman thing! Out of the clear blue sky, comments about mowing the lawn and how to use the “bigness”! Geez! Old, fat guys just can’t catch a break!
    That being said, let me be the first to admit that I’ve completely lost the point I was going to make… so, in the words of my dear mother, “It must not have been too important, or you wouldn’t have forgotten it!”

  17. Great post, Angie. You’ve hit the nail right on the head with one of the most scary issues of our time. I read somewhere recently that about 95% of our food supply is oil-dependent! This oil crisis has the ability to do things that we can’t begin to imagine, not only in the States but all over the world.
    The fact that China and India are drilling for our oil is absolutely mind-boggling. What are they thinking?????

    Why is our Government not thinking? I am ready to march on Washington..want to get up a party..I missed out in the 60’s …but I am ready now with this madness!

  18. Dang Lofter! Let the lesbians mow the lawn. LOL

    It’s amazing to me that people are just now figuring out that everything we do needs oil. Everything plastic is made from…oil. Everything you buy in the store is shipped using trucks. Every huge piece of farm equipment is run on gas.

    And yet these are the very same people that say that people should be able to drive in huge SUV’s if they want to. Cause Americans can choose for themselves! DUH. If we all make small changes where we can (like the cars we drive) than we’ll have some time to make the big changes.

    It’s like Republicans are so scared to be seen as environmentalists that they are willing to undermine any effort to not be dependent on oil. As if the environment is the only reason. Hey conservatives, do you think that maybe if you guys had cut back on oil 10 years ago when it was only an environmental crisis we wouldn’t be where we are today?

  19. Sorry going to have to cut in here and remind ya’ll that there “was” a gas crisis in the 1970’s and early 80’s. So why didn’t the “going to change the world hippies” the “greenies” and “earth shoe people” do something? That is almost 30 years of sitting on earth day, rising gas prices and environmental responsibilities. We had viable solar power by the 1990’s so where were all the “greenies” who made so much money but decided to invested in day trading, computers, government bailouts, Hollywood, blow and boogie nights. Who is accountable for where we are at now and who will be accountable in 30 more years? Where is my mirror?

  20. […] while America is too PC to drill its own oil, someone else is moving in. (From Angie’s blog): You are not going to believe this;There is drilling for oil finally going on. Guess what? It is […]

  21. Yes, Canvas, because it is and always has been the “hippies” and “greenies” that have been dragging their feet when it comes to energy conservation.

    Unbelievable. Conservatives vote against every single environmental or energy conservation bill for the last 30-40 years and then turn around and look at the liberals and say, “why didn’t you do something?”

  22. Maybe you misunderstand me…it is US. All of us, turning our heads, pointing fingers and asking that very question. “Why didn’t you do something?” We all need to look in the mirror.

  23. Or are we being played like a piano? Was there a gas crisis then? Now? Or the perception of one?

    You may well be on to something CG.

  24. Hey Ange,
    I feel your pain and frustration – but here’s the thing – if you try to look at this situation from a logical point of view you will lose your ever-loving mind. The fact is that this stuff happens because we have many in power who I believe seek to destroy our country. Because they hate it. It’s no different to me than a teenager who slashes themselves – it comes from self-loathing and nothing else. Call me paranoid, but until/unless we elect leaders and public servants who truly seek to serve the public and not their own ends then we will continue to have this kind of crap happening – more and more. Scary thought, isn’t it?

    Logic has gone out the window as far as I can tell. I totally agree with you that there are far too many in power who want to destroy our country. I just wish they had let it alone and gone to another country that they liked..Perhaps Venezuela with their dictator. Or heck, they could go to Saudi. lol! Let’s just fire them all..If I had the opportunity I would in a heartbeat. The fact is they want in my opinion for our country to go down to raise the others up…then have a nice big old one World government…no more sovereignty for us..That is scary!

  25. Momma always said, “Anybody who wants to be a politician most definitely should NOT be a politician”. Most of the guys up there do not care one iota about the issues. It’s all about money and power. Until the jobs they hold don’t include money and power, the wrong people will work the hardest to get them. Period. And that includes Republicans and Democrats.

    I believe your Momma was right! Where are the statesmen?

  26. Our politicians sold us out a long time ago.

    They certainly did TT.

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