Good news: US to spend $23 million on border fence

Found this to be very newsworthy

Item: The US government is forking over $23 million to help build the border fence and calling in the Army Corps of Engineers to assist with construction.Bad news: The money is going to build the border fence in… Egypt.
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Angies DEEEEEEPPPPPPP Thoughts………..or not so deep thoughts. Sarcasm perhaps?
 Some things I could not help thinking :
We will have a border eventually (because of a lot of Americans making noise with their representatives) with a lot of it cameras, etc: Meanwhile with the dragging of their feet, probably millions more here illegally.
Since we owe China so much, could it be that our Social Security and or higher taxes will probably cover it, if not print more money..
Wonder if there is some group  hollering about the ecology? ya know it might interfere with somethings as it does here?
Other Deep Thoughts
 Egypt is going love us! NOT!
Mexico loves us for building them a Southern border fence! NOT!
American citizens loved because the people want a fence? NOT!
Israel loved because of their fence! NOT!
Here’s some positives folks:
 Our leaders like to spend our money where we are hated! Yep!
Nancy P. AND George B. loves it, after all, give em money send a team of Corp Engineers over there and everywhere…
Our candidates Obama, Hillary and Juan McCain love it
America will have cheap labor overflowing..
Americans will have No Effective Timely Border fence
Americans don’t need any say in government spending
Americans way of life bankrupt!
On to globilization and 2 classes, the have’s and have nots!
Excuse me as I wonder if I will need another job to cover the future taxes?
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on Immigration
Let’s face it,
The great leaders of America will only build a fence here because of our insistence. They (bar none) will still implement the guest worker program as they are now calling it.. They are in effect saying “we want their cheap labor”. We want Americans to wake up and realize $$$$ and globilization are more important than quality of life here.
Does anyone really think they care about the illegals? It’s all about the money honey! Now they have no problem spending our money to make ‘other countries’ safer. That hints of a double standard. America last, the rest of the world’s needs must be met..
Be watching, There will soon be a post about food shortage coming…wonder why?
Welcome to the New World Order!


  1. America is paying money to get a fence built in Egypt. I don’t know how to comment on that without using expletives. When will they get it, perhaps when he masses are outside with burning torches and pitchforks.

    I am still scratching my head over this. I do not get such stupidity and the gross neglect of our own people’s wishes. Maybe they are trying to buy their love? LOL!

  2. I am… I don’t… strange sensation…



    No speakie, no talkie, Dazed, glaze over my eyes…mouth open….mission accomplished FROM BIG BROTHER for all of us who have a brain…LOL!

  3. Bad news: The money is going to build the border fence in… Egypt.

    Is this for real???
    It’s almost funny except it’s so tragic. It reminds me of something out of Monte Python or one of those absurd comedies.
    What is wrong with protecting our own people? And our own country? It’s like we’ve been left to the jackals.

    Me thinks they want us left to the jackals. Me also thinks they don’t care what we think! I am stunned.

  4. Angie..I DO NOT believe this!..what is wrong with everyone…pass the kool aid!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    I no see, I no hear, I no speak, I only write…I am dazed..eyes glazed over…make mine cherry flavored..:)

  5. 23 million…fence…Egypt! What the. . . ?!? I don’t mean for my comments to come out like “let me tell you” but I gotta tell you, the US is not the beloved benefactor our ‘leaders” seem to think and I’m tired of them throwing our money around!

    Aurora, your comment reminded me of this quote:

    Faith, like a jackal, feeds among the tombs, and even from these dead doubts she gathers her most vital hope.
    Herman Melville

    All we can do is hope and pray! From what I’ve read, I bet they never build a fence and we are soon going to be looking at the Camex currency. I put the Canadians first in an effort at “out-of-character American humility” but don’t have it in me to put mex 1st. ;-))

    Love & hugs, friends, love & hugs.

    I’m with you. Do ya think it will be Camex or Americamex? LOL! It is utterly ridiculous is it not?

    Love and great big hugs to you

  6. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like I was resigning my post in the revolution to go off ‘just ‘hoping’! My Mama always uses the expression of ‘puttin’ feet on those prayers’, too!

    MK’s idea of torches and pitchforks sounds good—

    Did you see my post recently about Mexicans with dual citizenship voting in the election—from Mexico? Curiouser and curiouser. . .

    You should see and hear me when my eyes come unglazed and my mouth opens, well let’s just say ‘I get mad before I get glad! MK always cuts to the chase.. does he not? Let’s start a campaign to elect him to run the new world.. he be setting them straight right quick.. don’t ya think?

    I think so but I will check again, I may be thinking of something else. I have read so much lately, everytime I think I will lighten up to my true personality, here we go again with something just too darn earthshaking important in my view.. I tell ya, I needed another name for this blog besides this and that.. or whatever.. Who Knew?

    Love and hugs

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