Jimmy Carter’s Habitat For Hamas


Carter Fights Apartheid and Killer Rabbits

Carter hard at work as Hamas members prepare to launch fireworks in celebration.

After finishing Habitat for Hamsters in San Francisco, President Jimmy Carter went on to start a new Habitat for Hamas project in Gaza, building new homes for families whose homes were destroyed by Israeli bulldozers in retaliation for suicide bombings.Jimmy Carter says he feels “quite at ease” working with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal. I’ve been meeting with Hamas leaders for years, I find them to be peace-loving people, and they are just misunderstood by bigoted Americans. If Israel would dismantle their system of Apartheid, and meet all the demands of Hamas, everyone could live in peace and harmony.

Proud new homeowner Shaul Thabet says,

 “Israelis bulldozed our old home accusing us of using it as a
base for suicide attacks. I am so proud of my husband.
I am happy that Allah has granted him the chance to be
a martyr. Soon our baby son will follow in his footsteps”.

Habitat for Hamas will help with Hamas families housing problem, despite the group’s stated commitment to the violent destruction of the state of Israel, because you can’t always get prerequisites adopted by other people before you even grovel and beg.Habitat for Hamas has shown that building homes does more than put a roof over someone’s head. It also provides them a environment for training, planning, and executing missions.As a world peacemaker Jimmy Carter knows good, honest, well intentioned people when he sees them.

Whether it be Rhodesia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, or North Korea, Jimmy is able to highlight the errors of American foreign policy and show the world that thugs, dictators, despots, and fascists are people too.Please support us in our efforts to legitimize Hamas, they are much more than just a terrorist organization.

Yeah right and I would like to sell you some swampland.

International Sponsors:
These companies have donated their products and services to Habitat for Hamas.

We at CODEPINK strongly believe in Habitat for Hamas’s mission to undermine Bush and America.

AIR-AFAT Heating and Cooling is a palestinian company founded in 1959. Profits are held in a Swiss bank account rainy day fund for the benefit of all Palestinians.

INTIFADA Floor Covering supports Habitat for Hamas, for together we will drive Israel into the sea.

KATUSHAS Power Tools made by the same people who brought you KATUSHAS Rockets.

Source;The Peoples Cube



  1. LOL! This is great stuff! Almost as funny as when Carter was president! ROFL!!!!

  2. Great work!..can u stomach Dhimma Carter?!..he is beyond a disgrace Angie!!! 🙂

  3. […] The Sassy Tn’T PoLITicallY InCorrect wrote an interesting post today on Jimmy Carter’s Habitat For HamasHere’s a quick excerptWhether it be Rhodesia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, or North Korea, Jimmy is able to highlight the errors of American foreign policy and show the world that t… […]

  4. You guys may laugh, but one of the reasons Hamas’ violence is tolerated by so many Palestinians is because of their charity programs. The day after an attack those guys are out rebuilding their homes. If your a Palestinian, I bet it would be hard to hate them even if you knew they were evil. Really hard.

    I’ll bet it would be just as hard for some of you guys to hate our government even if you knew they did some evil stuff.

    Not laughing..I do question their motives in rebuilding their homes..if it came from their heart or wanting their support for a terroist group.

    It would be hard to hate our government as I think of it as the American people and our hard fought for Constitution and Bill of Rights..Now the political leaders..that’s another story..I do know they have done what I consider evil..hate may be too strong a word,prefer lost my respect, self serving, yada,yada, of course, if they keep pushing me, I might get there. ya just never know.

  5. What a jackass, carter i mean. Leave him over there, i say, loser.

    Could not believe he went over there to talk with a terroist group like Hamas..anyhoo thought this was a fun way to present it. Some in his own party have denounced him.

  6. Hamas? Peaceloving??? Is he for real? Someone ought to muzzle that man and sit him on an island somewhere. How dare he call Americans bigoted because they want to stand up for what’s right. Another excellent post, Angie.

    Thanks Aurora, all humor has a lot of truth, don’t you think in view of his recent visit with Hamas? Thought it was a fun way of presenting it..

  7. Aurora, this is a piece of satire. Jimmy Carter didn’t really say those things. LOL It’s a joke. There is no Habitat for Hamas.

    Duh, I am sitting here ROFL..we know its a joke..are you frustrated yet? sorry I got a warped sense of humor..

  8. I think Carter’s house doesn’t have an attic anymore. Maybe he is concerned that his legacy will be forgotten because the peace he tried in earnest to invoke didn’t last. Maybe he has a grandeous hope that he could bring it by visiting there again. I think his ladder is missing a few rungs, his toolbelt is shy a few tools, yep, a screw is loose. I still admire him for the work he has done after his presidency.

    Love the way you can paint the picture with your words CG. LOL! I admire his work after his Presidency but as you (can’t say it any better) I think his ladder is missing a few rungs, his toolbelt is shy a few tools, yep, a screw is loose.

  9. Yes, if someone doesn’t agree with you they are either stupid or in the early stages of dementia. We get it…

    You guys do realize that this story is a joke don’t you? Not in the Fox News kinda way. In the Mad Magazine kinda way. If you are basing your opinion of Jimmy Carter based on this, YOU may be in the early stages of dementia.

    Aw Duh, of course we know it’s a joke..but many jokes tell a little truth now eh? besides we get to vent our frustrations..:)

  10. What? This is a joke? Are you serious? Geez… there goes another contribution to a fictional organization, all done in the hopes of propping up the puppet regimes of the world so that the rest of us can sleep at night, wrapped securely in the fantasy that Jimmy singlehandedly resolved the “middle east crisis”… I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m deeply saddened by this horrendous realization. *sniff, sniff* Sometimes the truth… well, the truth is just too much to bear.

    Do you think that’s why the network news outlets don’t ever tell us the whole story? Because they’re afraid of sending us all scampering to our psychiatrists for another prescription of valium?

    Actually, the makers of Prozac needed to get their sales up since their clients started taking the generics..lol!

    Nah… 😀

  11. P.S. – Jimmy, if you’re reading this… Think you can drop by the loft this weekend? I’d like to talk to you about starting up ‘Habitat for Old, Fat Guys’… and while you’re here, maybe you can give me an estimate on what it would cost to screen in my back porch.
    What do you think?

    Jimmy told me to tell ya that he would be glad to help start one for guys and gals..and some of the skinny ones out there too.
    Also, he would be more than happy to give you an estimate on your porch..except you would have to pay out the wazoo for it as he only for free for Hamas….maybe someday when he does not have so much on his plate…however if you scratch his back, who knows?

  12. Hey Ange,
    Great post! It may well be that our former president is now finally in his element. It does make one wonder, however, whether or not he really wanted to get our hostages free from Iran all those many years ago. Perhaps he is a reincarnated Palestinian? The man is at best, a p uzzle.

    Hey WC, good point, personally I think he feels that is his element..He is a puzzle. I really admired the way he helped with Habitat after his Presidency but question a lot of his idea’s. I was really blown away with him talking with Hamas.

  13. YOU may know it’s a joke, and I may know it’s a joke Angie, but Aurora quoted the article and then said, “how dare he say that”. Uh, he didn’t say that.

    You say “of course” as if you guys don’t believe a bunch of ridiculous stories. LOL

    I think she realized it was a joke, she just expressed her feelings on things she knows about him..just my thoughts on it..

    To us they are not ridiculous..but then maybe everybody needs to get ridiculous and lighten up sometimes..lol!

  14. I think if she knew it was a joke she would have jumped in and said so. Maybe even added a little haha or LOL to her comment.

    I’d really like to know actually, just because it would prove my point that people will believe ANYTHING they read if it lines up with their way of thinking. If someone hates Jimmy Carter, they’d believe that he’s out there building houses with Hamas just because they WANT to believe it. If people hate Bush, they’d believe that he was on the phone with Osama helping to plan 9/11.

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