Obama,Hamas,Christians,Liberty and the Cross

       Have a Blessed Easter weekend.  




Saturday  links day:

Very interesting….worth the read..some links misbehaved

but you will find the articles on WND, if not on their

homepage on the right side. The links sometimes go

straight to article and sometimes not..:)

Since I posted this, in trying to correct the links, noticed

Obama has denied being in church when the Manifesto was

printed..what else is new? Maybe he does not go very often

or maybe he has no idea what his church stands for…or

maybe he has very poor judgement. In any case Obama,

some of the blinders are coming off.

JERUSALEM – Sen. Barack Obama’s Chicago church reprinted a manifesto by Hamas that defended terrorism as legitimate resistance, refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compared the terror group’s official charter – which calls for the murder of Jews – to America’s Declaration of Independence.

To which I say..YEAH RIGHT! It is a disgrace to compare such with the American Declaration of Independence!

Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto
Compares charter calling for murder of Jews to Declaration of Independence

Canada What is happening to you? How long

before it comes to America?

In short, this is about a Christian Ministry that can

no longer teach the difference in doctrines of the

Christian faith versus cults, etc: How far is this

going to go? Pretty soon they will be like the

Church in China and how Russia used to be:Tell em

 what to say, when to say and make sure it is

monitored. Punish and torture when you are


CANADA ORDERS Christian Ministry shut down!

 Faith under fire:
Christian school battles discrimination complaint
Suspension over inappropriate behavior leads to claim of racism



 He is Risen

The passion of the Christian
Exclusive: David Kupelian on what it actually means to ‘take up your cross’



  1. Wow. One World Gov’t, One World Religion, One World Monetary System, Military, etc.. It’s all coming and it’s becoming more obvious that the world hates Jesus and we are going to be forced to take a stand.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever been to InPlainsite but I’ve posted some of their material previously:


    It’s a great site for studying some of this and offers a lot of historical background. I’ve been reading there today and am amazed at what goes on right under our noses with people who think they’re doing the ‘right’ thing fighting for demonic powers.

    Speaking of which ;), I keep getting these commenters leaving links to YouTube sermons of JWright and telling me we should not judge OB by his associates. Where was their mother when they were growing up? 😉 “Birds of a Feather”? How can they accept him being in that church for 20 years? One reporter wrote: “Nobody can smoke institutionalized vulgarity for 20 years without inhaling.” Have we forgotten that we don’t use God’s name in vain (for starters) and when did it become okay for a pastor to teach racism rather than “mercy and forgiveness are reciprocal”? How stupid.

    Are people really that unaware how seriously, seriously bad company Louis Farrakhan is? That church has too many “radical Muslim” ties for our good. Can you just see the White House guest list? Do people not think that this is like ‘marrying’ this man and all his ‘associates’?

    I just saw a commercial a few mins ago that said to “embrace the differences in others”. Subliminal messages! I’m all for respecting others but israel’s problems began when they started “embracing” other gods/beliefs. That’s why they were in captivity then wandering around in the desert for 40 years.

    Okay, thanks for the loan of your soapbox, Angie!!

    Love & Hugs.

    You can have this soapbox all you want. Thanks for the link. No I don’t think the majority do realize what some of these people stand for and what their desires are for this country. Yes, it is being pushed at us in every way possible. I too, am for respecting others very much and not judging another, however sometimes you gotta take a stand. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything..:)

    Lots of hugs

  2. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be blessed,

    Hi girlfriend! Happy Easter to you. AND Double blessings!


  3. hey hun!..Hussein obama is toast..watch that racist unravel!…Blessed holiday! 🙂

    I hope so, sweetie, the media is just now getting on what we have been saying forever it seems.

    I hope yours was the best ever!


  4. Happy easter Angie and yeah it would definitely be a relief to hear Obama has thrown in the towel.

    Hi MK, hope your Easter was a blessing indeed!

  5. Rev Wright was jes’ preachin’
    Not jes’ preachin’
    NOooooo NOooooo Noooooo
    He was hatin’ hatin’ hatin’
    Sez’ that’s in “THE BIBLE”
    Now he is complainin’ of a lynchin’
    That is jes’ the truth…..
    The truth….
    Cuz what is done in the dark WILL come to light….

    Now THAT IS in the Bible!

    Obama needs to toss in the towel and SHAME on the press for waiting sooooooo long to start exposing this stuff! What on earth??? Seriously, if it wasn’t for Saturday Night Live they might still be giving him a pass! Good heavens!

    PMyst, I be loving your comments. Girl you are too cool! Yes it certainly will come to light.

    Have you not heard? they want Hillary to throw in the towel..He is focusing on the race issue…yep, that’s what is wrong and why all whites are ‘typical’. LOL! Yes, the press is just now beginning, Fox and ABC. Cnn, NBC AND CBS seem to apologize for having to report it, and try to scurry around it. BARF!! I miss the copy meister on SNL!

  6. Angie, happy Easter. God bless you.
    Happy as I would be to see Obama go, the other alternative is Hillary who is no better! So it’s hard to get excited.
    As for Canada, they’ve been heading in this direction for some time. It won’t be long before we see the same thing in our countries. We’re living in an era increasingly hostile to Christians and Christianity. But the Bible has always warned we would suffer persecution.

    I hope your Easter was blessed and that your weekend was good. I don’t think he will go away. I get so tired of writing about him but he keeps the stories coming.. Now its the race issue..bla bla.. I feel with my heart and soul that you are correct in where we are heading. Yes, the hostility is becoming accepted. Did you ever think that we would be living in the time such as this?

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