Soylent Green Rising: E.U.Eugenics

Hat tip to  Aurora of the Midnight Sun
Soylent GreenAn excellent blogger I’ve recently come across is Road Sassy. She’s hard hitting and cuts right to the chase. On so many issues she thinks so much like me it’s uncanny. I can’t think of one word to add to this post. She compares current legislative changes going on in utilitarian Europe with the eugenics nightmare portrayed in cult classic, Soylent Green (one of my all-time favorite movies).  Her commentary is brilliant: ( above by Aurora.)

Luxembourg parliament adopted a law late on Tuesday to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide.
This added the Grand Duchy to a small group of countries that allow the terminally ill to end their lives.
The law, expected to come into force towards the summer, was passed by 30 votes to 26. Luxembourg’s media said it was a symbolic defeat for Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker whose Christian Social Party opposed it.
“The Christian Social Party and the Catholic church were against the euthanasia law, calling it murder but we said no, it’s just another way to go,” said Jean Huss, a member of parliament of the Green Party and co-sponsor of the bill.
Luxembourg adopts euthanasia law

Baby killers basically got a two-for-one when they won the right to murder the fruits of their indiscretions . Once the high priestess of Abortion sweet talked her way into the sanctuary, her twisted sister, Euthanasia, sashayed on in right behind her. Predictable. And absolutely chilling when you understand the import of the government dispensing your health care. How expendable are you?

For those too young to have seen the movie Soylent Green, (trailer above) I suggest you rent it. If you vote socialism in (Obama or Hillary), not only will your wealth be redistributed, eventually, so will portions of your body. After all, who wants to waste all that protein? (See the movie if you don’t get it)

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How very Gramscian to devalue life in such a way.



  1. Angie, thanks for the link. It’s pretty dire when we start trying to play ‘God’ like this. We end up with a murderous, calloused society which sees humans as things to be destroyed at whim. We certainly are heading for a dark future with this on the rise.

    You are welcome. I was shocked with the callous statements by some of the ‘so called elite’ that you posted about earlier on population control. I will link to that if I can find it. Thank you.

  2. gosh Ang thats a scarey thought but right on! 🙂

    It is scarey. So many things are nowadays.

  3. I’ve never seen the film. I shall NOW! Thanks for this post. I want to know more about this. thanks for the links! Debi

    Hi, you are welcome, I want to blogroll you so I can visit easier. See ya later.

  4. I once had an argument with someone in favor of euthanasia, i must say it certainly opened my eyes a bit. None the less i see what you mean about doctors deciding who lives and who dies and government encouraging this when we have public healthcare.

  5. Angie, here you go:

    and the most shocking of them all in my opinion:


    Thank you, I can’t wait to read your links. I have been bad, away for nearly 2 weeks. Missed you guys!

  6. Soylent green is people. Yikes. Europe has been on the downtrend for a while now. Seems they are determined to put themselves into extinction.

    Yikes is right. Hope we are not heading down the same path. 🙂

  7. The movie is awesome and should be required in school! (Sigh…. I know… I know…. never!)

    Attitudes toward humanity in general are already changing. A quick scan of the daily news links on any page shows you how little life is valued, kids killing parents because they can’t date who they want or their MySpace access is limited. People killing their kids in revenge… using them as disposable poker chips in some strange game.

    So I have mixed feelings on euthanasia… have you ever been in a nursing home? Not rehab. Nursing home. I have. I don’t want to be in one. You will see people who are kept alive for what? Why? No one visits, no one cares. Just a few weeks ago there was an article about a man who had passed away and his care was so poor in the nursing home he was in that he had maggots in his eyes, bed sores and his catheter was not installed properly so he had terrible infections. So I guess…. instead of assisted suicide, I don’t understand why we don’t let nature take its course. Why keep people artificially alive? Oh… wait… are they insured? Are they some kind paycheck so we must keep them lingering as long as possible with the minimal of care mixed with adequate abuse?

    Welcome to YOUR future medical experience when we have “socialized medicine.” In fact, you wanna know what socialized medicine will be like… think IRS with your health instead of your money. Are you scared yet?

    Now… where did I put my sovient green ration? Damn…

    Hey girl, Know what you mean about the Nursing home. I don’t want to be in one either, It is a terrible place if one has their mind probably ok if one does not have their mind but even that is questionable.

    However I don’t believe in Euthanasia. I also don’t believe we should keep people artificially alive under certain circumstances.

    Love is growing cold is it not? You are right on about that with parents, children and humanity in general.. Wonder if they did a study seeing just when all this began and what caused such a dramatic rise in all these attitudes? Just saying….

    Love your comment “Welcome to YOUR future medical experience when we have “socialized medicine.” In fact, you wanna know what socialized medicine will be like… think IRS with your health instead of your money. Are you scared yet?”
    I’m scared Pink Myst.. I’m nervous as a ‘H’ in church…know what I mean? never knew the government to do anything very well. LOL!:)

  8. I love your blog so much I added your link to my site….good read.

    Thank you so much.. I shall certainly be over to visit more. I have been away for a couple weeks.
    Missed everyone.

    Tried to get to your blog, do you mind sending me the link to your site? Much appreciated. Thanks

  9. “Are they some kind paycheck so we must keep them lingering as long as possible with the minimal of care mixed with adequate abuse?”

    Isn’t it the family that decides to keep these people alive? I don’t think administrators of hospitals are keeping the uninsured alive for the Medicaid money. Maybe I misunderstood this statement?

    “Welcome to YOUR future medical experience when we have “socialized medicine.” ”

    How does this have ANYTHING to do with socialized medicine? You’re going to have to connect the dots for me on this one.

    I have some experience in government run health care. A lot of my patients are from the VA. Yes, they do have to wait for certain tests. Yes, that system is FAR from perfect, or adequate in some cases. But more than a few of the folks I see would have no alternative and are happy to have the chance to be treated at all.

    So for everyone who has insurance and the money to pay co-pays and deductibles who complain about wait times and inadequate treatment under socialized medicine, I don’t have much sympathy. Good for you that you have the money to get treatment. A lot of people don’t and would rather wait for treatment than never get it at all. I happen to believe that it’s our responsibility to make sure that everyone has health care, just like it’s our responsibility to make sure everyone can get an education.

    Money shouldn’t be able to buy everything. Just my opinion.

    The first statement was made by Pink Myst, in jest with a bit of sarcasm. I do not think, no, I am certain she does not think that most nursing homes do that. Is it possible, well, I have lived long enough to know that just about anything is possible in a fallen world.

    Yes, imho, most families in lieu of a living will keep their loved ones alive as long as possible hoping for a miracle.

    Again, I am speaking for Myst on this but I thought it was again a humorous statement on the possibilities of the future with socialized medicine. Does it have anything to do with the post? Well yeah, if you are in the camp as I am that socialized medicine is not good for the country based on other countries experience and again, my belief is that when the government interferes with your choices, examples being restaurant owners being told whom they can serve, No smokers allowed. No transfats, No cussing in bars.. No home schooling.. On and on, how long before they decide how old is too old. How long before they allow scientists to try to change our eye color without our permission? Extreme? Well it is happening and as far as the eye color..that was performed on jewish children in Nazi Germany. I love this country and our constitution and do not want it to go the way of fascism, marxists, communism, socialism or any other than what we have. We are opening the door in my opinion to lose control of our lives and destinies.

    It is the middle class that is struggling today, jmho. The poor should and is taken care of in most cases. I believe no one should be denied medical care and I believe that is why so many hospitals went broke near the border. I had a friend where I used to live whose husband was gravely ill, they had lost their insurance as have many including myself. She was able to get treatment for him. Yes it takes longer and some doctors may not accept you but there is help out there.

    Look, I have had more than enough and I have had plenty of lack. I know what it is to live on both sides. I could share a lot of stories very similar to the movie ‘pursuit of happyness’ or something like that. I bellieve in personal responsibility, hard work and I have done plenty of that since I was about 14. Nobody owes me anything. There comes a time when you pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Now I am not talking here about those who are totally unable. The elderly,children, disabled. I don’t expect the government to tell me what I should be when I grow up and I don’t expect them to pay for my choices. I like our system now where we have choices to rise above. With that said, yes we have a responsiblility as private citizens, and faith groups to help our poor, but not to keep them there. The rich can buy the best health care, that is why so many from other countries come here for our system. Money definitely will not buy everything. Especially health and happiness. I would like to have some big money to test that last statement. 🙂

  10. The comment “Are they some kind paycheck so we must keep them lingering as long as possible with the minimal of care mixed with adequate abuse?” was partially sarcastic but also partially true. Once someone is “in” the system, there is only one way out… there is no hope for a “cure.” My grandfather was over medicated and underhydrated. They made changes to his meds without telling my mother who saw him every week. She could not figure out why his health seemed to be deteriorating so rapidly. Well.. he was going into renal failure which killed him a few weeks later because he was soooo dehydrated. He had great insurance.

    My sister went through a CNA program and worked at a nursing home for a few weeks. She was feeding a “resident” when her “supervisor” walked up and said, “we don’t have time to feed her so slowly” mixed all the food into one big pile of crap and feed the resident huge bites of food that the resident could not work with. My sister would never EVER work in a home again.

    So although it may be the family that initially makes the decision to place them in the home,once they are in the system you don’t get to change your mind (unless of course it is completely PRIVATE PAY then you can pretty much do what you want). So although you may have people who are NOT mentally there, who can NOT breath on their own, who can NOT eat (so they have to be tube fed) who can NOT live outside the support and maintenance of the machines, bottom line is that people get paid for those machines and paid for those full beds.

    What this has to do with socialized medicine is that attitude of the facilities. You don’t get paid more or less based on the quality, you are only paid based on the quantity. You are paid no matter what. If they fog a mirror, you are still paid. If they are doing great you are paid… but you make more by doing less. Less work, less physical therapy, less activities, less less less is more more more. The less you spend the more you make. There is no competition for providing quality care in fact, quite the opposite, you are rewarded for “saving a buck” usually at the cost of someones care.

    Oh, but if we are socialized then there is no profit right? Right! Lord knows that the government doesn’t look to “profit.” Ah… yet they take so much of my money… for being “non-profit” What makes you think they would not be wanting to profit off medicine, or perhaps that is why they are sooooo interested in sticking their fingers in that pie.

    But hey… they do such a stellar job with our social services now… I mean really… the foster system is just “impeccable” – no problems there. Oh and welfare is such an amazing example of efficiency… oh and the current democratic delegate process… pretty fab too… golly gee… why would I worry about socialized medicine. I am sure that they would do a bang up job!

    Oh and the poor DO have health care. Health care in my state is there for the poor and there for those who have migrated here illegally… (or whatever the new PC term is). God help the middle class person who is so busy working the treadmill to supply everyone else coverage.

    Have I connected the dots yet?

    Oh and the IRS reference. Well… a few years ago the IRS almost went away because of their attitude towards citizens. That attitude is the final dot between IRS and socialized medicine.

    Regardless of where health care ends up, money will not, does not and can not buy everything. But I want my money to buy me quality and I happen to be PROOF that I am a better steward of my money than my government is. People who are wealthy are wealthy by choice. People who wait to be taken care of will always get what they are given – what someone else believes they deserve – sadly most will also be happy with it.

    Yes yes… subpar FREE care is far better than high quality fee based care. NOT.

    Myst, if socialized medicine is approved. You can betcha less less will be more more. Great point on that.
    and the middle class remark; God help the middle class person who is so busy working the treadmill to supply everyone else coverage. Soon there will be nothing left, I guess a lot of people only want 2 classes of people Rich and poor. Middle class is choking now just trying to make it. Sorry I coud not acknowledge your comment earlier. Better late than never..hopefully.

  11. I’m not talking about the poor. I’m talking about middle class families that may have insurance but can’t afford to use it. If your choice, PynkMyst is NO care or ANY care, which would you choose?

    “People who are wealthy are wealthy by choice.”

    OK, I choose to be wealthy. Hmmm… nothing happened. This is so not true. How many wealthy people inherited their wealth? Almost all of them. I’m talking about the top 1%. Hell, I’d venture to say the top 5% of the wealthiest people inherited their wealth. That’s why it’s a big deal when a Sam Walton or an Andrew Carnegie comes along. It doesn’t happen very often!

    The system is set up for most of us to just tread water. The conservatives are just really good at convincing people that if they keep kicking and flailing around all by themselves that they’ll get somewhere. Because that’s their idea of freedom.

  12. Well Duh… if the FREE care puts me at risk for being worse off than NO care, then I go NO CARE or do like many others from other countries do and travel to a country that will offer HIGH QUALITY CARE. Which right now is here.

    I do not WANT the government deciding my care. Period. Health Care needs to stay private, competitive, forward thinking and advanced.

    I have been uninsured and still gotten care. Guess what, hospitals take payments, doctors usually offer a DISCOUNT to NOT have to deal with insurance! Even in the worst of scenarios you can get coverage, get help and get care. Even the middle class can get government assistance… sadly they will want you to release most your assets, lower your income and become a faithful dependent surf on their system, but they will “help” you if you want to call it that.

    OR you can just work out a payment plan with your health care provider, hospital and so on. Seek help from family, friends & churches. You know… back in the days when you knew and trusted your neighbor they would bring you a hot meal or two when needed. We helped each other out with a sense of community. Churches are still often the first respond to a crisis, I live in an area that recently had major natural disasters… who was here first? The Mormon Church with their bucket brigade helping to clean up, providing food, water, clothes. DAYS before the government showed up. (Go figure… again… thinking of the AMAZING job that local, city, state and federal government did with Katrina… yeah… I want that team handling my health care…)

    People act like it is a freaking “right” to have heatlh INSURANCE. It is not. It is a right to be provided services for which yes… you do have to pay… or if you choose not too… then I guess the rest of us who are working will cover it for you. No need to thank us. We are used to it.

  13. Oh and by the way. Your comment: “OK, I choose to be wealthy. Hmmm… nothing happened.” You did not CHOOSE to be wealthy. If you did CHOOSE to be wealthy you would put the ACTION behind the decision. Not sarcastically put a “wish” out into the universe and refuse to “work” for it. Choosing to NOT do something is STILL a choice. Your comment only proves MY point. If you are NOT willing to work for it – don’t expect it. Or move to a nice socialist or communist country that will provide you your freebies in exchange for your freedom. Another choice.

    Also, I am not Mormon but really really admire the church for their organization and willingness to help EVERYONE in true Christian spirit.

  14. […] Soylent Green Rising: E.U.Eugenics […]

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