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I Confess I watched Oprah’s Television show for many years and usually took issue with some that criticized her.. However, I did not see the show on a daily basis, so naturally a few years ago I was taken aback by some of her comments and guests (of a spiritual nature). I began then to question this woman whom I had at one time greatly admired..I remember with her power to influence so many.I hope she gets it together because she certainly has enough power to take many down the wrong path.

As many others, I thought she did a great deal of good. So when I began to doubt and question and pray for discernment with some of her comments..I was blown away and deeply saddened.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing. but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. Matthew 7:15 We have to be careful my friends, we must investigate for one can read the bible for you..Investigate and ask God to help you understand, If we attended church each week for the rest of our lives we would probably have the equivalent of a kindergarten education in His word. We read other books, we look at the bible and say, I just don’t understand or I don’t like to read, meanwhile we can easily be led whichever way the wind blows..Ask Him to help you..Psalms 32:8 says “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will counsel you and watch over you. Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.” I have to admit, many times in my life I have been like a horse or mule..and sometimes still SLIP that bridle off. John 3:3-2, John 6:63,John 10:1-18, John 10:27-30

Know that New Age doctrine is alive and started in Babylon and that’s another story..actually it is a very old age doctrine..Let’s not be deceived.

My greatest hope for you is that you will  be I bring you Oprah on You Tube and an excellent expose from sources below.. You may comment all you like… I am not here to argue but to inform.. You will have to make up your own mind as to what wind you will follow.. As for me, you know where I stand.

John 14:6 Jesus answered: I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

I would just like to add Oprah, that God is not Jealous of you..He is jealous for you. Imagine a parent that loved their child so much..yet that child preferred the neighbors down the street.. Or your relationship with a husband or your significant other, you believed they loved you and you loved that person with all your heart, you would walk over fire for them if need be..but one day they left you for another..Yes God is jealous for you..Not of You.  

        See this Video on You Tube: click links below to know

                   Oprah Exposed this YouTube video


The World’s “Most Dangerous” Spiritual Guru: Oprah Begins 10-Week

Mar 7, 2008 Oprah is now trying to be the spiritual guru to this nation,” said Keller in and Western and Eastern beliefs, presented in a tolerant,



Oprah Winfrey recognized as part of Holy Trinity–now Quadhead 1:55pm TIME FOR A LITTLE FUNNY

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 1 — Oprah Winfrey has been declared the fourth person of the Trinity, Tibetan spiritual leader reaches out to younger generation

Should Christians Watch Oprah Winfrey? – 1:35pm

A viewer asked Oprah the question, “How have you reconciled these spiritual teachings with your Christian beliefs?” Oprah responded in the following:

The Twisted World of Oprah and Friends

Hat tip WordForIt

Sources: OmegaLetter


If you haven’t heard of “A Course in Miracles” or the proposed “Peace Alliance”, then please pay attention. “New Age” queen Oprah Winfrey is promoting both, and it seems that what Oprah wants she gets due to her financial status and her loyal fans.

Starting January 1, 2008, she began a daily feature on XM Satellite Radio featuring “A Course in Miracles”-one lesson a day. And also, this year, she will have her own television network.

Marianne Williamson has picked up and run with the “Miracles” course, which was channeledto a woman back in the 1960s. In 1965, Helen Schucman heard an “inner voice” saying, “This is a course in miraclesplease take note.” For seven years, she took spiritual dictation from a demon who said he was “Jesus”. “A Course in Miracles” has now become the “New Age” bible.

Here are a few statements from the course:

* There is no sin.

* The journey to the cross should be the last “useless journey”.

* Do not make the pathetic error of “clinging to the old rugged cross.”

* The Name of “Jesus” is just symbolic of all the gods to which you pray.

* The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.

* The “atonement” is the final lesson man needs to learn, for it teaches him that, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation.

This should come as no surprise in these latter days as the Bible is clear that some will not give heed to sound doctrine but rather listen to the doctrine of demons (II Tim. 4:3,4).

But the story of Oprah’s and Williamson’s push for all things unusual and unrighteous does not stop here. Williamson is trying to get a Cabinet level seat as a part of the “Peace Alliance” push by the two women. Check out the U.S. Department of Peace website.

Think about what the Bible has to say about peace apart from the Prince of Peace. It says it will be a futile effort and even bring destruction (I Thess. 5:3). The Antichrist will play off of peace, but Daniel says “by peace he shall destroy many” (Dan. 8:25). Yet Oprah and friends believe this “Peace Alliance” will usher in an era of global peace founded on “New Age” spirituality. They refer to it as a “civil rights movement of the soul.”

We live in strange and deceptive times so to sharpen your discernment, visit our “Spiritual Deception” category at the Web site. As believers, let us thank God for the real course in miracles. It’s called the Bible.

Radio Note: Warren Smith is one of the best expounders on these issues for when he was a “New Ager,” he was caught up in such things, particularly “A Course in Miracles.” Hear my hour with him on “Radio Archives” for February 2, 2008, hour one. He outlines his story in his book, “From the New Age to Amazing Grace” available in my print newsletter and soon on my Web site.

(Jan is the founder of Olive Tree Ministries. To learn more, get her free print newsletter and e-alerts, or to hear archived radio programming, visit her Web site,

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Also visit OmegaLetter

 and this below from Terry Nelson on Abbey-Roads2

“Shame on Oprah!” 

A Christian attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund is blasting Oprah for a show that aired last week entitled “237 Reasons To Have Sex”.  I didn’t watch it, but I did see the ads for the show.

ADFspecial counsel Pat Trueman says it is shameful that Winfrey would advocate destructive behavior on her national talk show. “Shame on Oprah!” says Truman. “There are lots of children who watch the show. Many adults; many, many Christians; she’s got a loyal following because she does have good things on her show.”

But he argues that because of Winfrey’s status, giving a forum to people with what he describes as “anti-Christian” and “sinful” values only serves to popularize such behavior — and that encouraging adultery and pornography can only harm marriages.OneNewsNow


Since when has anyone recognized Oprah as a Christian icon or role model?  She surely produces interesting TV, and does wonderful humanitarian work.  She is well known for her charity, her defense of women and children against abuse, as well as many other causes.  But she is not a saint.

The recent sex show isn’t anything new.  Last year she had Meg Ryan on talking about her work for the U.N. in India.  In the interview, footage was shown of Ms. Ryan talking to under privileged women and girls about the joys of masturbation.  Anyone who ever has watched Oprah knows she lives with her boyfriend, without benefit of marriage;  she’s pro-gay, pro-choice, pro a lot of stuff that isn’t exactly Christian.  She is also anti a lot of evil stuff – but that doesn’t make her an authority on anything – and her show, along with her philosophy is certainly not the gospel.

 desirous of helping humanity – yet her theology is more New Age than it is Christian  

Source above: Spirit Daily      




  1. We are supposed to prove all things, and hold on to the good (1 Thessalonians 5:21). This means we should prove what we believe – not necessarily to others, but to ourselves, not simply taking the word of someone standing in robes behind a pulpit… or from a commentator on television.
    You know, I’ve talked with people who actually believe that, if they support the type of nonsense that you warn us about with this post, they will be helping to usher in the end of times – and, thus, the second coming and the thousand-year reign of Christ. I don’t think that’s how it works! Your absolutely correct. Unfortunately, too many sheeple don’t want to take the time to learn for themselves. They’d rather have Oprah – or one of the many, many others out there doing the same things in different ways – spoon feed it to them.
    Sad but true. Good post.

  2. […] Angie wrote an interesting post today on Church of Oprah ExposedHere’s a quick excerptVATICAN CITY, APRIL 1 — Oprah Winfrey has been declared the fourth person of the Trinity, … Tibetan spiritual leader reaches out to younger generation … Should Christians Watch Oprah Winfrey? – 1:35pm. A viewer asked Oprah the question, … […]

  3. […] Angie wrote an interesting post today on Church of Oprah ExposedHere’s a quick excerptSee this Video on You Tube: click links below to know. Oprah Exposed this YouTube video. The World’s “Most Dangerous” Spiritual Guru: Oprah Begins 10-Week … Mar 7, 2008 … “Oprah is now trying to be the spiritual guru to this nation,” … […]

  4. Even beyond Oprah, there is a need to understand the New Age Movement and other false teachings. Ron Carlson and Ed Decker have a wonderful book titiled, “Fast Facts on False Teachings” which includes the New Age movement. Check out:

  5. Actually, this link defines the book,
    Check out ebay too.

  6. “There is no sin.”

    I’ve said this elsewhere, but when you see that as the starting point, you gotta walk away, hang a left, right, u-turn, first exit whatever, get the hell away from that. That’s enough warning for me.

  7. Should Christians watch Oprah? NO, NO and NO!
    Angie, great and brave post. I’m glad to see you taking a stand. We shouldn’t be watching a lot of the garbage TV spits out. I’ve turned it off and I never watch it. I can’t stand its drone and it’s constant dribble of poison to the soul.
    I blog and I enjoy the sunshine outside and I’ve never felt clearer of mind!
    I had the same opinion of Oprah as you did and did an about face. It’s really not hard to do the whole paradigm shift if we want to think more clearly. Turn the tube off.

  8. Lofter, you are so right. Hard to believe that people think supporting this ushers in the end times…Lot of wierd stuff out there…I don’t think that’s how it works either.

    Thanks Pink Biz for the links..we certainly do need to educate ourselves on this stuff. It has been around forever, but we seem to be awash in it now.

    MK, love the way you stated it..”you gotta walk away, hang a left, right, u-turn, first exit whatever” You are right on little brother.

    Aurora, I don’t see anything brave about this post…but thanks for thinking so..To me, it has to be exposed..too many are under her spell. Such a shame that she has been given so much and using it to further evil in my opinion.. She may not realize that she has been deceived and is being used as a pawn.. who knows? In any case, a lot of sheep will follow her blindly.

    I find myself on here more and more for my news content..the community of blogworld.
    I still watch TV but I am much more selective..I too love the sunshine…wish I lived even further south so I would have it most of the time.. Think you are right, we can think more clearly without TV. An awful lot of it is poison to the soul. Excellent point.

  9. I have not found this to be at all what people are critiquing it like. Maybe I’m not a christian in their eyes, but that’s not really for them to decide, it’s for Jesus to decide (altho I am certainly a believer in Jesus and the cross and my salvation).

    I have learned SO MUCH about myself and how to handle certain situations that I am forever grateful.

    I don’t look at it as a new church or a new God. Just a new way to think about how to handle certain situations.

    Case in point: There is a type of therapy called “cognitivive rehabilitation”. It’s very much based on these principles. And some of those principles are Buddist principles. Does that mean I’m not a christian? I don’t think so….but that’s just me.

  10. Darla, I certainly don’t want you or anyone else to think I think you are not a Christian.
    You are right, it is not for another to decide..I have found you to be more christian than a lot of others who say they are christian.. with that said, I feel it is very very important that we not be misled as Christians.. She does believe there are many ways to God and my belief says there is only one way.. the way of Jesus through the cross.

    I am glad you have been helped, again though as one who does care about you…hear my heart and just investigate for yourself, what the word says and if you feel it does not mean I won’t love you..I will be concerned as I believe it is taking many down the wrong path to a false salvation..

    We all mess up, I am the biggest mess up of all time..So I am not judging you. I just felt I had to inform others of what I have learned in the last few years..Do I want to blog about what’s happening in our world..not really, would love to be led in another direction but at this time I must call it as I see it.. In my opinion, Oprah is using her power and respect that so many of us had and have for her to lead them into venturiing after other gods and their mixmash of reliegion. In my opinion it is very dangerous..It is New Age Religion..I don’t know why they call it new age, it has been around a long time, Ancient Babylon is where it all started.

    Love and hugs

  11. I understand what you are saying, Ang,. I didn’t think you were saying I wasn’t a christian, not in the least. I was just saying in genenal, I don’t think that reading the book/taking the webinar means you aren’t a Christian. Anymore than going to church makes you automatically be a Christian. It just is what it is.

    It’s interesting because I just see this as a self-help book, not as a religious order. It’s too bad it’s taken a turn for the scarey…. (and if Oprah is doing that, then shame on her) but that’s not my cross to carry (I’m carryin plenty of my own thank you very much 😀 ).

    As christians, yes, we believe there is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus and His dying on the cross for our salvation. But here’s the deal that no one wants to talk about – the elephant in the room if you will, NONE OF US will know who is right until we meet Jesus ourselves. And then it will be too late.

    So, we’d best be deciding where we stand (and I’m firmly planted in my foundation and I’ve fought for every ounce of faith I have) because I, and only I, will have to stand before God/Jesus and THAT my friend is where we will know for sure if there is more than one path to heaven.

    P.S. I’m glad you took on this subject. I got an e-mail about it from someone and I didn’t address it with them because they aren’t open to any thoughts other than their own so I didn’t respond.

  12. Thanks, Darla, for sharing your heart. For the record – and purely my opinion only – we already know who is right. Jesus is right. When dealing with the words and actions of others (and of myself, as well), I ask one simple question… does this bring glory to God, or not? I’ve yet to find any situation in which that question isn’t applicable. And while there are usually – I think always – varying circumstances involved, the question is hardly ever a difficult one to answer. While the answer may be different from person to person, if we take the time to stop and think about it, choosing our direction and understanding our motives are much easier.
    No people will ever agree 100%… it’s human nature. But God made each of us different, with a different plan and purpose for each and every one, all interwoven into His majestic tapestry of life. In my comment earlier, I referenced 1 Thessalonians 5:21… if we follow the instructions to prove all things, even if what proves it for us doesn’t prove it for anyone else, we’ve done what the Lord wants us to do. His plans lead us all down our own paths. And, while I have far too often strayed, I’m still very thankful for it. 😀

  13. SHOUTING & SINGING HALLELUJIAH to that Lofter – Jesus is RIGHT!

    My actions via reading the book and listening to the webinar have been more glorifying to God (more peace seeking) that I know for sure, but I can only answer for me and what I believe to be my true motives, which is to seek peace.

    As for the rest of it and what it all means, I dunno….I just know I want peace and this is helping me find it.

    P.S. I need to get dinner going, the webinar starts in 90 minutes and I don’t wanna be late. LOL LOL Sorry, just had to throw that in there (but it’s true).

  14. That Lofter has some sound wisdom, and I agree completely..Jesus IS Right!
    and the scripture he shared about iproving all things 1 Thessalonians 5:21 is right on!

    Thanks for sharing Darla..and Lofter.

    God Bless

  15. Dang, I get in too big a hurry..ya surely know I meant prove all things.. not iprove..LOL!

    Now for my complaint of the day…BAWA ..I want to respond in the same box as the commenters and this theme won’t let me…so ya never know..I may change it again even though I do kinda like it..the theme that is..:)

  16. 1 Thessalonians 23: And may the God of peace Himself sanctify you through and through [separate you from profane things, make you pure and wholly consecrated to God]; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved sound and complete [and found] blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah).

    I think I may just be studyin Thessalonians for the next few days. Thanks Lofter!!!!!

  17. Good stuff, no doubt about it! 😀

    :)…good comment section eh?

  18. I enjoyed reading this post, Angie. I think Oprah’s spiritual philosophy is a bunch of hooey too, but not for the same reason you do, I think. 🙂

    Anyway I thought you guys’ comments were funny since that is exactly how I feel about Pat Robertson, John Hagee, and Smiley Houston Guy. LOL

    I’ve often thought that some Christians are embracing things like this trying to bring about the coming of Jesus, so you’re not alone in that thought, Lofter. The problem non Christians have with supporting Christian candidates for public office is we can’t tell you guys apart! Is it possible that a Christian president would undermine peace talks between Israel and Palestine hoping that he’ll usher in Armageddon? Would a Christian president start a war in the Middle East hoping to get the other countries so nervous that they try to produce a nuclear wea….

    Hey. WAIT A MINUTE!!

    Glad you enjoyed the comments. Bet you are talking about Joel Osteen?
    I like John Hagees sermons..just saying…did you know someone came in his church and fired shots at him a few years ago? He says what he thinks and it is none too popular, I also like Hal Lindsay and Jack Van Impe, Billy Graham and many others…they are imperfect human beings but think their doctrine is sound…imo again.

    It is hard to tell if someone is a true Christian or not…so I go by their voting record that affirms my values, versus what they say, one can say anything. Their record does not assure us always but better than nothing. I don’t think a True Christian President would start a war in the Middle East to make other countries nervous enough to Nuke..imo they would try to prevent..but they would provide a strong defense.
    Help where is this Man or Woman? Dang, just now noticed you were talking to Lofter..sorry.

  19. Nice article (great looking blog too), thanks for that, made interesting (and fun) reading while I should be working!


    Plumb Bathrooms UK

    Welcome Tom, We need a little fun now and then. Thanks, take a break and come back now, ya hear?

  20. We are all “GODS CHILDREN” and all our blood is red…”And into plows turn their swords”…Get with it and stop being petty and jealous!!!

    Welcome here. Uh, who is petty and jealous? 🙂

  21. Wow! What an impressive amount of effort and energy went into this. Good work.

    Why thank ya, Pistol Pete, coming from you I take that as a great compliment.
    How’s it going with ya? See ya soon..

  22. Oprah or any other perceived guru be it of the media type or religious type, should adhere to one simple concept: be true to thy self.

    Oprah has decided that to increase her audience “reach” that she will bring in Marianne Williamson and the difficult to believe Eckhart Tolle. She is simply pandering to her wishes to increase her audience; it has nothing to do with bettering her audience.

    Last night Donny Deutsch of the show “The Big Idea” built around people’s inventions and ideas that are meant to produce millions in revenue, featured Williamson as a guest. Williamson was a fish out of water and her appearance was cut short.

    The perception seems to me to be that our guru be it media personalities or spiritual are concerned about profits of the monetary type as much as being profits.


    Thank you so much for your comments..Welcome and I hope you come back to share your views.
    I think the money and audience share is a huge part..I may be wrong here but I also think she believes it. Would have liked to have seen the “The Big Idea” with Williamson. I forget about that show and I have to say I have enjoyed it when I have caught it..
    Come again

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