America for Sale and the New Pyramid Builders

I don’t know about you, but I find this outrageous! Step by step, they have a plan. Do we? What is our Government thinking? What is going on RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSE? I suppose as I have said , that Globilization is more important to the ‘elite’ than our own country’s economic welfare.or our very freedom and liberty.. Do you suppose when their plan is complete that we will be sent to camps to reeducate our thinking? Or maybe even lose our heads if we do not comply with their beliefs? Laugh if you want..these people are dead serious and they are not going away. They let the little people do their killing. Their money is buying our country. We are slowly bleeding to death! While they intend to destroy us, our thinking is vague…our once great Universities cater and strut to appease, to teach their studies..while your own faith is considered to be of no value..outdated..I suppose they prefer Sharia Law to The laws of God. But of course, there is no discrimination here…of course not…we of the judeo Christian faith do not kill you if you don’t convert .Radical Fundamentalist Islam is PC. ..we are blind , deaf and mute. It is easy now to take over step by step..Money is Power….Power seems to corrupt..and we are scaredy cats.. we cannot be bothered to find out the real issues at stake.. We like our comfort zone.. I  think if we don’t wake up we will be in the Twilight Zone! Of course, that is just me and my radical thinking.

by Edward Cline


A mile-high tower will rise in a desert port town, and Americans will be helping to finance its £5 billion construction cost. It will rise in the town Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, halfway up the length of the Red Sea.
At 5,250 feet, it will be twice the height of another tower being erected in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on the Persian Gulf. A few miles north up the Sea from Jeddah is Rabigh, where about 40,000 workers are constructing the world’s largest petrochemical plant as part of King Abdullah Economic City, itself part of a $500 billion plan to turn Saudi Arabia into a “powerhouse” industrial giant. Other massive construction projects are underway in Kuwait and other Persian Gulf countries.
“By the end of the year,” reported The New York Times in an article, “The Construction Site Called Saudi Arabia,” on January 20,

“this massive city of steel at the edge of the Red Sea will take its place as a cog of globalization: plastics produced here will be used to make televisions in Japan, cellphones in China and thousands of other products to be sold in the United States and Europe. Construction costs at the plant, which spreads over eight square miles, have doubled to $10 billion because of shortages in materials and labor. The amount of steel being used is 10 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower.”

The Times article also reports that,

“Abu Dhabi is planning to spend close to $1 billion for a new museum with the help of the Louvre, in Paris. Dubai’s latest grandiose idea is to build a small-scale replica of the French city of Lyon, complete with residential housing, a museum, a culinary school and a soccer club.”

Americans will be helping to finance these and other massive projects in Saudi Arabia and in the Persian Gulf fiefdoms through their gas and heating oil prices. One important thing to remember about these projects is that they are not strictly “private” undertakings; every one of them is a government project. Strictly speaking, neither Saudi Arabia nor any of the other medieval kingdoms or satrapies in the Mideast has a “government,” representative or otherwise.

Their legislative bodies are purely artificial fictions beholden to ruling families. The only persons who have billions to invest in these new pyramids are those related or closely connected to those ruling families. Michael Corleone’s Mafia crime family pales in comparison to these Middle East oil oligarchies, which have their own tribal codes of loyalty, justice and silence, a morality that boasts its own “whacking” policy against Muslims who “rat” on Mohammed or take Allah’s name in vain, or who abandon the tribe completely, and an inbred contempt for and mistrust of all non-Muslim outsiders.


A similar arrangement exists in Mainland China, in which most of the cadres of the ruling Communist Party own and control the “private enterprises” behind China’s own economic boom. That arrangement is by definition fascist, and accounts for the censorship, brutal repression, and absence of any civil liberties there. In Saudi Arabia and its Islamic neighbors, the arrangement is much more primitive, and intractably religious.
Such as Prince al-Walid bin Talal, planner of the mile-high tower, who bought the prestigious Savoy Hotel in London for £1.25 billion in 2005, reports the London Daily Mail of March 31. Bin Talal is the Saudi who offered former Mayor Rudy Giuliani a $10 million check after the World Trade Center was destroyed by fellow Saudis in 2001. Giuliani promptly returned the check. Bin Talal also is an enabler of Islam in the West, building dozens of mosques in it every year and giving $20 million to Harvard and Georgetown Universities to establish schools of “Islamic studies.”

One can imagine bin Talal’s mile-high tower is his extravagant way of giving a Bronx cheer to the U.S., the World Trade Center, and all those who died in the attack.


 Two British firms, Hyder Consulting and Arup, will tackle the tower project in a joint venture with bin Talal’s firm, Kingdom Holdings. One supposes that is a kind of reward to the British for wanting to de-emphasize the Holocaust and the Crusades, or not teach the subjects at all, in history lessons in the presence of British Muslim students, for allowing Islamic Sharia law to creep up to equivalence with British secular law, and for many other concessions to Muslim “sensibilities.”

Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest oil exporter. “The Persian Gulf countries reaped “$1.5 trillion in oil revenue from 2002 to 2006,” reports the
article. Saudi Arabia and its religious/political rival, Iran, another oil exporter, together are the chief enablers of Islamic jihad against the West.


But vertical pyramids and other vanity projects are not the sole means employed by billionaire Arabs to engineer a hostile takeover of the West. The Times article reports that.
 “Last year…a fund controlled by the government of Abu Dhabi bought a stake in Citigroup for $7.5 billion, while another run by Dubai’s ruler bought a large share in Sony, the Japanese consumer electronics giant. Sabie, a major Saudi petrochemical company, bought the plastics division of General Electric for $11.6 billion, and the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation bought half of Dow Chemical’s commodity-plastics unit for $9.5 billion….In recent weeks, other big banks plagued by losses from the mortgage crisis, like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, have raised tens of billions of dollars from a variety of Middle Eastern and Asian funds, including ones from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.”

 The American Congress for Truth reports an April 1st Human Events article, in “America for Sale to Sharia Sovereign Wealth Funds,” that

“In December 2007, Bourse Dubai, the world’s first and largest Islamic equity exchange, bought 20% of NASDAQ, the biggest U.S. electronic stock market, and ‘rebranded’ it as part of Dubai’s company. The Bourse also got NASDAQ’s 28% of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In addition, Qatar acquired a 24% LSE stake, giving the two Gulf nations control over nearly 52% of the London exchange. On March 15 [2008], Iran, which now dominates the leading 100 Islamic banks – followed by Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and the UAE – announced plans to list a $90 billion energy holding company on the Dubai International Financial Exchange, which is wholly owned by Bourse Dubai.”


 This article, incidentally, was co-authored by Rachel Ehrenfeld, an American, who was sued in a British court by Saudi billionaire Khalid Salim bin Mahfouz for writing a book, Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It, which, among other things, revealed Mahfouz’s role in promoting the Islamic conquest of Britain and Europe. The British court ordered her to pay “$225,000 in damages and legal fees to Mahfouz, as well as apologize and destroy existing copies of her books,” according to ACT for America on April 1st. Mahfouz is a professional libel “tourist,” or terrorist who prefers to extinguish his victims with costly litigation instead of with planes or bombs on vests or in backpacks.

Mahfouz, however, has already made significant inroads by practicing censorship by lawsuit. The most notorious instance to date was his 2007 suit against Cambridge University Press for publishing Alms for Jihad, by J. Millard Burr and Robert O. Collins, also Americans, who detailed how Islamic charities are simply money laundering fronts for terrorists. CUP, as a defendant under British libel law, had to refute the accusations and also limit itself in terms of what evidence it could employ in its defense. Rather than face a sea of Saudi petro-pounds in court costs and legal expenses, which it would probably have been ordered to reimburse Mahfouz, CUP caved in to him, withdrew the book from sale and circulation, agreed to shred all existing copies of it, asked libraries to return their copies to be destroyed, and apologized to Mahfouz.

That whole shameful episode of censorship by lawsuit by Islamic billionaires is reminiscent of the John Wilkes affair of 1763, when Wilkes, a member of the House of Commons, said that the king indeed could do wrong, and was promptly charged with libel by the government and expelled from Parliament. He fought back, however, eventually won over his enemies, and his name became synonymous with freedom of the press.

But, to return to the pyramids and the financial subornation of Western capitalism, what must be understood is that these chunks of ownership cannot be likened to investments by the Al Capone crime syndicate, nor even to a Michael Corleone-style ruse of investing a gang’s takings in “legitimate” business (see “The Godfather, Part II,” for that tactic), although the root causes are similar. These are aggressive moves by a united political/religious bloc, Islam, to influence the course of Western civilization by acquiring financial leverage over banks, lending institutions, major corporations and investors, and finally over Western political institutions, solely and ultimately to advance the Islamization of the West.

And, as statist regulations and controls foster the growth of organized crime at home and abroad (resulting in such programs the U.S.-directed “war” against the drug cartel in Colombia and tribal poppy-growing enterprises in Afghanistan), irrational foreign policies have fostered the growth of regimes and tyrannies fundamentally hostile to the West. Western policies permitted Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members to seize private oil producing property, and, in conjunction with that inaction, the West at home established prohibitive controls on the development of oil producing resources as part of environmental and “conservation” policies. This has resulted in the West’s perilous dependency on the production whims of OPEC and the transfer of enormous wealth to those regimes and tyrannies.


As Nikita Khrushchev once promised that the Soviet Union would ‘bury” the U.S. as an industrial power, Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf neighbors are promising to bury the U.S. as a global competitor. Instead of demanding that it acknowledge the “superiority” of communism, they will require that the U.S. become a deferential handmaiden of Islam, if not an Islamic province itself.
Of course, all those billion dollar projects are undertaken on the premise that the U.S. and the West will not commit economic suicide by “going green” or by becoming fascist, that they will remain viable, productive realms. If the U.S experiences an economic collapse, the Treasury notes, mutual funds and other government instruments held by Mideast financiers will be as worthless as the ones owned by private American investors and speculators.

 Ancient Egyptian kings and pharaohs built over ninety pyramids to house them at death. The new pyramid builders seek to bury the corpse of the West in their own. No one should doubt that Islam – including its kings, emirs, princes, mullahs, imams, its billionaires, its countless mind-stunted manqués, and its homicidal killers – wishes to eviscerate the West, and especially the U.S.

The U.S. and the West should act now to ensure that those mile-high towers, high- rises, and plants remain empty monuments to larcenous vanity, by rediscovering the necessary virtues of self-preservation and self-interest.



Excellent link from Aurora below:


Friends, understand they are serious..Are we? Are we going to be the generation that allows our Country..all that our forefathers fought for to be whittled away step by step..through our apathy? This is not a time to ‘let others take care of it’. We are on a runaway train..where it stops is ultimately up to us. What kind of America will our children inherit?




  1. “The U.S. and the West should act now to ensure that those mile-high towers, high- rises, and plants remain empty monuments to larcenous vanity, by rediscovering the necessary virtues of self-preservation and self-interest.”

    Substitute “Muslim World” for “U.S. and the West” and this could be an Islamic propaganda piece about the World Trade Centers. It’s SO scary that you guys don’t see that!

    What I got from this is that all you Christians that think that this is a holy war are DEAD WRONG. Most of these Muslim leaders are about as sincere as the Christian leaders of this country. It’s not about spreading Islam. It’s about becoming a dominant force in the world economically. They want to be a super power!

    A good example of this is the U.S.’s new strategy in Iraq. The U.S. government is now paying the different factions not to fight us or each other. And they are AGREEING!! If this was purely a religious war, would these mullahs and holy men take blood money from the U.S. to stop? Hell no! They are fighting each other for power. They aren’t trying to convert anybody.

    You could argue that they are only doing this in the short term so that eventually when their wars are over, they can then attack us and all other non-Muslims and convert us. Sure, if their wars against each other are ever really over which I doubt since they’ve been fighting for awhile now. (Awhile=since the death of Muhammad in 632.) I really don’t think they are that broad minded when it comes to the world. Some of the guys running these countries DON’T KNOW HOW TO READ!! They have been educated in Islamic schools/brainwashing centers where education is not valued or necessary.

    Yet here’s another article saying “If you can’t beat ’em, JOIN ’em!”

    Angie says, “of course not…we of the judeo Christian faith do not kill you if you don’t convert” and then goes on to imply that a strategy of peace is not the way to go? This has been a theme in several of your blogs, Ang. Maybe I need clarification on this, but are you suggesting that Christians should react violently? And if you are, in what ways? As a separate entity of the U.S. government or do you advocate a Christian takeover of the U.S.?

    I’m just wondering since the Christian fundamentalists in this country scare me just as much as the Muslim fundamentalists. It would be like the Branch Davidians taking over the country, and Timothy McVeigh would be the Secretary of Defense! WHOA!

    What I am suggesting is that we be informed, stay alert to what is happening and write, call and make a lot of our elected representatives. They need to know we know their record and some are not happy with their performance if that is indeed the case. We need to exercise our rights while we are fortunate enough to have them.
    They have said many times that they view our ‘talking for peace’ as a sign of weakness. I am saying that we must defend our country from within and anywhere it is necessary. I believe that is what the military is for.
    I am laughing out loud when you mentioned Christian takeover..hmm that might be a good idea.
    Timothy McVeigh? I believe he has passed away in a peaceful manner in the Federal Penitentiary.
    So who can we get to take his place? Sorry, I could just have too much fun with this..

  2. Angie, youve outdone yourself on the info in this piece!..too bad its not on the cover of every local paper! 🙂

    It is amazing how little information is out there and ya gotta become like a detective to get the stuff under the news.. Thanks Angel..

  3. Excellent work, TnT! Funny, none of this was in the segment on 60 Minutes…;-)

    Duh, when I see your name, I barely skim what you write b/c all you “offer” is some bent philosophies, speaking of things of which you have no understanding. As an aside, anyone who would make the claims you have would offer solid citation or at least say where to find the info. I read a blog not long ago claiming what you say and that guy was soundly disproven.

    What do you think, Christians want others drinking the same poison you swallowed? Where do you get the idea that we are not supposed to ‘contend for the faith”? No, we won’t kill you for not ‘believing’ but we don’t have to sit back and allow silly or dangerous rhetoric to proliferate.

    You have the idea that “we can be like God” (New Age), judging from the book you suggested the other day about Mortenson building SECULAR schools. I don’t diss him for trying to help but, as a Christian, it’s all for naught if it doesn’t Glorify Jesus.

    Maybe you’re all set to pray to Allah, but I’m not. Spiritual warfare is real and has been ever since satan also decided he could “be like God”. Where you get the idea that’s not part of the equation is beyond me b/c there are more convoluted ideas outside of God’s Word than I can count. What you “share” is nothing new and certainly not “special”. You’re not even funny, as you seem to believe. You’re just annoying and all anyone can do is pray for you.

    Are you here to reform, educate, change people’s minds? I hope anyone who reads your comments can see immediately that you have a lot to learn before you can attempt any of that. Personally, I do not spend a lot of time on trying to make nonreceptive minds become receptive to truth—it’s not my obligation, it’s yours, and it’s freely available.

    2 John 10,11 “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine [God’s inspired Word], receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds”.

    The media is not going to be the one to inform us anymore it seems..sad because that is how most get their news of what is going on..
    Thank you WFI. I got a lot of catching up to do on everybody’s sites. I am having a hard time getting over this infection, but bet I am all better next week and will be hopping and bopping all over the net.
    You have such well researched information on your site. I could stay over there way too long.
    Big hugs to ya.

  4. “…small-scale replica of the French city of Lyon, complete with residential housing, a museum, a culinary school and a soccer club.”

    Does that include the nightly car burning, police ambushes and no-go zones, i’m thinking not, wouldn’t want anyone thinking the religion of peace isn’t that.

    Well said Word, not that it’ll make much of a difference, but well said none the less.

    Hi MK, gonna bop over a little later.. You know I be loving your style.

  5. Angie, that’s a brilliant piece of writing and thanks for the link.
    I also like this quote which the first commentator picked up:

    those mile-high towers, high- rises, and plants remain empty monuments to larcenous vanity

    I’ve often thought this when I’ve looked at the towering, glittering monuments which beggar belief standing on the glassy shores of manmade beaches in Saudi, that there is a hollow emptiness and, yes, ‘larcenous vanity’ about them. They represent the vacuous spirit of the vanguard of this evil generation in which we find ourselves at this moment of history.
    I for one want no part of it. Even if I were actually paid two thousand dollars a night (instead of paying it as others do) to stay in one of those manmade monuments to Saudi glory, I would not want to do so.
    I’d rather a green field, a mountain and a lake to see the glory of God.

    Hi Aurora, yes it is hard for man to truly imitate the glory of God, The power of the ocean, the mountains..lakes. You have said it well. see ya later on your site..Thanks for the compliment but it pales in comparison to many of you guys.

  6. also known as creeping sharia, or in this case sharia finance…all the same…to the average American who doesn’t know or care to know what Islam and sharia law are, it passes as globalization or mere investments…

    you cover a lot of topics here from libel tourism, to creeping sharia, sharia financing, and more…we cover these topics as well and there are numerous sites dedicated to these threats…that all have one thing in common – Islam

    also it should be noted that the lawyer who rep’d the saudi against Rachel E., also rep’d an al-qaeda chemical factory bombed by bill clinton…and that law firm was one of the largest contributors among law firms to barack obama’s campaign

    Creeping Sharia Blog

    Welcome, I hopped over to your site and found it very informative, Thanks for letting us know about the law firm. I will make a note of it..very interesting..

  7. The problem is too Socialist, they have seen on Islam a new hope for bring their crazy ideals up. Actually Spain gona finance, the open of an Arabist University, on Marruecos, for send, spanish students to learn about the religion of peace to Marruecos. Apart of the new Religius cult law, than gona get off part of the Cristian Church´s of the province of Cataluña. That past week Magdi Allan cancelled is travel to Spain, for our goverment, was negate to displace security efectives, for his protection. And for what seens on other countries of Europe situation is similar, when our politics condem Fitna, instead of protect Gilders right to freedom. About Arab schools is already some years, ago than Arabia Saudi, Marruecos and Arab Emirates, start to buy private schools there.

    Left policians, have seen on sumisión to Islam their chance, to get off what they hate, Cristians, Democracy, Capitalism, lamentabely seens than they not know, than islam to have they on their black list.

    pd: excuse my bad english, not is one of my strenght´s.

    Welcome, don’t worry about your should hear me trying to speak your language..especially with a southern accent.. Come again, your comments are important and need to be heard.

  8. WordForIt,
    I enjoy reading views that I don’t particularly agree with. The fact that you don’t even bother tells me something about how blindly you believe what you do. There is more than one book out there. Maybe you should try reading some of them too.

    Where do I get my info? The paper, the news,, various books I’ve read, etc. If anyone is interested in a particular point, I can look it up and tell them. I didn’t think anyone wanted to read or would read a comment on a blog with a bunch of footnotes. You accuse me of saying things without citations, and yet you claim in your comment to have read a mysterious blog that was disproven. What blog? Who disproved it? Citations?

    Why do you think that I have no understanding? Because we don’t agree? Isn’t it possible that we have differing perspectives and neither one of us is stupid or uninformed? I comment here because Angie let’s me, and because unlike you, I like to see what people I don’t necessarily agree with have to say. The exchange of ideas is good. Good luck “informing yourself” in a vaccuum.

    Did you bother to read the book I recommended?

  9. AlanRo,
    I couldn’t quite tell if you think the Left is submitting to Islam and against Christians. I thought that’s what you’re last line read.

    I’d like to point out that the Left would have NO religion in school. The Left wants a seperation between church and state which protects not only the schools, but the religions as well. When the Right in this country fight to get Christianity into the public schools, it opens the door for other religions to do the same. Just because Christianity is the dominant religion in this country TODAY does not mean it will always be that way, as we’ve seen from the soaring population of Muslims in Europe. If that happens here, will Christians be eager to send their kids to schools that allow Muslim ideals in the classroom. Hardly.

    “About Arab schools is already some years, ago than Arabia Saudi, Marruecos and Arab Emirates, start to buy private schools there.”

    This is happening in every country that has a major Muslim population. Makes you wonder why we are wasting our time in Iraq when the Saudis’, our “friends”, are funding fundamentalist Islamic schools all over the world that teach nothing but “hate America”.

    But secular schools that don’t “glorify god” are all for naught. Sheesh.

  10. Cant speak of what happens on other countries at 100%, but there, i can tell u than left is summited totally to islam, and later work againts cristian faith in name of create a complete aconfesional state. but seens than it only work on one side.

    We have to see how is payed whit public money, pornografic art, about our religion, how politics insult our faith on govern oficial declarations, and of course too, than in the last 4 years, they pulled back to scene, the terrorism, the civil war, ignored the constituion of 1978, some times, and are pulling us to federalism.

    About islam stuff, they are more and huge and dangeorus sect than an religion. There how my english, not is fine, how all noticed already, i would remit u to the declarations of Magbi Allam, who was condened to dead, following the sharia 5 years, ago, and is on special danger, since that past Pascua than he converted to Catholicism. There is and new from the 23 of past month about it,21985,23420244-5005961,00.html
    sorry, but not has find nothing more recent on english about. But on that case, like on much others, we can see how irrational is islam fanatism.

    I know you are speaking to Duh, but I want to thank you for the link. Much appreciated.

  11. AlanRo, do you feel that the entire Muslim religion is fanatical? I wonder because there are many Christian sects here that I feel are irrational and dangerous, but I say that of all Christians.

  12. Freudian slip! Haha! I meant that last line to read I WOULDN’T say that of all Christians.


  13. I dont see jews or cristians, aplying dead penalty has is sayed on old testamend, but see Islam does it everyday how say Quran, and no exist still a islamist religius leader, than condened this kind of acts. ¿How shall them considerate they?

  14. angie – you prob know about the 9-11 memorial that’s been hijacked by islamists…would be great if you could post a link to the petition for your readers

    I immediately went over there and signed it. Yes, I have read about it and was horrified. What are they thinking?
    Thanks so much for the link. I will post it.

  15. Well, while we don’t actually stone anyone in this country, here in the U.S. we do have the death penalty. (Most European countries have done away with this I believe.) We don’t apply it to all the Old Testament sins either, but that’s one of the questions I have about Christianity. If you are willing to follow the bible, why not the parts that are distasteful? I think that some of the people that comment on this blog are moving toward more Old Testament views, and would maybe even entertain the idea of stoning if they thought it would deter the Islamic terrorists.

    Is stoning and other biblical punishments used in all Muslim countries? I don’t think so. I’m not sure if there are any Islamic leaders that condemn these practices or not. The only ones we here about in this country are the extremists. It would be like David Koresh or Jim Jones being a spokesperson for all of Christianity. Not a very accurate portrayal of what most Christians would consider their beliefs to be.

  16. Excellent summary of the end results. What I mean by that is it covers the effects of the global wealth-power shift but not the cause: our lust for oil.

    Take another look at the cartoon. Next imagine that every gas station in the world took only cash for fill-ups. Then imagine that every person behind every counter accepting our cash looked like (and thought like) the teacher in that cartoon. Then consider that in reality the end result of our gas purchases is the same even though the characters and cash are changed to protect the guilty.

    Would we buy any less gas? Cars for Americans, especially suburbanites, are an extension of their body. And like any body part, we need to feed it to give it energy. Every time we open the gas cap we are in effect opening our (secondary) mouth. Stick that gas nozzle in and it’s like sticking a coke straw in our mouth.

    Reading about “effects” is depressing; reading about “causes” will at least get our Western Judeo-Christian creative juices flowing. Personally, I think the internet may be the only hope left to replace the car.

    Welcome Nick..enjoyed your comments..especially “Stick that gas nozzle in and it’s like sticking a coke straw in our mouth”

  17. “Then imagine that every person behind every counter accepting our cash looked like (and thought like) the teacher in that cartoon.”

    I don’t know where you live Nick, but most of the guys behind the counter in my town DO look like that teacher!


    I kid, I kid…

  18. Great post Ang,

    I often wonder if Bin Laden will be lauded by his people in the future NOT because he attacked us because we are “evil” but because he attacked us knowing that we would run to save them from themselves and bring economic stability, a better lifestyle and education. History seems to prove we do this quite often and very well. Imagine if the US hadn’t spent the money or time to do this in the past. The cost and lives lost in the US for wars and clean up after are huge. Are we the only stewards of the world? Should we appoint ourselves as such? How much more money will it take to have no war? Is there such a thing as no war, no violence? Questions, questions, questions…but so few answers or permanent solutions. Nature teaches me that survival of the fittest is the way of the creation, does that mean there is no God? I wonder and then I KNOW!

    Hugs to you Ang, I’m catching up on your posts!

    Your comment ‘because he attacked us knowing that we would run to save them from themselves and bring economic stability, a better lifestyle and education’ IS a very interesting thought.
    Times are strange at best, Thank God for his Mercy and Grace with us. Wish I had the answers but as you can see, I don’t. It all does give us cause to pause…hey that!

  19. Hey Ange,
    Interesting piece. I have seen the photographs of this monstrosity. It reminded me of the ostentatious gaudiness that trailer trash is attracted to.

    Though the thing that this does not take into account (IMHO) is that there are many working so that we won’t be oil dependent forever. In fact, I think in the next ten years we’ll be seeing many alternatives to using oil. The cost is out of control and the speculators won’t stop driving the price up until what happened to the housing industry happens to them. And hopefully it will happen to them soon and the saudis, chavez and the like can eat their oil.

    I suppose I’m a Pollyanna in that I believe in American/Western innovation and believe that some of the best minds on the planet live here and are working tirelessly to find a replacement for oil

    There is already an engine that runs on water – and I think there by even be one that runs on a fuel cell. Hyrbrids are gaining popularity, solar energy solutions, etc.

    While I suppose I don’t begrudge anyone trying to become a super power in the world – as they actually have as much right as anyone else to do so, particularly if their goods and services are in demand – I’m not that worried about these folks. They seem more interested in building shrines to themselves (Think Babel) and flaunting their wealth while most of their citizens starve. And that I think, will be their undoing – their own citizens will turn against them and maybe even bring down those towers. The world is truly accessible to almost everyone these days and people who are being forced to live in fascist countries and forced to live in poverty and despair, always ultimately put their foots down at some point.


    I don’t care what they build, just do not see the reasoning for the US in helping finance it.
    I too believe in Western innovation. Just saw a car that runs on air..yes air. Should be released in 2009.
    Hugs Angie

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