Homegrown Terroists on the Rise and growing




  1. This is soooooooooo disturbing Angie!..how can our govts allow this..i mean seriously!!! 🙂
    btw…this site keeps crashing on IE..so I had to use Firefox~!

    I’m sorry Angel, IE is contrary. Know what you mean,I can’t get on some blogs. The only reason I stay with IE, (suppose if I were not so inept, would switch back and forth) is because my company uses it.. LOL! Perhaps I should switch anyway.. Yes, it is disturbing.. We will soon be overrun by them if the govt does not change its policies on this. Or at least use more scrutiny. I appreciate your perseverance
    in getting over here. Thanks and big hugs!

  2. As deranged about Bush as they are, the lefty media will never admit “terror at home”.

    They hate Bush more than they love America and Americans.

    Sheer madness this Angie, over the years i’ve formed the opinion that we in the west need to lose a lot more before we truly wake up, our short attention span ensures this. I remember a short while ago i asked an American what their top 3 issues where when it came to the coming election. Islamic terrorism and jihad was not anywhere near there, nor was illegal immigration. What we in the west don’t understand is that the world in constantly changing, it never stops. Sure we can throw some money at the Palestinians and try to contain an Iran with sanctions and what not, but that doesn’t stop them from breeding and indoctrinating. In the mean time we’re sticking with small families, abortions and living for ourselves, eventually it’ll bite us and bite us hard.

    Yes, it will certainly bite us and I am afraid, very very hard. It is certainly madness!

  3. Stick with Firefox Angel, IE is a waste of space.

  4. Angie, this is a really frightening situation. The ones I fear most for are the children of America and never more than now as they’re beginning to threaten home schoolers in California. I truly believe they’re sitting ducks in the schools after the fright that went round a few months back about terrorists planning attacks on American schools. Why is the government not clamping down on this much more? It’s almost surreal. The Mexican border is way too porous and they’re throwing the border agents in jail for doing their job. Insane.

    Me too, Aurora, it is the children.. They are sitting ducks, it seems to be falling on deaf ears..bloggers seem to know what’s going on but as we are so TV oriented toward our news, I am afraid most do not realize what is happening so there is not enough noise.. Yes, it is insane! I still cannot believe the border guards are still in jail for doing their job. How sick is that? We really need to shout this from the rooftop! Who would want that job when treated in such a manner?

  5. To stop and think about the evil in this world is mind boggling, thank goodness people like you, Ang can keep us on top of it. What can we do? Prayer, consistantly and continuously write our representatives for change, be vigilant as to what goes on around us. Am I forgetting/leaving something else out?

    You got it covered friend, especially the prayer and making a lot of noise to our reps, telling everyone we come in contact with maybe? It is mind boggling, for sure. I do believe we can make a difference, if not we know we tried..

    Love and hugs to ya!

  6. Hey Ange,
    Thanks for staying on top of this stuff. Like MK says, most westerners are oblivious. They are happier hating Bush than seeing the actual danger under their noses. And sadly, we probably will have to lose much more before we really get it.

    The Bush hatred too is such a matter of shooting the messenger, don’t you think? If they just tell themselves he is evil and lying then they don’t have confront the fact that there is real evil out there and gunning for them.

    MK is in Australia, he has seen his country take away their arms and close to socialism, he knows the signs of losing your liberties and he can see that most of us are oblivious.
    Agree totally WC. with your statements,

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  8. Agreed, writerchick. Looking at what Bush inherited and has had on his plate, he’s had a hard row to hoe, while fending off enemies from all sides. One of my brothers had been going to the Middle East on security missions since the late 80s.

    Which one of the S.American presidents called him a devil and many Americans (media) thought it was funny?

    A guy told me on my Jihad post that we have as much to fear from white boys/Christians, militias, and do I remember Tim McVeigh… Short of throwing the internet at them, I don’t know how to help people like that who think it’s ‘racial profiling’—so be it. You’re right, aurora, if the terroists aren’t enough to fear for our little ones, what they’re being taught is as dangerous!

    Weird to see our own laws used against us, isn’t it?

    Your key word was help people…they just don’t know that you are trying to inform and warn..they want to continue ‘uninformed’ or it is easier to dismiss as the popular ‘racial profiling’..it’s insane not to investigate and seek the truth.
    Yes, it is weird Word for it!

    Love ya! here’s a hug 🙂

    DiXturbing, but outstanding work, TnT!!

    Love & Hugs!

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