Free Speech threatened by CAIR


             Savage shows how.  Stand up, Fight back


Mike Savage and his radio talk show have come under attack by the terrorist worshipping CAIR organization.

  This is not the first time CAIR has attempted violating the first amendment rights of those who disagree with radical Islam.  The CAIR organization also tried silencing author Robert Spencer when Spencer was scheduled to speak to the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) last summer.  CAIR had threatened legal action against the YAF if Spencer spoke. 


This epidemic threat to our free speech is also caused by CAIR’s counterparts on the Left.  For example, Don Imus was a talk show host whose free speech came under attack by leftists at Rutgers University (it’s always a university) and Reverend Al Sharpton for making his “nappy-headed hoes” comment about the all-women’s’ basketball team. 


In Savage’s case, he was commenting on Islamofacism in a way that showed he vehemently disagreed with it.  CAIR falsely accused him of prejudice against Islamic peoples, and wants to remove the Savage Nation from the airwaves. 

Rutgers College did the same to Don Imus, wrongly branding him a “racist” and “sexist”.  In actuality, Imus was merely making a harmless sarcastic joke of the variety he’s always made for years on his talk show.  Though Savage’s remarks were more important for their (justified) opposition to the serious threat of Islamofacism, both Imus and Savage have a right to free speech.  No one can constitutionally penalize them for exercising this right not even their radio station’s owners.  But notice this common unethical tactic the leftists and terrorist sympathizers use: demonizing viewpoints as some form of prejudice, then using that as the excuse for violating a speaker’s first amendment rights.  The politically correct notion of “prejudice” accusations must not fool us. 

One element that permits the problem of silencing people is conformity.  Every female on the Rutgers basketball team stood by in support of their college when those who ran it were calling for Imus’s removal from radio.  Not one female basketball player stepped forward to say, “I may not agree with Imus’s remark about us, but–damn it—it’s wrong to make him lose his job.”  There was no Emily Dickinson on that team that can stand out from the crowd with independence and integrity and oppose the injustice towards Imus.  Instead, the women’s’ basketball team players were immature enough to give in to a petty slight and retaliate maliciously out of a bruised ego.  So each girl stood by silently and allowed others to use them as the excuse for making Imus lose his means of livelihood.  It was pathetic.  Likewise, CAIR’s members were all witting accomplices in a dishonest attack on Mike Savage’s free speech and an attempt to silence him.  While conformity permits the problem of silencing people, passivity of the victims allows the censors to repeat their wrongful act.

Yet, Mike Savage is fighting back.  He has filed a lawsuit against CAIR charging that they committed copyright infringement when they posted his quotes on the CAIR website next to the “Donate” icon for people to hear.  CAIR wanted to use his quotes to raise financial support for their efforts to silence Savage.  Fighting back is the right thing for Savage or anyone else to do when would-be censors oppose their first amendment rights.  By fighting back, people prevent organizations like CAIR from censoring them and thereby protect their first amendment rights.  Let’s hope Savage succeeds and that people follow his example. 

     Furthermore we must not underestimate the greater importance of Mike Savage’s case over others.  That is because Savage is opposing CAIR, a group having radical Islamic leanings and which supports terrorists.  In fact, CAIR was founded by the radical Muslim Brotherhood and has had a number of members convicted of illegal activity.  For example, Randall Todd Royer, Senior CAIR worker, was convicted of being part of a militant Jihadist group in Virginia.  He supported terrorists in Pakistan in training terror mongers to murder American troops in Afghanistan.  This and other CAIR misdeeds are reported at the website.  In short, CAIR is disreputable and untrustworthy, Mike Savage is not. 

     Yet, CAIR’s misdeeds evidence a larger, more dangerous design.  CAIR is the radical Islamist attempt to conquer our country ideologically.  If successful in silencing all opposition to Islamofacism, their terrorist-supporting ideology (i.e. radical Islam) could install an Islamofacist dictatorship in place of a free society—something America’s Islamic terror cells want.  History shows us many instances of a newly dominant ideology creating a different type of social system or government—for good or evil.  For example, the American Revolutionaries’ conception of the Constitution is based on the “natural rights” philosophy of John Locke and others during the Enlightenment.  By contrast, the Nazi regime was based on the collectivist and Thulist ideologies of Nazi socialism.  So fighting CAIR’s attempts to rob us of free speech on a mass scale helps preserve our Constitutional Republic. 

     The way to protect our free speech rights is to support those radio talk show hosts whose first amendment rights are under assault.  Also, in our own sphere, we must not conform to any corrupt, politically correct institution (whether Rutgers, CAIR or any other) when they violate our neighbor’s rights.  If we do so conform, especially through “complicity by silence”,

then our own free-speech rights will be targeted next.  We must vigorously oppose political correctness, express our viewpoint, defend our right to say it,

 and prompt courts and politicians to uphold our first amendment rights

against lawsuits meant to silence us.  Just as gun-rights supporters filed legal motions to outlaw the filing of frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers, we must do a similar thing about outlawing frivolous lawsuits violating our first amendment rights.  This, in part, means holding CAIR and other like it accountable for their violations of the US Constitution.  We must also legally prevent radio station owners from firing their talk show hosts due to their employee’s protection under the Constitution’s first amendment.  If free-speech dies, so does the free marketplace of ideas.  And along with it our liberty.


source: George Koukeas Canada free press

Source The Religion of Peace


  1. Couldn’t see the pics for some reason, but anyway this doesn’t surprise me, lefties will side with CAIR as only the free speech they agree with is free speech.

    I like the copyright angle he is using to stick it back at them, that’s a nice one.

    Sorry ya cant see the pics think wordpress doing some maintenance today. Sometimes that messes with us.LOL! I too like how he is fighting back.

  2. The part that I find most enigmatic about orgs like CAIR, LaRaza, and a myriad of others, is that our gov’t supports such nonsense, not only in action but monetarily. I am going to check on CAIR, but LaRaza is on the current 2008 Pork Project “budget” for $3million dollars, which I consider an outrage.

    Part of what upsets me with all the nonsense is, in writing grants for the past several years, it’s shocking to learn what gets funded while other worthy projects are ignored. As a person not deemed a minority, except that I am female, which actually makes it worse, I am considered racist for raising questions. (???) The past year has been the worst and I have to look very, very, very close at who I’m dealing with. . .

    I apologize for going off on a tangent about Ob last night, Angie, but between his love affair with global affairs (e.g.,he renewed his commitment to double foreign assistance to $50 billion a year by 2012) and evasiveness about faith-based initiatives here at home (for example), I fear his intentions for this country. Things like this will get worse with him and Ted Kennedy, Mr. Hate Speech himself, “in charge”. (You know Caroline had to fall in line w/ Uncle Teddy!) Teddy will die before giving up on trying to get that hate speech bill passed!

    Thanks for the links! The religionofpeace site oughta wake up anyone!


    Are you proud of me for staying relatively calm?!?! ;-)))

    Peace and Love.

    I’m always proud of you over here and on your site wordforit! Just go off on a tangent anytime here. Ya gotta vent sometime. Right?
    Yes, we must not lose our rights, we must speak out in hopes that we will not. We need someone to stand up for the constituion. seems like RP and Romney are it at this point. Although I don’t think imho they are going to get much help from the powers that be…it must be the people. Would that not be wonderful?

  3. OT: I’m watching the movie Sicko and I’m shocked. Just shocked.

    I didnt see the movie…but I am sure I would be shocked..I just wonder when I will stop being shocked..
    hope you are well, I have been kind of puny…What else is new? LOL!

  4. Excellent, link-worthy post, Angie. You said: We must vigorously oppose political correctness, express our viewpoint, defend our right to say it

    I couldn’t agree more and that is the spirit of America that I love so much.
    The Left has become more rabid, more hateful, and more determined to shut us up or wipe us out.
    You realize that this increases the stakes for those wishing to fight for their rights. Instead of facing ridicule, I believe we will now be facing jail, draconian fines which could lose us our belongings in the long run and perhaps physical bodily harm. The two border agents Ramos and Compean have been beaten so badly in jail that they required hospitalization. How many of us will continue to resist under that sort of pressure?
    The times we live in have become very perilous indeed. We need to stick together more now than ever.

    Aurora, my feelings and concerns exactly! Thanks for expressing it so well. It is still hard for me to believe that the border agents were arrested, much less imprisoned. It makes you wonder…what has happened to our country and who benefits? It is just plain crazy and madness!

  5. Great work we cowtow to the terrorists at CAAAAAAiR,,is maddening..can u say dhiiiiiiiiimi!!! 🙂

    dhiiiiiiimi!!! how is that? LOL!

  6. Hi Angie!! Hope things are okay—wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and always include a prayer for you to be happy and comfy!

    Thought of you when I saw the site in this link cuz it’s always more fun when we share!! LOL

    Didn’t know if you’d seen it (I hadn’t) and found it to be somewhat “good news” (if we can say any of this is good).

    God Bless and Keep You!

    Thanks wordforit, I will check it out soon. yep, been kind of puny..LOL! That means a lot to think you are praying for me, I so appreciate it. Here’s a cyber hug!:)

  7. This stuff really pisses me off. Every time somebody crosses their eyes at a muslim, CAIR trots out their spokesperson to warn us about racism and religious bigotry – yet, they never trot out anyone whenever a muslim has slaughtered people with bombs or dull blades. No, that’s a-okay with these folks. And yes, they are hellbent on getting their shiria laws onto our books. I wonder what would happen if I went to a muslim country and tried to force Big Macs on to their cafeteria menu. Do you think I’d still have my head? Makes me furious.

    Amen and Amen. I have heard it said ‘better to be pissed off than pissed on’ Could not help but add that..I bad.
    I gotta tell you, it infuriates me..when will the moonbats and politicians wake up? maybe they don’t want to? If anyone is being discriminated against, it is the average american fighting for our values since our country was founded..They don’t want to go back to their country. They want to take over ours with their way, their law.. You and I would definitely lose our head!

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