Flight 93 Memorial An Islamic Crescent Pointing to Mecca & Breaking News on Jerusalem



Allows Palestinian security control,
asks Israel to forfeit Temple Mount GO TO World Net Daily

 Flight 93 Memorial An Islamic Crescent Pointing to Mecca 

    Hattip to & by

 Creeping Sharia

…and includes 44 glass blocks on the flight path, equaling the number of passengers, crew, AND terrorists.

This is an official call to action. If the blogosphere can get a vodka ad pulled, it should be able to bring significant visibility to this much more important issue. Sign the petition (link below), forward the link to friends – do whatever you can. Read it all – much more background at end of story.

A group of concerned citizens has been raising alarms about the Islamic elements planned for the Flight 93 Memorial near Shanksville, Pa., for years. And a member of Congress has demanded the National Park Service make changes in its plans.

But there’s been no substantive response, and now the activists say it’s time for the American people to let officials know whether they want to pay for a memorial with a crescent that points to Mecca. The opponents say the configuration comprises a “mihrab,” the foundational point for every Islamic mosque. It also includes a tower designed like an Islamic sundial and 44 memorial glass blocks, one each for the passengers, crew and terrorists aboard Flight 93.

The new petition, promoted both online and on paper, tells the government simply to investigate the design of the memorial, which is to honor the passengers and crew members of Flight 93 who perished Sept. 11, 2001.

I am asking all to sign this petition if you agree that this is not the way to honor our fallen hero’s from Flight 93. I just keep thinking of that brave young man and all the others when he said “lets Roll”. Personally I am thinking…”What are they Thinking?”

The original proposal for the memorial, left, compared to an Islamic crescent, viewed from the same angle. The visitors’ plaza would be where t he star is.     




  1. Done Angie.

  2. Angie, good and important post. I saw this story and was going to post on it myself but got caught up in other stuff and forgot.
    Then I saw the link to it on MK’s Views. I’m really glad you’ve joined the fight. Will sign up myself.

  3. Israel must STOP taking advice from other nations period!..great work Ang on the memorial..how sickening is this all?! 🙂

  4. World Net Daily? That’s the same news outlet that told me that since my son likes soy milk he’s gonna be gay.

    Stay away from the edamame, fellas.

  5. Amazing…. signed it of course. Speechless.

    Yes it is amazing….still waiting for that guest post girlfriend!

  6. Done, girl, well done on finding this story.

    I will be over soon girl!

  7. Hey chica, I just sent you an e-mail you might be interested in.

    Hey girlfriend, Thanks I will check it soon.I appreciate you. That e-mail account is a special one for this and a few other things. Ashamed to say I have not been there recently..bet I do find it very interesting.

  8. In 2001 Islamofascist terrorists hijacked Flight 93 murdering 40 people on board. There were no Islamic people on that flight. There were Islamofascist terrorists. What possible reason could be there for including anything Islamic or anything even resembling an Islamic symbol into Flight 93 Memorial? Inclusion of Islamic symbols memorializes murderers who brought down the plane and is tantamount to spitting in the faces of victims and their families. United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked in 2001. Let’s not allow hijacking of Flight 93 Memorial in 2008. We, as Americans, owe it to the heroes of Flight 93!


    I agree with you 100 percent. Thanks for stopping by and come again. I will come over and visit as I can..Sorry I am just now seeing this. I have had some health issues this past month.

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