Obama Dissed West Virginia..Clinton a Mountain Mama?


Interviews with West Virginians leaving their polling places suggested Clinton’s victory could be as overwhelming as any she has gained to date, delivered by an overwhelmingly white electorate comprised of the kinds of voters who favored her in past primaries. Nearly a quarter were 60 or older, and a similar number had no education beyond high school. More than half were in families with incomes of $50,000 or less, and the former first lady was wining a whopping 69 percent of their votes.


 Beautiful country if you like mountains,streams, hills and valleys. 

The real problem with Obama with the so called ‘Blue Collar’ working class (that built this country btw) as I see it, is that he is perceived as an ‘Eliteist’..yes, we have heard that before..Clinton of course wants their votes, anybodys votes..She did go there to work for their vote and while she could possibly feel the same way..she does not make them ‘feel’ less than. While I am not from WV. I am a Mountain Mama so to speak although I prefer Mountain darlin’..I know these people…I know pretty much how they think..takes one to know one if you get my drift. Did I ever tell ya I am a Coal Miners Daughter? Even so, most of us trace our roots back to the American Revolution. So roots run deep on their side of the American front..Most of them have Military backgrounds and/or they have or had a family member in the military in nearly every war this country has fought. So they feel they have invested in this country with their blood sweat and tears not to mention hard tough work. 


Not a lot of Polo here… 





 Pretty regularhard working loving families that take sacrifice for loved ones as normal.

Most did not have the privilege of a Harvard or Ivy League Education but they worked hard to see that their children had as good an education as they could possibly afford and they did not expect nor want handouts. Some of them are well qualified for government help..they just think differently..They actually believe if a man won’t work..well, he does not need to eat. So they will work for very little if need be to take care of their families..guess it’s a pride thing. Whatever it is…I admire and respect them.


clinging to our guns…whoo hoo!


Clinging to religion…no…clinging to faith? yes!

To many of these families Obama comes across as arrogant and just a little superior to them. Remember, he is on the record for seeing them as clinging to their religion and guns. Did he see WV worthy of campaigning there? Hardly. Not much of a fighter is he? Kentucky? Look for him to have the same attitude. No. He does not seem to respect or value the so called ‘working class’. Better to go on to Oregon,Obama.  Remember this…as you dismiss these states..you are dismissing people with what I would now call ‘Politically Incorrect Traditional American Values’ and very long memories. 

 Race? it matters very little to most of them…heck they just want somebody to hear..to listen…to respect their values and as people who count..and quite frankly do something about preserving their heritage. Will they support him in November..probably but with a lot of reservation and anxiety about him as their President. After all, Obama and his staff did ‘diss them’.

“A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable.” —Thomas Jefferson

Oh my, Obama..a little history lesson is required.

“In his victory speech after the North Carolina primary, Sen. Barack Obama…[defended] his stated intent to meet with America’s enemies without preconditions…: ‘I trust the American people to understand that it is not weakness, but wisdom to talk not just to our friends, but to our enemies, like Roosevelt did, and Kennedy did, and Truman did.’ That he made this statement, and that it passed without comment by the journalists covering his speech indicates either breathtaking ignorance of history on the part of both, or deceit. I assume the Roosevelt to whom Sen. Obama referred is Franklin D. Roosevelt. Our enemies in World War II were Nazi Germany, headed by Adolf Hitler; fascist Italy, headed by Benito Mussolini, and militarist Japan, headed by Hideki Tojo. FDR talked directly with none of them before the outbreak of hostilities, and his policy once war began was unconditional surrender. FDR died before victory was achieved, and was succeeded by Harry Truman. Truman did not modify the policy of unconditional surrender. He ended that war not with negotiation, but with the atomic bomb. Harry Truman also was president when North Korea invaded South Korea in June, 1950. President Truman’s response was not to call up North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung for a chat. It was to send troops… Sen. Obama is on both sounder and softer ground with regard to John F. Kennedy. The new president held a summit meeting with Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev in Vienna in June, 1961. Elie Abel, who wrote a history of the Cuban missile crisis (The Missiles of October), said the crisis had its genesis in that summit… Mr. Abel wrote, ‘There is no evidence to support the belief that Khrushchev ever questioned America’s power. He questioned only the president’s readiness to use it.’… It’s worth noting that Kennedy then was vastly more experienced than Sen. Obama is now. A combat veteran of World War II, Jack Kennedy served 14 years in Congress before becoming president. Sen. Obama has no military and little work experience, and has been in Congress for less than four years… History is an elective few liberals choose to take these days… The lack of historical knowledge among journalists is merely appalling. But in a presidential candidate it’s dangerous. As Sir Winston Churchill said: ‘Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it’.” —Jack Kelly

Source & photo: patriot post



  1. I’m a Mountain Mama too. It IS all about work ethic in the mountains, we are a hardy bunch. We are people who know that ACTIONS are important and talk is cheap. I cringed as the media replayed endlessly a woman talking about Obama being a Muslim. There are ignorant people everywhere and the media LOVES to perpetuate anything devisive. Contrary to this woman there are informed people in them there hills. Ang, I completely agree that Obama is blowing off any state that is a hard sell…what would he do as President…actions speak louder than words. I still pine for Colin Powell. I think he would be the right person to be leader of the free world right now.

    “people who know that ACTIONS are important and talk is cheap” What a profound true statement. Totally agree with every word you said CG. Ever notice how the media seems to always pick those who make us cringe? They make me nuts! We could use Colin Powell’s wisdom right now. He’s been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. That is surely what we need.

  2. Beautiful post, Angie. I love grassroots America. I love everything they stand for. They are the salt of the earth and types like Obama would like to wipe them out because the Left can’t stand wholesomeness or goodness.
    Obama is not an American in the true sense of the word. He’s a kind of virulent hybrid which has grafted itself into a country which could only be destroyed from within.

    Thanks Aurora, Yes they are the salt of the earth and a huge obstacle for Obama and those in the far left. I am concerned that we may be destroying ourselves from within.. I pray not but it does not look good from this corner.

  3. Remember, he is on the record for seeing them as clinging to their religion and guns. Did he see WV worthy of campaigning there?..true Ang!..I too love grassroots America..how can anyone vote for such haters!!! 🙂

    I hate to say it, but I would rather not vote if he were the only choice. Some vote for him for lack of knowledge about him, others because they want change so badly from what they have been experiencing. Others want to make history. Others just get on the band wagon because they either vote straight ticket or he’s a good speaker…so was Hitler, and therein lies the danger.

  4. I don’t understand the pic of Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, and Obama. Is the difference that he is black? That’s one difference. Kennedy was not a “man of the people” although like Bush he was good at pretending to be. You’ll have to explain that pic to this dumb white girl…

    I don’t understand it when people say they don’t like a candidate because he’s an “elitist” or because he “thinks he’s better than” or other such nonsense. Personally I want a president who IS better than me and DOES understand more about the world. WTH?? Are people so insecure in their self worth that they are willing to elect someone just because he’s not uppity?

    It was not because he’s black..lol! the others in the pic were those he compared himself to in ‘talking to known enemies’. Only they did not talk to them..either he thought they did or he thought we would think they did..journalists have not called him on it..maybe they did not know either. that was the true point.. Dumb white girl? how about smart like a fox? you crafty little thing..lol!

    Different kind of better meant here Duh..we all want someone better..better in leadership..better in decisions and quick thinking.weighs the pros and cons..better to be the President. Everyone wants to feel that they are ok. No one likes to be made fun of or dismissed. Everyone wants respect..I could go on but you get it. He does not have their trust. He would not be their first choice..with that said, if he is the only choice they have on the ticket..they may very well go for him..but with a lot of concern and worry.

  5. I just noticed…I don’t understand a lot of things. Thank goodness!! Life would be so boring if I was as sure of being right as some folks claim to be.

    I know exactly how you feel.. LOL!

  6. ‘Politically Incorrect Traditional American Values’ … It’s a shame that statement rings with as much truth as it does. But, if you want to wonder why we’re standing in the hole we’re standing in, all you have to notice is the shovel in our hands. Obama is making some bad decisions these days… but I still think he’ll get the nomination. And I still think he’ll win the November election, not because he’s a better candidate, but because too many Americans think electing another Republican will simply extend the Bush doctrines for another four years – and the politics of fear have succeeded in leaving much of our populace terrified of that. (Ironically, they don’t think far enough ahead to perceive that things could actually be worse… something us folks have a tendency to have to learn the hard way.) What Obama will end up doing, if he’s not careful about what he reveals of himself, is offering that frightened populace something that scares them worse than four more years of Republican leadership! (Has anyone heard that old saying, “Give him enough rope…” I’m just sayin’…)
    And, come on Duh… you can’t pull off playing that ‘dumb white girl’ routine! LOL! Of course the only difference is he’s black! (See, it doesn’t play when I do it either.) I find it extremely humorous when people actually listen to Obama (or his supporters) compare ol’ Barack with the likes of FDR or JFK… or even LBJ. It reminds me a lot of when Dan Quayle compared himself to JFK in the debate with Lloyd Benson… it backfires every time! There is no comparison between Obama and any of those past presidents – he’s not been in the game long enough to have the track record to draw any such comparisons! Is he a good orator? Sure he is. Does anybody believe what a politician says? Unfortunately so… and that’s what he’s counting on. When people check the facts, they see a different picture. But the truth is, not enough people will check the facts. Call it lazy, or whatever… it’s still a shame.
    On the subject of race… if any other candidate bragged about carrying the majority of their ethnic group, they’d be lambasted in the network media. Even Howard Dean has already set the stage for future claims of race-baiting! Should Obama get a pass because he’s black? Should Hillary get a pass because she’s a woman? Should McCain get a pass because he’s a senior citizen? LOL! Nope! But sit and watch what happens… and is happening already. And are there voters out there who will vote for one of those candidates based strictly on race, gender or age? Damn skippy there are… and we all better hope there isn’t a majority of ’em showing up at the polls in November, too!
    Lastly – and then I’ll shut up – I still believe our government should be one OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. Do I want a president that’s smarter than me? Sure I do… the same and I want children that are smarter than me. The difference that I’m searching for, and have yet to see, is found in the fact that my smarter-than-me children still care about me, want to see me happy, and will act on my behalf with my best interest in mind every time. Show me a politician that will do that and I’ll vote for them. And, if you take a minute and think about OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people, you’ll realize that’s exactly what they’re elected to do in the first place!

    Lofter, brilliant commentary. Wish I had said it..Agree with all of it. Love the last statement.

  7. It is unfortunate that they would see Obama for what he really is, an arrogant, old-school socialist and still vote for him, with or without reservations. People like Obama will only use you and leave you worse off when they’re done.

    I agree MK..They may not come Nov (hope not) but I would not be surprised if they do even with their reservations. They feel left out now and abandoned by the powers that be..when that happens to people..many times they will vote for change period and pray for it to be ok.Or they won’t vote at all. I know that is not good reasoning..but there is not a lot of good reasoning and logic in this country right now. At least that is what I am hearing all around me. If people do not dig for truth beyond the news and newspapers..we are all in trouble.

    I am hearing the same with Conservatives..many are saying they are not going to vote. They feel McCain is a terrible choice. Big mess we have eh?

  8. LOL Lofter! I really thought there was something else that I was missing! Thanks for thinking my ignorance was an act though. They don’t call me “duh” for nuthin’.

    MK, thanks for making another non-sensical, unsubstantiated dive-bomb comment. They are quite entertaining.

    I think I would liken Obama to Reagan more than anyone else. He has the ability to move people with his words while basically being not much more than an empty shell being filled with other people’s ideas. Let’s hope he’s not into astrology!

  9. LOL! He’s not into astrology… but Michelle reads it to him every day before she lays out his clothes and helps him with his lines! 😀

  10. McCain is really on a knife edge Angie. The way i see it, he has a better chance of winning if B. Hussein Obama is his opponent simply because i think people might rightly fear B. Hussein Obama more than they dislike McCain.

    Hope you are right..I guess he would be better than Obamamania.

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