Hi gang, As you can see I have been out of commission for almost 2 weeks, missed ya blind.

 My good blogging buddy Aurora has sent some links she had on ‘population control’. I remember reading this information on her site and to say I found it appalling is putting it mildly.

The first series is comments on the subject by some so called ‘elite’ of our society. I hope you find it interesting. There will be another following this particular one on (some) Scientists views and how they might quietly put us all away. Yes, ya know we just take up too much space in this ole world, they are getting a mite too uncomfortable with all us mere humans. Talk about an attitude! And I am not talking Patti Labelle!

 What say you?


 by Aurora of the The Midnight Sun 
If you were ever in doubt about the Left’s human hating impulses behind the economy destruction of the GW religionists, behind the massive drive for wide-scale abortion, the Gramscian breakdown of families, the destruction of morals in society, here are some stunning quotes.

Notice that these (all except the last one) are all wealthy, privileged, older people who have lived a full life and who have no problem consigning a child in Africa to death by starvation…or death by other means unknown. I’m sure they would have no problem at all eliminating you or I regardless of your politics.

Prince Philip“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”
Prince Philip, reported by Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), August, 1988. Prince Philip, first President of WWF-UK from its foundation in 1961 to 1982, and President of WWF-International from 1981 to 1996, is now President Emeritus for WWF. He was a founder of the Australian Conservation Foundation and its President from 1971 to 1976.

Dr John ReidOne “human way to reduce the population might be to put something in the water, a virus that would be specific to the human reproductive system and would make a substantial proportion of the population infertile. Perhaps a virus that would knock out the genes that produce certain hormones necessary for conception. … A triage approach will be necessary so that scarce medical resources go to those who can contribute most to the long-term viability of the planet. Consequently, many middle-aged-to-elderly people will die uncomfortable deaths. Not every problem is solvable.”
Dr John Reid speaking with Robyn Williams on ABC radio, 10 December, 2006.
See for full transcript.

Maurice Strong“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialised civilisations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
Maurice Strong, Secretary-General of the UN Earth Summit, June 1992.

Bertrand Russell“…At present the population of the world is increasing at about 58,000 per diem. War, so far, has had no very great effect on this increase, which continued throughout each of the world wars…. War … has hitherto been disappointing in this respect … but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full…. The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other peoples’….”

Lord Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, 1953

Jacques Costeau“This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world populations, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.”
Jacques Cousteau, co-recipient in 1977 (with Sir Peter Scott) of the International Environmental Prize awarded by the United Nations for outstanding contributions in the field of the environment. Quoted from UNESCO Courier, November 1991.

Carl Amery“We, in the green movement, aspire to a cultural model in which killing a forest will be considered more contemptible and more criminal than the sale of 6-year-old children to Asian brothels.”
Carl Amery, Founding member of the German Green Party, quoted in Mensch & Energie, April 1983.


Paul Watson“I got the impression that instead of going out to shoot birds, I should go out and shoot the kids who shoot birds.”
Paul Watson, founder of Greenpeace, as quoted by Dixy Lee Ray in her book Trashing the Planet (1990).


Brower“Childbearing should be a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license. …All potential parents should be required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing.”
David Brower, first executive director of the Sierra Club; founder of Friends of the Earth; and founder of the Earth Island Institute.

John Davis“I suspect that eradicating small pox was wrong. It played an important part in balancing ecosystems.”
John Davis, editor of Earth First! Journal


David Foreman“We advocate biodiversity for biodiversity’s sake. It may take our extinction to set things straight.”
David Foreman, co-founder of Earth First!


Dr Lyall Watson[Cannibalism is a] “radical but realistic solution to the problem of overpopulation.”
Dr Lyall Watson, anthropologist, Commissioner for the International Whaling Commission, as quoted in the Financial Times, 15 July 1995.


Dr Lamont Cole“To feed a starving child is to exacerbate the world population problem.”
Dr Lamont Cole, Professor of Ecology, Cornell University, as quoted by Elizabeth Whelan in her book Toxic Terror.


“The world has cancer, and that cancer is man.”
Merton Lambert, former spokesman for the Rockefeller Foundation, quoted from Harpeth Journal, Dec. 18, 1962.

Ted Turner“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
Ted Turner, media mogul, as quoted in Audubon, November-December 1991.



Jesus Christ“Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Jesus Christ.

A big thanks to Aurora of the Midnight Sun



  1. Is overpopulation not a problem? While I don’t agree with these guys that intentionally trying to poison people or release some bacteria is the way to go, there is a problem with overpopulation in underdeveloped countries. I think that man won’t have to deal with this problem himself anyway. Nature has a way of balancing itself out without implementing some of these ideas.

    Do you know what one of the factors of overpopulation is? Christian missionaries. In an African village pre-mission trip, a woman may have 10 children, but only 1 or 2 would survive to adulthood. Missionaries would come in and establish hospitals and better healthcare and all of a sudden 8 or 9 of this woman’s children would survive.

    Now I am in no way saying that Christian missionaries are bad. They do lots and lots of good all over the world. I’m just saying that sometimes our good intentions have unexpected consequences.

    Some of the statements above seem not so much human hating as being realistic. While they are callous, could they not also be true?

    I don’t understand how pro-industrialism and pro-capitalism equates to Christianity there at the end.

    I agree we have a population explosion. Praciticing birth control, (If it is their choice) is better to me than making death plans for those that this upper crust may find expendable.

    It is a great thing those missionaries did and do. Life is valued and sacred imo.

    The statements are indeed callous. Could they be true? true as far as I am concerned about their feelings of humanity. Such statements show a total disregard for people.

    I am not sure on your last statement equating to christianity. I will have to go back and look at the post.

  2. This is something that too many people are and choose to remain ignorant of.

    Agreed MK.

  3. (formerly mkrules)

    While I agree that overpopulation is a problem, especially considering the strain it puts on our resources, I still believe that having children is a God given right as a human.

    They say 350,000 need to be “eliminated” (is it too truthful to say “killed”?). How many people on Earth die daily of natural causes? I am not educated on the matter, but are they saying 350,000 MORE people would need to be eliminated daily than currently are or 350,000 total?

    Solutions to the population overload could be:

    –>Birth control and educating 3rd world countries on the subject…perhaps even providing free birth control in those countries.

    –>Creating alternative fuels/vehicles. This is becoming more common, but we could do so much more so that overpopulation would not be such a strain on the current resources.

    –>Hey why not stop searching for cures to diseases altogether? (slight sarcasm on this one…)

    Funny how these people are so matter-of-fact about other people’s mass death. How cruel and self-centered can one be??? It is scary that people in power have these views and state them so forwardly and coldly.

    I do see the connection to God in this issue. A moral person (not just Christians) would never suggest we should eat one another, spread world diseases, or steralize one another. We are not animals, insects, or just a problem to be dealt with. We are human beings, however imperfect or even downright dispicable some people are. God is still the judge of our race, and He will judge those who put these plans into place if ever the situation arises. The thought chills and sickens me. When did humans start literally thinking they need to own the entire world? I could go on, but I will spare you…

    Thank you 3h, I totally agree with every word you have said. It is scary that there are those that are so callous about life that to us is sacred and a gift from God. You know, I never dreamed I would be sharing this kind of information but I am so compelled that I must. I have to be careful with my energy health, yada yada, and some of it is sickening but again, I am compelled. I think in my heart of hearts that we are in the last days. Now I know that will be made fun of by some as so many of my beliefs are. Again, so be it.

  4. P.S. Check out this article on overpopulation…

    The beginning of their last paragraph says much to me.”The population issue requires progressive and enlightened social policy, and the individual decision to have an additional child must be made within a global context.” Just what we need, more progressive and enlightened social policy. Yuk!

    Thanks for the link.

  5. “I think in my heart of hearts that we are in the last days.”

    Everybody from the beginning of time thought that they would see the end of the world. I think it’s human nature for us to think that our generation will be the ones to see the end.

    It’s just too ghastly to think that we’re all going to die, and the world will just continue on without us.

    Yes, you are right. The scripture says No one knows the hour or day but it will happen. Seems many of the prophecies are falling into place for it to happen if not in my lifetime, my grandchildrens imo.

  6. Australia has vast, untouched empty spaces. We have a country the size of the U.S. with a population of only 21 million. If we made of our desert what Israel has made of that little sliver, there would be huge stretches of barren land to be made into green pastures using the right technology. I read once that the whole ‘overpopulation’ thing is an exaggeration.
    And even if it weren’t, why is the problem not solved by education and condoms? If the west can be properly educated, so can developing countries.
    As for the poster above who decries the institution of hospitals by missionaries, perhaps you’d like to give up your own hospitalization rights. Just because they’re brown, doesn’t make them any less human than you.

    I believe education and condoms could solve a lot of the ‘overpopulation’. Amazing to hear the size of Australia. I have always wanted to visit there. I understand it is a very long trip. 🙂 Hope you are doing great, will be over to visit a.s.a.p. My laptop blew up yesterday, will miss it terribly as it was so wonderful to have in other rooms or best of all in my bed late at night! Messing with my blogging habits. woe is me! 🙂 LOL!

  7. You know what struck me about the last part of your post. Most of the people pictured who are saying these things are older. So they have lived the better part of their live as they are saying these things.

    Wonder if they have families, what size house do they live in, how many cars do they have, how many trips in airplanes have they made, how many time did they take precautions about procreation, etc. etc. I think they are being glib.

    Instigating a pandemic isn’t necessary, it will happen on its own when nature decides. We might be glad we are so “over populated” after a few natural disasters happen (or even man-made). Why do we humans think we need to control/manage everything?

    It’s my understanding that they live pretty high on the hog. 🙂 Glenn Beck has some good info on some of that with those so involved in the ‘Green Movement’. I am afraid it is as everything else. It’s the little guys working hard to make a decent living or maybe just a living that generally suffer most with all this. The powerful and elite, if you will, pretty much do what they want, maybe pay a carbon credit or two ? 🙂

    I am with you on the last statement. Is that not the truth? Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, Tsunamis, Fires, Wars, who needs to ‘do’ anything about it?

  8. By the way Angie, welcome back!!!

    Thanks, gonna be harder to be as regular since my trusty laptop blew up :)! Must have been just too much hot information in there! LOL!

  9. “Seems many of the prophecies are falling into place for it to happen if not in my lifetime, my grandchildrens imo.”

    That’s the problem with prophecies. They are so easily manipulated. Ever read Nostradomas?

    I think the other problem is that so many of todays preachers teach about the same “prophecies” when, in actuality, they are basing it on scripture that is completely ambiguous. For example, the
    whole “rapture” phenomenon that is all the rage with the kiddies now a days. Unfortunately mainstream Christianity has made up a whole fairy tale about that happening based on a teeny tiny mention of something that could be interpreted any number of ways.

    I’m sure there were some very sincere folks in the 1600’s that thought the world was coming to an end very soon. And the 1700’s. Definitely the 1800’s. What does that tell you about YOUR interpretation?

    ” believe education and condoms could solve a lot of the ‘overpopulation’.”

    Ummmm, who do you think is trying to make sure that condoms aren’t available everywhere? I guess only married people cause overpopulation? Haha

    Duh, I have read about Nostradamus prophecies and I have seen it on History channel. Does that qualify?
    It is obvious we are going to have to agree to disagree. I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe. I am not trying to change your mind or make you or anyone else look foolish. I believe I have tried to be respectful and acknowledge your comments.
    If you don’t want to believe as I do, then that is your right, your business just as all the others who read and comment here.

  10. “Australia has vast, untouched empty spaces. We have a country the size of the U.S. with a population of only 21 million. If we made of our desert what Israel has made of that little sliver, there would be huge stretches of barren land to be made into green pastures using the right technology.”

    This idea is so short sighted it’s laughable. For one thing, there is a reason why Australia has vast untouched empty spaces. There’s either no water or it’s swampy. Sure there are ways to pump water into deserts, but what happens when the water runs out. I live in Southern Texas (which is not even considered a “desert”), and we have water issues here. I’m from South Louisiana so I know about living in swamps too. It takes major resources to build the land up so building is possible. And, once again, it has unexpected consequences.

    As for the U.S., most of that rural land is either forest or farm land. How are we supposed to feed all those people if they are living on the land we use to grow food? I don’t even have to ask about forests. I’m sure that most people here would gladly cut them down to make room for more people.

    So it’s not just a question of where to put them, Aurora. The question is, do we have the resources to sustain them?

    “As for the poster above who decries the institution of hospitals by missionaries, perhaps you’d like to give up your own hospitalization rights. Just because they’re brown, doesn’t make them any less human than you.”

    I didn’t say that, but thanks for willfully misunderstanding me to make yourself feel better. I said that missionaries started hospitals in areas that had a way of life that involved having many children with a high death rate. The missionary hospitals had unexpected consequences one of which is the population explosion of the surrounding areas. One of the consequences of this is starvation for many. I doubt that you want these people to starve, but the system you see as so humane causes this. Why do you want brown people to starve? Why do you hate them?

    (FYI, that is a rhetorical question. I don’t think you are a racist or hate brown people just because I disagree with you. It would be nice if you extended that same courtesy to others.)

  11. If you don’t want another point of view, I’ll go away. I would like to know the reasons that you believe as you do, but you won’t answer except to say “I believe what I believe”. That’s not a very good answer!

    Why do you say that you haven’t been disrespectful? Obviously you haven’t, you’ve been very nice. Do you want to be disrespectful or are you implying that I have? I don’t know what you mean.

    Everybody is certainly entitled to their opinion, but I like to know why people think like they do. I don’t mean to be threatening to you or to any of your commentors. Am I overstepping my bounds by challenging an opinion I don’t agree with? I would think that if someone is grown up enough to have opinions about social and political issues, they could also explain WHY they have those opinions without getting defensive.

    I often stumble upon interesting blogs that I don’t agree with, and I’m always surprised when the author doesn’t want to debate or even discuss alternatives to their ideas. Someday I’ll learn I guess.

    Duh, I generalize, You are not threatening in the least.We just don’t agree on a lot of things. So what? A lot of my friends and acquaintances don’t agree with me. Who would have thought?

    I thought I had explained myself about my faith and how I arrived there. Maybe not. I do get very tired with my physical energy being so limited and the so called pacing I have to do. Yuk! So I may not remember what you may even be referring to without going back and rereading. Bear with me on that. I have CRS.
    I would have poofed ya if I wanted you to go away. Again, I generalize and try to acknowledge commenters. I appreciate those that take time to do so, even though I do not always agree with some commenters. I tell them when I don’t agree or when I do.

    With that said, I don’t know what you want. Why I believe as I do? On what? Faith? Politics? I am afraid I don’t understand here as one can surely see what I believe, how I got there is from (remember I could be your Mama, maybe grandmama) is from a lot of life experience, study and I am sure others that I admired have influenced me. I try to keep an open mind. Some things are deeply ingrained in my being. I do as I now think about it, tend to look at the world around me from what I have come to believe about God. I do care very much about people. I believe God loves all of them, even our enemies. How do I justify that? From reading His word from front to back with asking Him questions..spending time with Him.. Now There are always going to be contradictions. We can make it twisted and take out of context. That is why it is so personal.. something that each must thoroughly search with openness and asking Him and reading His word, It comes down to faith. “Faith comes by hearing from the word of God.” Now one could say I heard and had no faith. All I know about this is He says, ” if we seek Him with all our heart, He will be found by us” and I can say truthfully that is what I did. Now It is important for all of us to understand that people will disappoint. We are flesh after all, and flesh is weak. God is the only one who will stick with us through thick and thin. So I guess you could say my politics have derived from my understanding of His word. Does that mean someone who has a different view of the world is not a christian? Of course not. We are all at different places in our life, it truly is a journey. Nobody can say who is a christian and who is not. Again there are many who will say they are perhaps by joining a church or they were raised that way. My view is that it is a personal experience that we each have available to us and then it is up to us to learn of Him.

    When I was very young, I was quite liberal. Then I was a democrat (I am a registered democrat). The democratic party left me a long time ago because of my biblical view of the world so to speak. I am now very much an Independent voter. That is why you will see on this blog news of each candidate that I may or may not think is going with that view. Actually, I think I am now, (even though when I take the political quizzes, I come out as a Centrist) closer to Libertarian than anything else. Again, it depends on the position they take with what I feel based on my faith is right or wrong.
    I actually do not like (as candidates) any that are now before us. Ann Couter was right when she said Hillary is more conservative than McCain. So I am left with a huge dilemma.

    This blog was started because I just wanted a neat place to vent or share. I did not intend to be political. It was a way for me to relax, have fun, read others, etc: I found it really helped with my health condition. I have met some really neat people on their blogs and this one. Blogging is funny in that you really feel you know them and consider them friends. I miss everybody and think I am missing out when I cannot be on here. How funny is that? Speaking of that, there is a legislator in Ky that is trying to stop our anonymity on blogs. I don’t agree with that either. I really don’t personally care who knows who I am, but my family would shoot me as they are convinced someone else would. You would think I had a big mouth or something! 🙂

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