Gore launches $300 Million Campaign


Oh jeez, the economy is foundering, and now we got Gore  trying to force us all to buy snake oil!

Obama’s chickens (gyrating and waving arms about) have come home to roost  

Both Democrats and Republicans often say “follow the money.” If you follow the money on MAN-MADE global warming… you will find  the extreme liberals.

If you ask the biggest proponents of MAN-MADE global warming if they have received or plan to receive personal income because of their MAN-MADE claims, 100% would say YES (followed by ‘what’s wrong with that?’).

I wonder if they ever sell ‘carbon credits’ for 1/2 off. Maybe Al Gore gives a discount if you deposit the funds directly into his Swiss bank account? Slap my face, did I say that?

10 years from now everyone will deny they fell for Al Gore’s nonsense. Until then, we have to live with these idiots spewing their insanity. They sound like a new sect of the Branch Davidians with Al Gore as Jesus and SUVs triggering armageddon.

The far lefties are the only people on earth who play the victim card and scream “CHARACTER ASSASSINATION” when we playback what they just said

 In the Al Gore movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”, we see the famous hockey stick chart as proof that global warming is sweeping the Earth. Time and research has taken its toll on that chart. It is no longer regarded as accurate. In fact, it has been quietly dropped by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

 Now the global warming advocates point to the increase in Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Its up, way up; no argument about that. Our modern civilization, powered by fossil fuels, sends tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere as we generate electricity to power our lights, furnaces and air conditioners,computers, television sets, cellphone and ipods and as we drive gasoline powered cars and fly in airplanes. Our modern standard of living is absolutely linked to CO2. And it has increased in our atmosphere from around 218 parts per million in 1900 to about 375 ppm today. You need to understand immediately that CO2 is a naturally occurring trace element in our atmosphere. For one thing, we humans produce it every time we breathe. Plants and trees must have it to grow. So CO2 was already in our atmosphere before we discovered oil. CO2 is not a pollutant.

The pollutants produced by burning fossil fuels have been largely controlled by catalytic converters, reformulated gasoline, smoke stack scrubbers and other improvements in ignition, fuel management and exhaust systems. Nonetheless, it is in our civilization’s best interest to find ways to eliminate fossil fuels from our lives within the next few generations. But, there is no climatic emergency from our use of them.

The whole climate change / global warming / carbon credits thing is such an incredible fraud. The sad part is: we are buying it!

 The wealthy like Gore and many celebrities can afford to fly around in private jets and spend all they want and pollute while we the people have an economy that is crashing, prices are up and taking most of our hard earned devalued dollars to just get by..and they want us to pay up! This is a campaign as was ‘the movie’ to persuade us that much of this is not natural. In fact, there are as many Scientists claiming the reverse as there is claiming Warming.

Do you think China and many other countries are going to pay up? No, but you and I will and are.

While I might agree that the earth’s temperature has warmed by maybe one degree in the past hundred years, I don”t believe that man or much of our industry is responsible for that. And data indicates that cooling has occurred in the past five years that may wipe out the one degree increase.

For anybody that believes in man-made global warming, I want you to consider just one thing: about 10,000 years ago, glaciers as much as one mile thick covered the northern half of the U.S. In fact the Great Lakes were caused by retreating glaciers like these. Since there was a one mile thick covering of ice on what is now the midwest, how did this melt? Did the Indians cause it? I don’t think we had too many cars or factories running in Michigan 10,000 years ago. The Great Lakes are proof that the earth does go through warming and cooling periods naturally.

Global warming is nothing but politics.

Al Gore

Debut ads in Al Gore’s new climate change campaign feature Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton.
Photo: AP


Source Politico

Former Vice President Al Gore is launching a $300 million, bipartisan campaign to try to push climate change higher on the nation’s political agenda.

The three-year campaign by the Alliance for Climate Protection will begin Wednesday with network television advertising that will include “American Idol” and other non-traditional shows that reach a non-news audience.

Yeah, get our popular shows in there to brainwash us. Wow, what a clever bunch! No longer have to read or hear it on the new..Whoopdeedoo!

The debut ad, “Anthem,” is posted here.

Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton just filmed an ad for the We Campaign, sitting on a couch on the beach. In the ad, now being produced, they say that while they may not agree on many things, they do agree that they have to work to save the planet.

Ahemmmm…..strange …..

 A future couple in the “strange bedfellows” or “unlikely alliances” spots will be recorded soon: Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Well, they could not be more opposite if they tried..Pretty good strategy!

The campaign aims to harness the growing awareness of the climate crisis and turn it into one of the top issues on which voters make decisions.

Oh yeah, that needs to be our top issue with all we got going on..let’s see, insecure borders, economy, terroism, loss of values, loss of jobs while shipping them overseas, losing our freedom and liberty..free speech, possibly gun control. is that enough? oh, and the new race issue..I’m just a typical white person. how in the world did I leave that out?

The ads are being made and placed by the Martin Agency of Richmond, famous for the caveman and gecko ads for Geico car insurance.

Well that explains it…we love cavemen! Dang it sure would be nice if the Scientist that would beg otherwise had the backing and the money to splurge for ads and TV shows…300 Mill, that’s a lot of change, ya know that money could do so much good..like reducing debt… feeding people…ya know we got a food shortage coming because of all this nonsense!

The whole idea of the campaign is to be inclusive and to be bipartisan and to bring people together to a place where meaningful change can happen,” an organizer said. “It aims to be a game-changer in terms of the politics of climate.”

Yeah, bring us together while we huddle hungry and cold…and hot….and ticked!

The alliance already has more than a million e-mail addresses, and the goal is to sign up more than 10 million global warming activists.

Yeah, well people do spend a lot of time on the puters these days…

“For the new Congress and the new president to get something meaningful done, it will take the American people demanding change,” the organizer said.

Yeah we better be demanding change real soon.. the opposite of your change…but just wait until we are broke, hungry…guess we can march…maybe wear pink like code pink or I prefer Fushcia..sure don’t want to get mixed up with that crowd.. on the other hand probably will have to wear what we got…no money honey….Oh I forgot…follow the money follow the money…

In addition to the ads on television, in print and online, the campaign will include a huge grass-roots mobilization effort.

Nothing like grass roots especially when most of them are followers that don’t get it.

“It’s going to be much more of a referential, network-focused campaign as opposed to high-profile people telling you what to do,” the organizer said. “Hopefully, it’s going to be your friends and neighbors encouraging you to get involved.”

Yep, your kid reporting you for waste, having plastic in your possession..heat or air turned up too high or low… gas guzzlers..not carpooling…hey, let’s just all applaud the Nanny state. They know how we should live!

Gore has trained nearly 2,000 “climate presenters” who have learned to give his presentation in their own communities. Some have been trained in India, and Gore hopes to do a training session in China.

I am feeling all warm and fuzzy now…China is going to listen to Gore’s trainers..Why don’t you spend the money on maybe convincing them (you do like to talk) on enforcing human rights? Have you heard about Tibet? What about Chinese prisoners being forced to give up their organs for the wealthy? what about those suffering right now in their prisons for daring to speak up? Why is Human Rights not on anybody’s money agenda right now? Oh, I forgot ..global warming is the mainest of the main thing…follow the money and follow the power.. I also forgot that you said opponents believe in the earth being flat..among other things..

Friends, investigate for yourself..don’t just follow what they say and who they are…both sides in one way or another profit from this. Here’s the deal. Investigate both sides with many scientists.. lay it out..ask yourself why.. and you decide.

My belief is that we are supposed to take care of the earth and environment. We have been made the caretakers of the earth. We are to respect and not waste.. but gang, this is a bunch of phoney baloney! Designed imo to get into your pocketbook big time and cause needless suffering for some, it won’t hurt China or some like minded countries..they laugh at us..they want our economy ruined and us broke! SPENDING $$$ like this is a waste when there is so much more need today in our own country with a much higher priority. i feel the same way with how much campaign money is being spent and we are not yet out of the primarys. What about research on Autism, Cancer? What about..what about????

“These people are going to be the public face of this,” the organizer said. “The vice president has been a part of the creation, but it’s not going to be a campaign that’s heavily focused on him. It will be all sorts of messengers — Democrats and Republicans, high-profile and low-profile.”

Yeah he is a part of the creation of the Internet too! giggle giggle

Just a few links for your pleasure my sweet friends..

1. Solar radiation argument, put forth in a 1991 study was later proven false.

2. Volcano CO2 thing is just false (Otherwise Hawaii would be off the charts

3. “Cosmic rays” don’t have any scientific proof or trend data

4. Lack tropospheric warming was due to outdated data

5. The 1940-1970 dip in temperature was due to industrial Sulfur aersol emmisions


Temperature charts (Based off of outdated and partially faked data

=========General debunking============

RealClimate: “Swindled!”

The Real Global Warming Swindle

C4’s debate on global warming boils over
(Part where Durkin says “You Daft Cock!”)

Good point by point overview of swindled



  1. It amazes me that Gore gets as much credit as he does. “An Inconvenient Truth” does not have a single reference to a scientific source as far as I can tell. It doesn’t even have a table of contents or an index!!!
    Unlike Gore’s book, the following list of criticisms does provide references to peer reviewed journal articles, with links, in case the reader wants to acquire the originals
    1. Gores errors on Kilimanjaro
    2. Gore’s important omission of fact concerning the relationship between CO2 and temperature in the ice cores.
    3. Evidence that Gore’s claimed link between global warming and recent hurricane intensity or frequency is wildly off the mark.
    4. Gore’s claim that drought in Africa is caused by global warming is unsupportable.
    5. His alarmist fear that polar bears are about to meet their demise
    needs some scrutiny.
    Best regards,

    Welcome and thanks so much for the links. It amazes a lot of us that he gets so much credit.

  2. Gore is the only pollutant we need worry about Angie..spit!

    For real, Angel, By the time he heats and cools his mansion, flys in his private jet..he’ll pollute more than the average ‘joe’ out there..but wait..he’s going to pay carbon credits..Whoo Hoo! me spit too! LOL!

  3. First… let me just say that I don’t know where I would be without Al Gore… I mean really, without him, there would be NO INTERNET. I am so glad that he created it!!

    …. now that the sarcasm has left me, can anyone tell me how giving someone money for a “carbon credit” will save the planet? I am being serious now… I DO NOT UNDERSTAND…

    So… I pay someone money and then what? Like how does that make more better air or atmosphere or??? I mean someone please… help me… my poor conservative brain does not understand… does God have a swiss bank account and will he give us better protection? Is that it? No… sounds like the mob…


    I love your sass, PM. Would love for you to guest post anytime,I be liking your style! just imagine… Sassy Duo Tn’Ts…
    Beat’s me..probably just makes it ok for them ‘paying up’ or eases their conscience…Did I say that? I’m with you..sounds like the mob. What are they going to do with the money???? My brain hurts thinking of all the ways….let’s see, give to other countries trying to help them improve their air quality??? bet somebody is getting it in the pocket or the swiss bank!..:(

  4. “Do you think China and many other countries are going to pay up? No, but you and I will and are.”

    And that’s exactly what they want, hinder those who have prospered, because the socialists amongst us would rather everyone remained in poverty than allow those who work to get out of it.

    “The Great Lakes are proof that the earth does go through warming and cooling periods naturally.”

    100% accurate, a commenter at one of the sites i write on remarked that a 100 years ago some volcano erupted and spewed out more chemicals and CO2 that we ever could and we’re all still soldiering on 100 years later aren’t we.

    There is a growing number of scientists who say it’s going to get cold now, either way we cannot control the weather and climate, thinking that us turning off our stupid lights for an hour will somehow change the weather is stupid and incredibly arrogant.

    The other evening i heard that Virgin boss saying global warming was the biggest threat facing us and he said the earth will manage but we humans won’t. Unbelievable, if the earth will survive where the hell are we doing to live then, are we existing in some sort of alternate but connected universe or something. If earth can survive, then so can we, unless we’re stupid and can’t adapt or something. Maybe that’s why liberals are panicking because they’re stupid and are scared they can’t adapt.

    Yeah and you can bet that will be part of the message that they will try to indoctrinate us with….we are all dying….we cannot survive….I heard another one, think it was Ted Turner saying the same thing…HOGWASH!

  5. “Maybe that’s why liberals are panicking because they’re stupid and are scared they can’t adapt.”

    Oh my… I think you nailed it here MK… I mean, these are the same people that can not figure out that they should wear underwear under their mini skirts … or at all… the same people who raise such incredible pillars of society… can’t follow the directions on their “prescription meds” or follow rehab instructions… these are the people who fly private jets to talk to the “little ignorants” about how they should not drive to work by themselves… maybe they are scared because when we do turn to cannibalism in 30-40 years (per Ted Turner) they will be the first to get eaten because they would never ever ever “carry a gun” but they are afraid that their gun totin’ security guards might get hungry!

    You know, where I live, the farmers were just saying that this is the COLDEST (yes… as in COLD not WARM) season they have had and they are having trouble with certain crops because IT HAS BEEN SO COLD… COLD… NOT WARM…. COLD.

    Global Warming = Narcissism… the planet truly DOES revolve around these people… just ask them.

    Global Warming = Narcissism… the planet truly DOES revolve around these people… just ask them. LOL! Myst, cuz it’s so true of them. Don’t ya just love Ted? I mean cannibalism? I could say more but I will abstain..:)

  6. OBTW – After all the crochographs… it really really makes me want to carry antibacterial wipes with me… who knows what you sit on in restaurants and bars…


    That’s right girlfriend, ya just never know what you are gonna get! so get the wipes out! ROFL!

  7. I like your opening line, Angie. Snake oil it is. The Democrats as a group have spent far, far more on campaigning this election than the Republicans could have ever thought of doing and when you think about the state of the economy as you say, it’s really obscene to think how much money is going down the drain. They’re supposed to be the party of the working class and yet they have the kind of funds undreamed of by the average person.
    Good roundup of links on global warming madness, Angie.

    Unbelievable what they are spending and still in the primarys..way over 300 million I think…and it is not over. Yeah, they all talk a good talk and then tax you to the poor house.

  8. Why is it that everyone that disagrees with you guys is an idiot?
    And you call Democrats “narcissistic”?

    And most of you guys are Christians, right? No judgement here, right?! LOL

    The biggest problem there is in this country politically (and is illustrated beautifully on this blog) is our inability to disagree constructively in a way that encourages both sides to compromise for the good of everyone. Instead both sides try to personally attack each other into the ground. So in essence every argument just becomes a pissing match to see who can insult the other side the best.

    Let’s take Al Gore for instance. Do you guys think that the son of a rich U.S. Senator would do anything for more money? Isn’t it possible that he actually believes what he preaches? If you don’t agree with him, that’s your perogative. When you attack him personally instead of the message he’s spreading, it only weakens your arguments.

    You listed a lot of very important issues that are not being addressed by the candidates. I agree with you, especially about the human rights issues. But the global warming activists think that the world as we know it may not be inhabitable in a few years. All the other issues HAVE to be secondary to the global warming issue (for them) since humanity would be wiped out.

    I would think you of all people would understand their fervor. You, who believe in the bible and have complete faith in it’s contents, are questioning someone else’s beliefs and calling them stupid? I’m sure you don’t like it when people call you stupid for your beliefs.

    Which leads to another problem we have in this country… the inability to see that we are all more alike than we are different.

    It all seems very hypocritical to me.

    Maybe my memory is fading..I thought I called them idiots? So I got a big mouth and can be insolent! I would never tell a commenter that they are stupid or an idiot for having an opinion.
    I will post on what’s happening in the world.. and I will put my 2 cents in and others know where I stand from my commentary on that post.. For sure not all will agree nor will they like it as they have their own views. Btw, have you seen my McCain posts? I tell it as I see it..whether Democrat, Republican, I want a candidate and a party where they share my values.. Don’t really see it happening. So everyone can expect to read on this blog what I consider Bad for the country, bad for the people, in short what I don’t like about what is going on.. I could care less about their affiliation. I have laid off Hillary as Obama & others just made too much news that I don’t like..but I am sure when she gets my attention enough I will post on her too.

    I said I was an imperfect Christian so you can’t say you were not forewarned.Besides, Duh, Maybe I feel it is my mission to inform those that might have missed something in the news. Ya just never know.

    Gore made most of his money after his run for President in 2000. Rich before? Certainly..do they ever have enough? don’t know. Does he believe it? What is he after? don’t know.. But you can take it to the bank that when so many respected acclaimed scientists have renounced it and he keeps on with his mission..there is something.. He is far too intelligent to be that stubborn. Previously he was on this mission along with Mikhail Gorbachev for many years, some say that hurt him with working people at that time. I don’t know if it did or not. I do know people need to know the truth about Global warming. We can all enjoy the 300 mil campaign this next year. Many will buy into it. All will pay for it.

    I allow others to say what they want, unless it contains porn yada yada.. unless they threaten another and they would have me blogging for food if not in jail .. see my blog policy..I got no problem with dissent. In fact, sometimes one might cause one to ponder.. I know how to disagree without being disagreeable..(sometimes & sometimes maybe not so much)! 🙂 I don’t think that is hypocritical. To each his own. 🙂

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one so tired of Gore preachin and riding around in a gas hoggin jet!

    Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton make me wanna gag in equal proportion.

    Me too girlfriend!

  10. Now that I do agree with, Darla. He could easily do his slide show via internet since he’s the one that invented it. 🙂 His wasteful traveling while preaching against the misuse of fossil fuels sort of equates to Ted Haggert’s preaching against gays while… well.. ya know. Ok, I’ll say it… gettin’ a little bootie action. Maybe Gore justifies it by the turnout he gets when he’s there in person? I don’t know.

  11. Maybe I missed something but wasn’t there an incredible lack of oil in the 1970s and didn’t all the hippies beat the drum of change…what change did they make or does it take us 30 years…oh and back then in the 1970s we were supposed to be out of oil by now. Don’t get me wrong, solar energy is what I’m about but rich drum beaters aren’t the ones making the changes…you, me and the average joe that don’t have half the money of those beating the drums…and so it goes.

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