The New Constitution of Americas Union

The new Constitution of Americas Union
  by Henry Lamb 


When President Bush and his CANAMEX counterparts assemble in New Orleans April 21 for the 4th Annual Summit of the Americas, they will undoubtedly discuss a growing problem: how to continue denying that they are building a North American Union.
Despite the official denials, the snickering and the ridicule, the process continues.  The President, himself, may be just a pawn in a much bigger game being played by geo-political forces that also do not exist – officially.

Please click on the links below to see proposed Constitution and all the big ole plans they have for us..

These forces have created Constitution for Americas Union.  The bigger game includes six such “unions”, all of which are to function under a “reformed” United Nations.  It is important to note that among all the web sites linked to this Constitution for Americas’ Union, it is impossible to identify the individuals, or the organizations that are responsible for the initiative.  There is only a postal address in Sidney, Australia.

It is extremely significant, however, that several recognizable non-government organizations are identified as “dedicated to helping.” It should come as no surprise that The Clinton Global Initiativeis among these NGOs.  The Clintons have long been advocates of global governance.

Since there is no effort to create a North American Union, or global governance, according to Mr. Bush and many leading pundits, there could not possibly be an official blueprint for global governance produced by the U.N.-funded Commission on Global Governance in 1995.  Nor is there an official U.N. Millennium Declaration that describes – in flowery U.N. ambiguity – the goals of global governance.

It is clear why illegals want open borders…

Thanks to for image above..warning: language not for the faint of heart.

It is now equally clear why the Elite and Corporate want Open Borders..Follow the Money Honey & while you are at it follow the Power baby! Why, we can all be one big happy ‘one world’ with the dough being raked in at the expense of our Sovereignty. 

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Even though U.S. officials pretend they do not exist, these documents are important because they pave the way for the Constitution of the Americas, and the other five global “unions.” They all advocate the same end goal: global governance.  The North American Union is but one, extremely important, step toward this ultimate goal.

The Constitution for Americas’ Union is the most explicit statement of goals yet made public. It is so extreme that a casual reading would likely result in immediate dismissal by Americans who still have some knowledge and appreciation of the U.S. Constitution. Who, in his right mind, would support a document that created a “Supreme Council,” of selected individuals to advise the “Secretary General” of the Americas

This proposed constitution bestows the rights, not only to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but also the right to adequate housing, a job, food, and good health.  It would abolish the concept of taxation, and impose, instead, a system of voluntary giving determined by the wealth and productivity of each individual.  Those who produce wealth would “give” more than those who do not.  Those who do not produce wealth have a government-bestowed “right” to receive housing, food, and living expenses provided “voluntarily” by those who do produce wealth.  To insure that the “voluntary” gifts are adequate, the constitution authorizes the government to impose fees for the services it renders, which may be applied selectively to those who “have”, and not applied to those who “have not”.

The system of governance created by this proposed constitution could not possibly be communism, because the government is advised by a “Supreme Council,” not a “Supreme Soviet.” Moreover, its supreme authority is a “Secretary- General,” after the fashion of the benevolent United Nations, not by a “President.”

Each “system” of government would have a “Supreme Director” of: planning; building and construction; culture and entertainment; education; employment; energy; finance; fitness and health; eco systems; justice; and many, many more.  Each “Supreme Director” would be appointed by the Secretary-General, and would have “sole authority” over all aspects of his domain.

Thanks to Woman Honor thyself  for this photo.

This proposed constitution is a wish list for the utopian one-world government pursued by some for more than a century.  While officials scoff at such notions, the world continues to move closer and closer to the procedures and belief systems espoused by these advocates.  While there may be no “official” connections between this proposed Constitution of Americas Union and the official Security and Prosperity Partnership, many of the goals are the same.

Could we get inside the various working groups, and the various NGOs that support these goals, it would not be at all surprising to learn that many of the individuals are participants in both.  In fact, where discoveries have been made through Freedom of Information investigations, NGOs such as the Council on Foreign Relations, and their individual members, do participate in the working groups and processes of the SPP.

Whether “official” or not, the SPP is moving toward a North American Union that meets many of the objectives of the Constitution of Americas Union.  Mr. Bush, and others, can deny, deny, deny.  All their bluster and ridicule combined cannot erase the clear facts that exist for all to see.  This process will continue to march forward unless we all rise up to stop it.  

UPDATE: My thoughts: All we need now is economic collapse..God Forbid…pray not..but would that not be a way to implement the above speedily?


 And finally, found this link : we will have to read and listen with discernment on this.. I have heard and believe I posted on the Fema camps..these are incredible plans if true.

More information can be found here,  source:WFI with link to The Last Trance” « Grace County



  1. first off..thank u for the thank u on the photo! post on a disturbing trend…if the libs have their way ..our nation will no longer exist !!! 🙂

    You are your posts and photos.

  2. Since when is Bush a liberal?

    Ang, I know you may be able to answer this…
    isn’t there a bible prophecy about a one world government? Is it in Revelations?

    May not be a liberal, but to tell you the truth, don’t see too big a difference in the powers that be or wanta be anymore when it comes to borders and a whole lot of other!

    Yes, there will be a one world government..Revelations and Daniel comes to mind. Seems that many of our politicians in both camps are in favor of it. I be so tired now friend, I will try to find you more on that when I get over this drat infection. I move in! Added a link up there just a few minutes ago that is interesting..fema internment camps.

  3. Angie, great post. Actually I was getting ready to post on the regionalization going on in Europe right now. England is to be petitioned off into several different regions. There will be no more England but a chunk of it will be lumped in with Northern France etc. etc. Even as they’re doing it to the Americas, they’re doing the same thing all over the world. Things are happening at a breakneck speed.
    ‘Duh’, yes the Bible does talk about a one world government. As a matter of fact, the Bible goes into a lot of detail about the whole era in which this occurs and if you’re interested in that sort of thing, you will be stunned at how much of it is becoming reality all around us right now! I, for one, won’t be standing around looking shocked when it happens, but I’ll be waiting for the whole of God’s timetable to be fulfilled!

    Aurora, I linked back to you when I read your post about England in all this.. What a mess eh? Things are happening rather fast..agreed. I am sick about what is happening in England..They are not the country they once were with the explosion of Islam there..I don’t understand why the leaders don’t understand their intent and stand up to them.. I am working on an article about the numbers and their MO when it reaches a certain point..not too swift in keeping up these days..blamed energy..I need the energizer bunny!

  4. […] is going on at a blistering pace in the Americas too, despite the denials. From Angie’s blog, here’s an excerpt. Read the whole thing: When President Bush and his CANAMEX counterparts […]

  5. Hey Angie, the other day i heard some fellow on the radio being quoted as saying there is other life in the universe but it’s most probably of lower intelligence than us, he is sure there were other planets that we could live on and are ripe for colonization. I wish there was one nearby Angie, then all of us can pack up and leave these totalitarian, socialist parasites behind with their leeching and meddling for this new world.

    Hey MK, when you find one..count me in..I can pack up quick!:)

  6. Wow… great post! This is a topic I’ve been discussing for some time now, but one that people seem to just not want to hear. Anyone who thinks the crashing economy is simply coincidence, or accidental, isn’t paying attention. It’s all part of the set up. And, apparently, there isn’t much people are willing to do about it.
    Just ask yourself why the borders aren’t secure… We’re supposed to be under the constant threat of terrorism, and yet our government is plowing full steam ahead to build a super-highway from one end of the continent to the other. Why is that? So the car bombs aren’t detained too long? Just think about it. It’s coming, and sooner than people think.
    And once the highway traffic is routed away from rural areas, the sheeple will be forced to herd themselves to the ‘corridor’ areas in order to find work… it’s being played out in my home state of Texas right now! With more than 85% of the populace firmly against the now infamous Trans-Texas Corridor, the state highway department is still making plans. And those plans include the seizure of literally thousands of acres of what is now private property under imminent domain laws.
    Nothing new, though. Teddy Roosevelt saw this coming over a century ago.
    Superb post! Well done! 😀

    Hey Lofter, welcome over here. That highway is coming whether we like it or not..What’s up with thousands of acres being taken away? I knew about the highway but had not heard of anybody being upset about losing their land for it. It’s the pits! I have never liked it that we had no choice but to roll over when they want to build a new highway.. Know what you mean about people not wanting to talk about it nor do anything about it…Maybe that’s why we blog? 🙂

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