Arch-Terrorist dead, now Nasrallah really miffed,

 Arch-terrorist explodes in Damascus, responsible for hundreds of murder

Nasrallah: Now I’m really miffed; Israel girds for revenge attacks

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan expressed concern Tuesday about recent Israeli targeted killings in the West Bank, saying they amounted to executions without trial and put civilians at risk.Give me a break..You want executions? All ya gotta do is look at the Radical Islamists!
Israel has stepped up its air strikes in recent days, killing several suspected terrorists, after repeated rocket attacks at Israeli towns from Gaza. On Monday evening, Israeli forces fired a missile at car and killed two terrorist members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, including one described as a senior commander.Yeah, they are acting in SELF DEFENSE….DON’T YOU GET IT?
Annan also said he was concerned about “repeated rocket attacks” on Israel from the Gaza Strip, and stressed that both sides must respect international humanitarian law, according to a statement released by his spokesman, Stephane Dujarric.About time you at least mentioned some concern for Israel and acknowledged the attacks against them.“While recognizing Israel’s right to defend its citizens, targeted killings place innocent bystanders at grave risk and amount to executions without trial,” Dujarric said Tuesday.YEP, YOU ARE SO RIGHT…Targeted killings from Gaza on Israel are putting the Israelis at grave risk and many innocent bystanders there too. Yep, Israel best be defending herself.. I don’t see too many results with the U.N.’s peace keeping..DUH!!Meanwhile, Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s associates said he is determined to continue targeting terrorists. The killing of nine terrorists in recent days, the associates said, is a result of recent orders issued by the acting PM.IF CORRECT, I WOULD SAY ABOUT TIME!In recent days, Olmert instructed defense officials to operate against Palestinian terrorists while facing virtually no limitations until Qassam rocket attacks on Israeli targets cease. In the last government session, the acting PM in effect gave the green light to Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and Army Chief Dan Halutz to make use of extensive means in order to assassinate terrorists involved in dispatching suicide bombers and Qassam rocket launchers.AP and Ynetnews contributed to this report.



  1. I cannot even imagine living in such a war-infested and destructive environment. None of it makes any sense.

    I don’t know if you saw the delicious link, “Why do Muslims/Arabs and Jews hate each other?”, before it was buried in what I have saved there (you can still see it if you click on the delicious link) but it is true that all of this goes back to Isaac (Jew) and Ishmael (Arab), Abraham’s sons. Hard for us to comprehend, or maybe not with our own issues between etnicities, and that’s a simplified version, but true none-the-less.

    I wanted to share this article from “OmegaLetter” b/c I think you will find it and Jack’s site quite interesting—he keeps up w/ Middle East, etc. (e-mail for permission to reprint—he’s cool and has never told me I couldn’t!):

    Love & Hugs!

    Yes, it is as if we are watching history unfold, the 1/2 brothers are still fighting and will until the Lord comes. That was a very good link. I saw where you could send an article through email but did not know if that was the link to ask permission. Loved the analogy he gave about the Israeli Palistinian situation. Would like to share it. Thanks Wordforit!

    Hugs to ya!:)

  2. Splendid news this eh, did you hear the BBC said he was a ‘great national leader’ *spit*, those morally bankrupt curs.

    So Nasrallah won’t be there in person, mmmm, that is a shame.

    No, I did not hear the BBC. So they think a kidnapper, a cold blooded murderer was a great national leader? They are seriously being ‘politically correct’ in not offending their muslim population. Huge downfall to any country that goes that route when they are clearly trying to take over the world. Just sayin… I’m spitting right along with ya! Yeah Nasrallah values his life, shame he does not value others lives. What kind of leader is that?

  3. Great post, Angie. It looks like Israel is on the defensive again because this one thug who murdered so many is gone. But as you say, what is new? I think it’s time Israel got a dynamic leader like Bibi and got ready for some serious kick-butt. No matter what they do, the Arabs are out for their blood.

    Yes, Bibi would have Israel’s best interests overall. I do fear for his safety precisely because of that. Sad, is it not?

  4. Well Ange, you know what I say ‘ a dead terrorist is a good terrorist.’ May he and his 35 bagillion virgins all burn in hell.

    Well Annie, That sounds like a good un to me..Yep. imagine they will be awfully hot as they rot! how rude of me..

  5. wow Angie what a well researched post girl!..and yes………..good news indeed!:)

    Thanks Angel. Yeah ,very good news!

  6. Angie, on the one hand, I fear for his safety, but on the other hand, I get a sense of destiny about him and I pray for him. His brother has already paid the ultimate price. Israel so desperately needs men like the Netanyahus more than ever.

    I totally agree Aurora. Israel needs Netanyahus and men like him. It is just that the world seems to hate anybody today that stands up for their faith or God Forbid, patriotism for your country. (as it once was.)

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