American Muslims For Obama

Hat Tip to No Compromise
This causes one to take pause. Inch by inch is how our enemy wins! A friend of mine sent me an email this morning re: Muslim Americans for Obama website. It’s just a reminder that the Muslims are serious about instituting their religious law on us even though we don’t take it seriously!Apparently, Muslims do not understand that our Constitution states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . . . (1st Amendment) Obama who is running for president–the second branch of government to those of you who do not understand the Republic form of government that America operates under, IS pandering to the Muslims! Muslim Americans for Obama has placed this issues and solutions page on their website: click the photo above for the site.

QUESTION: What are issues and recommendations for solutions that are unique to Muslim Americans?

Their response:

1. A Law (Congress does this, buddy–my emphasis) against harassment of a Muslim women wearing Hijab at the Airport, DMV and other public arenas. Next it will be the burkah: gse_multipart31357.jpgIs this insanity or what?


2. Institute a Law (Congress does this, buddy–my emphasis) to allow Muslim Employees to take a hours off from work for Friday Jummah Prayer.

3. Make the 2 Eid’s, recognized National Holidays on Calendars with days off from work. (Congress does this buddy–my emphasis)

4. Optional Halal meals in federal buildings, public schools and colleges. (Congress does this, buddy–my emphasis–why because it takes money and who deals with the budget? Congress)

5. Provide prayer areas suitable for Salah and Jummah, in public and private facilities. (i.e. Malls, Airports, Universities and government buildings.) (Congress does this, buddy–my emphasis–why because it takes money and who deals with the budget? Congress)

6. Organize a Muslim American group to assist in recommendations for US foreign policy affecting majority Muslim countries. We already have that! We already suffer from enough infiltration!

Can you see where this is going? This is Shari’ah Lite which eventually leads to more expansion of Muslim public law. All under the guise of sensitivity towards Muslims. The double speak of the postmodern times. Sensitivity because America, being the melting pot of the entire world, is so insensitive to Muslims! I don’t think so! This is just another example of multiculturealism running amuk, and if we do not wake up, it will run right over the rest of us!

Someone needs to make sure that Obama understands that the federal gub’ment has no business making special provisions for religions on federal property. When have any of us seen:

  • Jews ask for kosher food as an option in federal buildings, public schools and colleges?
  • Jews asking for, let alone getting, special provisions of food prep during Passover.
  • Jews asking federal kitchens to keep the pork and shell fish separated from other foods that are being prepared in these kitchens?
  • No mail delivery on Shabbat and other High Holy days for Jewish and Messianics people
  • Catholics asking for fish on Fridays
  • Catholics asking for chapels with holy water, candles, religious icons, incense, confessionals, baptism tanks
  • Hindus asking for strict vegetarian menus in federal buildings, public schools and colleges
  • Mormons asking for all coffee, tea, and soda to be removed from federal buildings, public schools and colleges
  • Wiccans asking for pentagrams to be placed in their special places
  • Wiccans asking for special federal holiday recognition like Halloween, Solstice and Equinox observations?
  • Buddhists asking for special placement of fruit bowls and Buddhists statutes in federal buildings, public schools and colleges? (We could make the Federal Capitol look like the pantheon)
Did you know that orthodox Jews literally have two separate kitchens, utensils, dishes, and the like separating dairy from meat? Have you ever heard of any Jew asking for and getting the Federal government to allow these religious requirements? Do Muslims really expect the American taxpayer to pay taxes so they can have special “prayer” rooms in public and private facilities. Hello?

First off, private is not public, so if someone who owns a private business wants to spend their money having prayer rooms that’s their business, but if the Federal government thinks that the American taxpayers are going to pay for these prayer rooms get ready for a fight! Airports belong to everyone and everyone pays taxes for them. If airports won’t put up menorahs, the manger scene then get ready for a fight concerning prayer rooms!

Obama needs to get real  serious about the issues and solutions page on Muslim Americas for Obama website, and explain to these Muslims that his administration would not be a party to breaking down our Constitution by forcing the American people to adhere to some Islamic religious law, if not Obama is surely not fit to lead this country because seeking approval like some co-dependent is hardly the kind of president we want running this country!

Remember, right before Rome fell it was a very diverse, multicultural, and religiously pluralist society! Except for the Christians! Because they proclaimed Yeshua (Jesus) as supreme Lord over all of their gods and Caesar too! Which still holds to this day!  Is America heading down this same path?



  1. Between the Muslims who think this way and the illegals, they need to leave our “right to keep and bear arms” alone. . .I’m just sayin’. . .

    Someone much older told me about 15 years ago that we would have war on our soil within 20 years. It’s being set up and I am starting to think “anti-Christ”. . .with the weaponry, there’s no way to survive a world war.

    People are comparing hearing Obie speak with a religious experience, as if he’s Jesus, but they cannot pinpoint substance. A very strange phenomenon.

    I’ll just say that I have not changed my mind from my other rantsssssss about this man. 😉

    Love & Hugs!

    I read that about Obie and his charismatic speechs and no substance, his platform is same as Hillary’s but he would be change….go figure..It is dangerous imo to put too much stock (religious experience) in a candidate that will have power. Remember Hitler and his charismatic ‘religious experience’ mesmerizing the crowds and getting them in a frenzy!

    Love and hugs back to ya!:)

  2. “Remember, right before Rome fell it was a very diverse, multicultural, and religiously pluralist society! Except for the Christians! Because they proclaimed Yeshua (Jesus) as supreme Lord over all of their gods and Caesar too! Which still holds to this day! Is America heading down this same path?”

    I was just contemplating this the other day…I say we are and I certainly don’t want my children to have to pay the price of the fall.

    I hear ya, I feel that we are. As a parent/grandparent, we cannot help but be concerned for them.

  3. And people wonder why I want to live on a farm in the middle of no where, self-supporting and independent. Not to mention well armed.

    <em Nothing wrong with that.. Let’s just hope they don’t take away our right to defend ourselves.

  4. “This is Shari’ah Lite which eventually leads to more expansion of Muslim public law.”

    Yep, that’s how it starts, remember all that furor in the UK over the Anglican archbishop yearning for Sharia, for social cohesion. Everyone was jumping up and down, myself included, we found out later, they already have sharia courts in parts of the UK. It’s the old boil the frog slowly and he won’t know a thing until his vision gets blurry.

    “…right before Rome fell it was a very diverse, multicultural…”

    You know Angie, apparently so was Lebanon, now what a wonderful place it is eh.

    Yes, I agree it used to be wonderful. love the frog boiling comment.

  5. Angie, this is a shocking and very important post. I never thought I would find any other candidate as dangerous as the Hildebeeste and I must admit that I thought a win by Obama would at least get rid of her, but over the last week with the disgusting info coming out about Obama, I’m positive he’s just as bad as her! I’ll probably link to you on this.

    What a mess huh?

  6. Linked into a post on the depraved Palestinians. The last thing we want is for the radical tenets of Islam being woven into our way of life.
    Unfortunately though, Obama is looking imminent.

    His speeches are mesmerizing. If I did not know what I know I would be swayed by him. His message is on time with people geared up for his race making history and change. Reminds me of Hitler’s way with the crowds. Scary.

  7. Let’s start a commune! in the mountains, though!

    Who shall join us? ROFL!:)

  8. I can’t even begin to explain how much Obama scares me. He’s globalist in a bad way, and as much as I never thought I;d say this, I’d rather have Hillary! She’s nuts, yes, but far more moderate than Obama.

    Americans are being blinded by his hollow rhetoric for change – even though he has yet to explain “change.”

    Yes Ryan..totally agree with you on all of it.

  9. I have literally felt sick over the outpouring for Obama to the point of complete disgust. I have to keep telling myself that God is still on the throne, in charge, and He has a plan. Helps to stay grounded. CHANGE, we can all believe in….oh please!!! Anti-Christ in my thoughts too. And I don’t need Oprah or the Kennedys swaying the American vote. They too are blind as to where this is all heading. How I do hope I’m wrong. As for the Muslims, no surprise there whatsoever. I fear survival as ‘One Nation Under God’. We need many people praying more than ever.

    I understand completely where you are coming from. I too, have been sick over this. Yes, we really need to remember WHO is ultimately in charge. It is something that God chose us to live in a time such as this.. who would have thought?

  10. Some Bible prophecy is still yet to be fulfilled before the return of Christ. The Bible is clear about being on guard…and being saved at the time of the 1st Rapture. I’m out of here at that point, not to be left behind. I believe before then, that I must be proactive in campaigning for Hillary. I’ll take her anyday over McCain, he’s just too rigid for me. Funny, I heard Whoopi say that same thing on ‘The View’ last week. I felt I knew what she must be thinking, as I have felt that all along. I also want to hop on the bandwagon with Pepsi One, and use their saying, “WAKE UP PEOPLE”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, there are things yet to happen, but I do believe the groundwork is being laid. I would rather have HC than Obie however, there is not any difference in their platform. You can see their stance on a link on the side called ‘ontheissues’.
    and patriot post. I think I did a post on where they all stood.

    Both are very weak on defense. No, I don’t think McCain will win unless many get behind him. He is rigid but he has been there. MKviews said it well: something like if Iran nuked us or were about to, who would you want at the helm? Who would be better to lead our country in defense of the terror raging in the world today? So faced with that question, I then would have to vote for the lesser evil which imo would probably be McCain unless something changes before the election.
    Sorry for rambling on

  11. Thanks for the feedback, and I’ll check out the link later. I know what you’re saying, but I have reservations about McCain. I at least would prefer Hillary to win the Democratic nomination. I could breathe somewhat easier I think.

    It is a tough time for us all. It has gone way beyond Republicans and Democrats.. who knows, we may have more surprizes by then.


  12. Brilliant work Angie..well researched and spot on!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Thank you, found this over at NoComprimises. His link is on my side bar. He has some excellent work as do you. I do feel that it is important to get this kind of info out to as many as possible.


  13. All I can say is~hhhhhmmmmm! I wish more readers out there would read this. I believe we are in for a change all right! A really scary change!

    I agree girlfriend, change is coveted far too much right now and that alone makes it scary cuz while change can be good, it ain’t always better.

  14. Angie, when you say “Politically Incorrect” you aren’t kidding. 🙂

    I know, it is probably safer for my health 🙂 to be anonymous!


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