Help, Someone Threw Hillary, McCain & Obama Off the Plane

                                Time for Sunday Funnies                                    

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain are all on a plane flying to the next stumping ground.

Obama takes a look out the window and says, “I could throw a $1,000 bill out the window and make someone down there very happy.”



Without missing a beat, Clinton says, “I could throw ten $100 bills out the window and make ten people very happy.”

Not to be outdone, McCain chimes in, “I could throw a hundred $10 bills out the window and make a hundred people very happy.” 

The pilot sighs with disgust, turns to his co-pilot and says, “I could throw those three idiots out the window and make 300,000,000 people very happy!”

 Hattip above to Life at the Foot of the Stairs

Meanwhile before the press could report the breaking news of their fall??? from the plane……the people speculated on the latest news:

John McCain apologizes for going to Vietnam, earns Jane Fonda’s endorsement-then promptly did an about face and went over to Obama.

To avoid scorn and ridicule, Tom Cruise converts to Islam

NY Times: Backward, close-minded, inbred southern hicks vote for Obama

Obama: baby is punishment; tax increase is bundle of joy
Obama denounced extreme statements in Osama’s new tape but urged voters to listen to the entire message before making judgment

Obama’s speech calls for change in stereotyping “the typical White person”

Hillary distances self from Rush Limbaugh but not from his Operation Chaos: “I can no more disown him than I can disown the crossover Republican voters”

Rhett Butler Clinton and Scarlet O’Clinton’s house in ruins. Plantation empty. New supply of undocumented workers expected soon

Al Gore’s children receive carbon credits for Winter Solstice Holiday

Democrats call for troop surge in the War on Bush

Oh Rhett, what will I do?

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a da*n!

 Finally sweet friends, enjoy this hillarious video from Mercedes’ World  and Darla at Beauty inside & out

 here it is:


  1. lol..woohoo good one Ang! 🙂

    Have to thank Lofter for this one, I just added the photos and stuff at bottom. Now another week is upon us..back to serious…

  2. “I could throw those three idiots out the window and make 300,000,000 people very happy!”

    I totally agree. In the beginning, we had such a promising field of candidates, but ended up with these 3 bozos.

    Welcome, I ditto your comment.

  3. I enjoyed the joke.

    Thanks and welcome, in today’s climate, we need to laugh now and then.

  4. Heh…nice ones Angie. Especially the one about throwing the three of them out of the window of the plane! *allows self luxury of a bit of a daydream…snaps out of it*

    read it in a comment by lofter, ‘life at the foot of the stairs.’ Thought it was funny and woud be good for my Sunday Funnies.. love your last statement..I can totally relate. LOL!

  5. LOL on the Tom Cruise comment.

    THanks for the shout out.

    P.S. My link is wrong (it’s

    dang, I am going to have to check those things..Sorry.. will correct. Glad you got a laugh.

  6. They say that it’s not a good deal unless everyone walks away from the table a little dissatisfied. Maybe that’s how electing a president is too?

  7. Sort of, Duh… but electing a president is more like getting to choose which thief is gonna rob you… everybody limps away really dissatisfied before it’s over! It’s time that we started demanding the TRUTH and not accepting anything less. The two-party system in this country is screwed to the hilt… and it doesn’t matter which bozo gets elected president – it’s the congress that won’t do anything to change the status quo. Always has been.
    And it always will be until the sheeple decide to actually do something about it. I can’t remember who said it, but I think this quote applies… “People shouldn’t fear the government. Government should fear the people.” Be nice if that were reality.

    Sorry… that’s not too funny, huh…

    Know you are speaking to Duh, but agree it would be nice if that last line were reality.Also the 2 party system is screwed to the hilt…and congress? they are a joke too. just saying my 2 cents.

  8. “To avoid scorn and ridicule, Tom Cruise converts to Islam..”

    I like that one, it’s true, if he reverts to Islam, it’ll be hands of Tom, wouldn’t want a fatwa coming their way.

  9. I agree with you completely Lofter. I think that most of the issues that Dems. and Reps. fight about could be resolved if it wasn’t in the interests of the parties to keep them unresolved.

    The fact that one side feels the need to demonize the other is all just political games and has nothing to do with the issues. (We could discuss the dynamic that causes people to do that, but I’ll digress for Angie’s sake. 🙂 ) None of the candidates are evil people who want to do harm to this country. I don’t think Bush meant to do harm to this country, but some philosophies fail to look more than two steps ahead, and he chose to subscribe to one of them.

  10. Crap, Ange. I hope the guy doesn’t have a permit to carry. LOL.

    Oh heck, Annie, the guy is just gonna carry!

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