Sunday Funnies

Time to take a break and smile after all the Heavies thrown at us this week. 🙂
Launching a Start Up Five easy Steps, toons, stupid, Insane, humor
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Tracker II Tracking Gadget,Find your misplaced gadget
Water Proof Inks,Best Ideas in Shower, Drawing in Bathroom                          







The Other Half is Crazy,Mad World Cartoon
Ain’t it the truth?   

Thanks to dogslol.



and finally, for all us quiz lovers…

You Are Apple Green
You are almost super-humanly upbeat. You have a very positive energy that surrounds you.
And while you are happy go lucky, you’re also charmingly assertive.
You get what you want, even if you have to persuade those against you to see things your way.
Reflective and thoughtful, you know yourself well – and you know that you want out of life.
Dunno that I would agree with the above,  but what the heck?
Thanks to Mercedes’ World for the quiz


  1. I love the cartoons! My best ideas come in the shower too! I will even say that to the kids.:”While I was in the shower this morning, I thought we could…”! They love it! Woohoo~we are both apple green! I am with you-not sure if it fits me.

    Well, I kinda like green apples. LOL!

  2. Yeah it’s true, one does get the best ideas and blogworthy news items at the most inopportune times and quickly forget them afterwards

    Ain’t it the truth? we gotta get some waterproof computers, don’t ya think?

  3. Bwahahahahh those are funny!

    I’m olive green.

    Olive did you say? I will have to check you out girl..dunno what olive means…color for Autumn? LOL!


  4. LOL..too cute Angie..thanks girl! 🙂

    My brains hurt Angel.. I shall have to take a sabbatical or get counseling when Muslems or Moslems whatever take away humor. LOL!

  5. Angie, I’m a sucker for quizzes. Mint green. Actually I don’t like the color itself but the analysis was pretty cool, especially the part about the bright future…heh.

    I am a huge sucker, probably the quiz masters greatest fan.’ Oh well, what can I say?
    I will have to check out the Mint.. glad your analysis was cool..:)

  6. Oh my God, Ange – those cartoons were too close to the truth for me. I’m a technological idiot.

    And me too, apple green. I figured I’d be purple or fushia or something. LOL.


    Can’t be as bad as me..well, it is so nice to meet ya Miss Apple Green! 🙂

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