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Hattip Glenn Beck


Isn’t it fun to watch when liberals get trapped in the little politically correct world they have created? That’s exactly what happened to Barack Obama after he called a woman ‘sweetie’. Normally that’s no big deal, but people these days realize they should be offended more often, and Obama actually had to call and apologize for calling someone ‘sweetie’. It’s sad yet funny at the same time, so does that mean I gotta start apologizing to everybody for calling somebody sweetie? How about Sugar lips?. just saying…..Y’all realize I would be apologizing all the time were I Politically Correct these days. Oh for the good ole days when I did not have to worry about offending anyone with a term of endearment or when I could not remember their name and thought Sweetie, Honey or Hon was so much better than ‘hey you’ and when men  could open the door for a lady without getting a lecture. Of course, a lot of PC depends on where you live…Thank Goodness where I am we can do all the above and not really worry about the PC Police yet.

 Lay off my wife


Barack Obama tells the GOP to lay off his wife. Well, Barack, perhaps you should tell your wife to lay off the anti-American commentary. People tend not to enjoy those comments very much. So if she keeps spewing the hate, then she should be able to take the heat. Watch Barack warn anyone who dares comment on his wife’s comments here. 

Media saves Obama…again


The media’s man, Barack Obama, is managing to avoid any flack over saying that his Uncle liberated the prisoners at Auschwitz. Only problem with that little story is that the Soviets were the ones who liberated the Auschwitz camps. Hillary’s sniper fire comment on the other hand, was major news for a couple of weeks. The biggest problem with the whole situation is that the lesson Obama seemed to take away from his mysterious Uncle’s service—is that troops need more government money. Your uncle lived in the attack for six months after he came back…perhaps the lesson you should have taken away is that you don’t negotiate with someone who says they want to wipe Israel and the Jews off the map. 

So, which one is worse: Barack’s “My uncle saved the Jews at Auschwitz” or Hillary’s “I was dodging sniper fire”?

To me—unless something unforeseen pops up—I have to say I still think Hillary’s is worse. The main difference? The event she lied about actually happened to her. It’s at least plausible that Obama remembered hearing stories of his uncle doing something heroic at another concentration camp, or another battlefield, or at least saving a kitten near a gun shop.

Obama is remembering something about his uncle in battle 60 years ago, I can give him a little break if he messes that up—assuming his uncle was actually was in the military, did fight in WW2, and wasn’t fighting for the other side—all of which have to be true. Obama couldn’t be that dumb.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve approximately the same amount of media that Hillary’s comment received—which was a lot. It will be interesting to see if the media gives Obama yet another free pass.

But as far as Hillary goes—she knew she hadn’t walked through an active war zone. She knew she didn’t dodge sniper fire. She knew she had a welcoming ceremony with a bunch of cute kiddies on the tarmac. She just manufactured a memory because she thought she’d get away with it—mainly because the media has been letting her get away with these sorts of things for a long time.

She has to realize that the media has chosen Obama to be the chosen one.

Until she drops out, she has to live like a conservative.

 Remember the rules: when you criticize, you are mean spirited.

When you question, you are fear mongering.

 When you’re white, you’re racist.

Now go on out there and win yourself a campaign!


Oh by the way, did you all hear anything about Obama claiming he had been in 57 states and had one to go and two of them he  missed ? Uhmm…Excuse me, have we added 10 states lately? 🙂


 POINT BEING…I remember a certain VP candidate that could not spell potato and he was forever branded as DUMB..dumber than a box of rocks .  Now we all know people get tired, make mistakes, for Petes sake. I have often said I am here to give others hope because I am really blonde inside. Or so I have been told..lol! Even Obama, and God help his opponents when they mess up. I do find it very interesting how the Media chooses their candidates and makes them a dandy..a dandy darlin..whatever! Then again, what do I know?

Defending Hillary


This political cycle has been frustrating for many conservatives this time around, but there has been one positive aspect out of this whole media love affair with Barack Obama: The Clinton’s have actually now admitted to a media bias existing. Glenn plays the audio of Bill Clinton saying that the media is against Hillary and that ‘he’s never seen anything like’ this before, the media hating a candidate. Welcome to the world of being a conservative politician in the media, Bill. Watch the video of President Clinton here. Glenn also played the audio of Hillary’s RFK comments that made so many headlines. Were they really as bad as the media said? Watch them here.

Hillary you must realize that the media has chosen Obama to be the chosen one.

HILLARY AND MCCain…Remember the Rules…

Sarcasm Angie



  1. Obama is the chosen one. Afterall, he speaks to the dead!


    Welcome, thanks for sharing the link..it was great on this topic. Visited your blog. Am sure I will be back when more time. Come again

  2. If it all weren’t so sad, it would almost be comical! 🙂

    So true Lofter

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  4. Hey girl, can you believe we are still looking at Hilary’s mug? When does she have to surrender? I’ll hold her down if you force her to say UNCLE.

    Can we get her to autograph a mug first? That ACLU mug would be perfect! LOL! 🙂

  5. From what I keep hearing, Hillary’s gonna hold Obama down and force him to cry “Supreme Court Justice!”… Just think about it… a lifetime appointment for a Clintonista. Life sure is interesting, ain’t it!

    It sure has not been a boring campaign. That’s for sure. A lifetime appointment? Oh Mercy….I feel a headache coming on….a big one..lol!

  6. Since Hillary and Obama’s platforms are almost identical, how can anyone say that there is a “liberal” bias in the media? Clearly it’s a “pretty” bias. If the Republicans could come up with one person that didn’t look like hell, the media would be all over them in a second. The left wing conspiracy is WAY too intellectual for the money hungry businessmen running the network news and other media outlets.

    BTW, I am offended when someone calls me “honey” or “baby” or “sweetie” or anything other than my name unless it’s my mom or my husband. If I mean so little to someone that they can’t bother to remember my name, than they damn sure better not call me any term of endearment! Some of my patients have done this, and I find it very disrespectful.

    They clearly favor Obama over HC. Yes, there is not much difference. He is considered to be the most liberal in the Senate..dunno.
    Aw gee Duh..Can I call you sugar lips? just kidding just kidding..there are situations and circumstances I am sure that could be interpreted as disrespectful and probably intentional. I do assure you though that there are many who mean no disrespect..just a different culture perhaps.

  7. LOL! Holster your weapon… it’s sarcasm! 😀

    I keep mine well hidden on my body.The weapon that is…lol!

  8. What is sarcasm? This? “Oh for the good ole days when I did not have to worry about offending anyone with a term of endearment or when I could not remember their name and thought Sweetie, Honey or Hon was so much better than ‘hey you’ and when men could open the door for a lady without getting a lecture.”

    I don’t think she was being sarcastic here, but I could be wrong.

    You aint wrong…Meant it. Yall gotta rememer I suffer from CRS.

  9. Ah… no, you’re right. What you reference isn’t sarcasm. I was referencing the title of the post itself. That being said, I’d have to agree with Angie. I don’t find it disrespectful when people refer to me in such ways… then again, I grew up with that being the norm and really don’t think too much about it. Surely it’s better than “Hey you!”
    However, each of us has our own limitations and set our own boundaries as to what we decide to be disrespectful to us. I would suggest that the context in which such salutations are presented are likely to have a rather large influence on whether or not we would find it disrespectful. For instance, if my grandmother (who often forgot our names, not because we meant so little to her, but simply because there were so many of us!) called me “sweetie” or “hon”, I would find that to be quite endearing. If a waitress at a restaurant, someone I’ve never met before, were to address me as “honey,” I wouldn’t find that offensive or disrespectful either. However, if one of the inmates in one of the facilities I oversee was to address me as anything other than “Sir”… well, let’s just say I wouldn’t react in a way they would likely appreciate. And, I can say with a relative degree of certainty, they wouldn’t address me improperly again. Perhaps such is the way it is with the relationship between you and your patients. As I said, context is huge… right?
    That being said, my dear Duh, I do find you to be a sweetheart! (Don’t worry… I’ve never been considered too respectful, and have even been accused by former spouses of being downright offensive! But, having read a good bit of your blog – great grill pic, BTW – I think we’re likely on pretty close to the same page.) 😉

    Agreed Lofter, good points…now everybody remember they can call me sweetie anytime..lol!
    Duhs blog is one of the first I found by accident before I ever dared blog and certainly did not know anything about it except as something others did..I was drinking coffee and spewed it everywhere and laughed so loud I would have woke the dead..she is a hoot! hope to get over there more in the future.

  10. Shrinking violets eh. Liberals take offense at so much. Perhaps that’s why they’re so stupid, they’re always looking for an angle to complain about something.

    “Bill Clinton saying that the media is against Hillary and that ‘he’s never seen anything like’ this before, the media hating a candidate.”

    Bill you hypocrite, I feel sorry for Hillary, now she knows what it’s like to be a Republican. Suck it down baby. Too bad the liberals who are always talking about the other side and perceptions still don’t get it.

    If i were a female leftist, i would be very offended, the Democratic party, who i’m sure is the self-appointed champion of women has chosen a man over a woman, talk about a slap in the face.

    I’m not surprised though, leftists in reality are racist and sexist.

    You know, I have been amazed at how the Media turned on HC. It has been clear from the get go they favored Obama.. They found out who their friends really were and it sure was not some in their former cabinet…Bill Richardson was the worse traitor for them, coming out early as a delegate for Obama and he had stated that he was waiting to see the will of his people in his state. Well, his constituents selected Hillary..so he did not honor them. Wonder what he was promised for his support? Personally I think the delegates and super delegates should have waited to see how the people voted. HC had the popular vote along with the most states..If the dems operated like the repubs on the primarys..HC would have won..(winner take all ) I can see how Hillary has to be ticked big time…Loyalty is important to her and many jumped ship. Can’t help thinking there were promises for positions in the White House or something. Politics as usual.

    The whole thing has operated like Chicago politics which has always been notorious for corruption. Thats another post. lol! 🙂

  11. MK, get some help. Please.

  12. Thanks Angie, but there’s not much going on over there now. I’m a blogging slacker.

    You are welcome Duh. It is difficult to work and keep a blog on a regular basis and get around to visit other blogs..and keep up with the commenters. So I do understand.

    You can sure get addicted to it though and really begin to care for the bloggers as if you know them personally. Wild is it not? Perhaps we may know the bloggers better through their writing than many we know personally..eh?

    It is going to be hard for me to operate with business as usual..I have always been whole hog or nothing it seems…lol!

    I have been blessed by blogging and meeting so many really neat people.. 🙂

  13. I was disgusted with Bill Richardson’s behavior as well. Politics aside, they were friends. Ugh. I will be so mad if Obama chooses him for VP. Someone on another thread said something about Hillary getting on the ticket. I hope she does. Individually they leave a lot to be desired, but together I think they could do some good.

    All you Republicans must be on the edge of your seat waiting to see who McCain chooses. Ya know, since odds are the VP in his case would almost certainly become President if he’s elected. Cause he’s old. Oooooold. Nothing wrong with being old. But we all know that if McCain is elected the White House events planners will be getting the black drapes dry cleaned, if ya know what I mean.

    Yep, ROFL..Seriously wonder who will be VP on both tickets..HC got nearly 18 million votes..that says a lot. I really don’t think he wants her on the ticket nor do his supporters from what I am hearing…with people like Bill Richardson as your friend. who needs enemies? I am sure she and BC have thought that many times.

    McCain needs someone who is a charismatic speaker…Hucklebee could probably garner some support but Romney would be more likely to woo the Conservatives that are dissatisfied with McCain, but then he comes with the LDS and that might not fare well. So it is going to be interesting. Colin Powell would be a smart choice..but I don’t think he is in the political field at all, nor wants to be. Ron Paul has had a lot of grass roots support from those that wanted to get back to the constitution…but we saw how that went with the powers that be..the Media ignored him and would not let him speak during the debates..they treated him very shabbily. Oh well, Maybe we will get an announcement this weekend..while I am out of town…

  14. LOL! I’ve been disgusted with Bill Richardson since he was Energy Secretary! But that beard really cracks me up! I think he’d look good with your ex-grill, too… I’m just sayin’… 😀
    I picked Obama to win the general several months ago, and now suggest that John Edwards would be his best choice for co-conspirator. Likewise, while I still don’t think he’ll pull off a victory in November (due to the overwhelming fear of another four years of Bush policies – which comes with another four years of a Democrat-controlled congress), I would suggest that John McCain slot Mitt Romney for his partner in crime position. Both of those suggested Veeps are high in name recognition, capable speakers, and would bring a degree of validity to either campaign. Edwards, of course, would help with the trial lawyer vote, while Romney would coax in the entire planet of FLDS members… by proxy, of course.
    Like I’ve said so many times over the past few months – I’m betting that, regardless of who gets the electoral college nod (we all know the popular vote doesn’t count, right?), nothing will change but the name of the addressee at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The races that will really make the difference are all congressional… but I’m not sure there are any honest people running, so… 😀

    Aw, the beard makes him look like a wantabee prof. all he needs is a pair of glasses and he would look real intelligent. LOL!

    Dunno about Edwards, since he was on the last ticket..they probably won’t go for him. Maybe one of the Kennedy cousins..lol! We could experience Camelot once again..:) Romney could woo the conservatives that are dissatisfied with McCain…but can’t you hear it now with his LDS background..never mind that he has a lot of character and fiscal know how..I don’t think the selection committee will go for him…but then who knows? Huckabee can speak well enough to tickle our ears..charisma and all that.. We should be hearing pretty soon..

    You are so right..is that not a crock? Popular vote should be the biggie. You are absolutely correct. Only Congress really matters.. I am glad we have 3 branches of government to check each other. However, business on the hill gets stalemated many times..This is supposed to be of the people for the people..but I think much of the time…they forget that. Plus who sent them there..uh…until it is election time for them again. 🙂

  15. Man, you guys are so used to listening to Bush speak that your standards have sunk down really low. I guess you might think Huckabee is a good public speaker….if you happen to be an Evangelical Christian. I was too busy seething at the content of his speeches to tell if he gave them eloquently or not. I’m sorry. Did you mean “charisma” as in “charismatic” like speaking in tongues? LOL

    I worry sometimes that the checks and balances are part of the problem in Washington. If a Rep. tries to pass a bill (let’s say it’s a great bill), and it has to go through the Dem. Congress, he has to change a lot of his good ideas to get it to pass. And then THEY change a lot of stuff in it too. So now this great bill is a mediocre bill filled with a bunch of crap on top. So when the bill is put into practice and doesn’t work, the Dems say, “it’s the Reps fault. This was a crap idea.” And that Rep. may not get re-elected. And then the Dems all laugh. Hahaha.

    And vice versa as well.

    I mean, if we’re blatantly going to keep a two party system, we should let them each have a turn for a couple years and get something done. And then when their crap doesn’t work we know exactly who to blame.

    I know, I know. I’m a genius. Tell it to the Nobel committee, would ya?

    I sent them a letter..btw, I hate the pork they pile on bills too.

  16. “Dear Nobel Committee,

    I’d like to tell you all a story ’bout a girl named Duh
    she’s not much into “ma’am” and she sure ain’t into “suh”
    though her grill is gone
    her points aren’t wrong
    leaving some to think, “Hey? What the fuh…”

    Thank you for your consideration.



    (How’s that? I think she’ll be a shoe in… I mean, they gave one to Al Gore, so you know they’re scraping the bottom of the bucket, right? :-D)

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