Europeans Argue their ‘Right’ to Vote in U.S. Elections


Gee, I thought we left Europe, had a tea party    

 and an American Revolution        to earn our Sovereignty.

 I thought that it was an American citizens right to vote.

.I did not know Europe had a say..

Gosh darn it. Where have I been? 

Let’s see, they are salivating over Obama, seems I remember doing a post on him, course I don’t remember anything too positive in that post. Maybe there is something I am missing..hmmm..

All right! This is a bunch of Pure Crap!!!!  Not to mention Pure Gall! You better be hoping we keep our Soverignty..Who helped keep you free in WW2? Who helped rebuild Europe? Do ya suppose if we are all one big happy ‘one world government’  we would be able to help you as we have in the past? Crap that’s what it is crap and bull!

ObamaThe European media would like to take away Americans’ sovereign rights to elect their own president. They are contending the right to vote in the upcoming American elections:

From De Standaard::

“American presidential elections are not ‘home affairs’. American decisions have repercussions all over the globe…. Hence, the world should be given the right to vote.”

And they are salivating over Obama:

In Germany, the center-right Berliner Morgenpost proclaims that Obama is ‘The New Kennedy’ while the centrist tabloid Bild says that ‘This Black American Has Become the New Kennedy!

The left-wing Frankfurter Rundschau compares Obama not only to Kennedy, but also to Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt

“Obama is the candidate of the idealists…. Obama also happens to be the candidate of choice for the foreign press…. Many in Europe would like nothing more than a ‘European’ America.”

In the Netherlands, the left-leaning De Volkskrant reports that the US primaries are giving the Dutch “goose bumps…. Obama has the authenticity that the Dutch electorate craves.”
In France, the center-left Libération says the new leader of the French Socialist Party should be someone with Obama’s profile:

“The French Left seeks a charismatic leader, age 46, of mixed race, to deliver a message of hope and unity. At a time when American Democrats are discovering their new hero, it would be a good time for the Socialist Party and their friends to find a Barack Obama to end their internal quarrels.”

Meanwhile, in an online poll at the center-left Le Nouvel Observateur, Obama has an overwhelming 60 percent of the 2,680 votes cast, double Clinton’s 30 percent. The late President Kennedy is lagging behind, with only 4 percent of the votes.
In Britain, the centrist Times of London confirms that the Tories are suffering an identity crisis by reporting that

“Tories and Labour both hope for a sprinkling of Barack Obama’s stardust. Ripples of excitement from the campaign of the presidential contender have crossed the Atlantic, and British politicians are agog.”

After months of glorifying Obama, European media have tried to portray his losses to New York Senator Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Nevada as part of an elaborate conspiracy to keep a black man from becoming the 44th president of the United States. After Clinton won the New Hampshire primary, for example, the Milan-based, center-right Il Giornale reported that Obama was the victim of vote-rigging.
In Germany, the Financial Times Deutschland opines:

“there is something narcissistic at the heart of the idea that Clinton was breaking down at the thought that America might be recklessly throwing away the chance to be governed by her. Chronic egocentrism, narcissism, self-pity-these are exactly the qualities that to this day make Bill Clinton so hated by his enemies.”

The state-sponsored Deutsche Welle argues that although Clinton’s victory in New Hampshire is being put down to her display of ‘genuine’ emotion, it is actually a further example of “US politics descending into self-parody.”

And so on, ad nauseum.

The last quote and most insightful ironically, comes from the LeftistGuardian:

“reflecting on the wide-open campaign of 2008, it’s obvious that British critics-and European critics generally-are guilty of smug superiority and ignorance in writing off the strengths of the American system…. Instead of dismissing American democracy in our snooty way, we need to ask what we can learn.”

With the people of Europe casting their votes, America would be just like the E.U. Europe hardly has the skerrick of a leg to stand on with their own democracy in tatters. The right to referendum has been lost. Leftist and weak-willed leaders have conceded their power to the unelected E.U. elite.
If the mainstream media of Europe is anything to go by, America is perhaps the last bastion where Leftist thinking hasn’t yet completely drowned out any other voice. What a mess.

Via: American Thinker

Check out this excellent blog: Hat Tip Aurora of Midnight Sun

Salty Dog comment sums it up:
europes preference should serve as an indicator of just what kind of a president that obama would make were he to be elected.
its enough to scare any sane american into a republican vote were they contemplating otherwise.
obviously the europeans feel obama would be more easily manipulated to suit their leftist socialist needs. this should serve as a wake up call for americans, as europe obviously has plans for them that they would not approve of.
it is unbelievable that europe has the gall to proclaim they should have a say in american politics, perhaps america should have had a say in their politics as well, if we had been given some imput, i can tell you there would not be an E.U in existence today.



  1. Thanks for the link, Angie. And I love the intro. It’s incredibly arrogant for those Euros to think they should have any say at all in our elections. I think they’ve already done enough damage over there.

    I’m just wondering when I will cease to be amazed at some of the goings on and attitudes, Thanks and LOL!

  2. Great job and entertaining intro, Angie!!! Love it!!

    Europe can have him! Just don’t send him back—give him citizenship and let him bring all his cronies with him.

    I agree with Salty Dog; this should give the Americans an idea of what those in other countries see. Misery loves company, and some are hoping the worst for us.

    There is something very sinister about that man. Anything to do with Ob creeps me out.

    He accused Hilary of being divisive but I do not know of anyone in the campaign who has been more so than he, nor is as good at the way to provoke ’emotional voting” based on superficial “qualities”. (Don’t get me wrong, I see fault in Hilary; I just have a particularly vehement dislike for Ob’s type of sneak) If any of the other candidates pulled what has been uncovered about him, they’d have been finished way before now. Beside that, I have not read or heard a single word that was solid or constructive. Empty, empty, empty.

    I deplore and rebuke Obama and everything he (doesn’t) stand for.

    I posted an article on USElections out of Belgium that referred to “Liberal Europeans” and the end of our “hegemony”. One response was from a guy who says he’s in the UK… alluded to “stupid Americans”. I told him stupidity was not exclusive to Americans, etc.!! The woman who wrote the article (in the Belgian newspaper link) got quite a few comments, too, but one from a female American soldier was hilarious! She told the author that was fine, we’d just make Belgium the 51st state! Almost fell over laughing!!

    If people keep listening to rhetoric like Ob’s, we will be globalized and the entire process will be very different.

    Bible prophecy doesn’t lie.

    I pray for All to be safe and ready.
    In Christ’s Love.

    Thanks wordforit, ROFL over the female soldier comment. you are right imho.

  3. Those meddling Europeans ca get stuffed angie. Let’s see them make it through the next 30 years before they start waffling on about how others should run their lives.

    My sentiments exactly MK! LOL!

  4. hiya Angie..youve got to be kidding right?..ok I’m goin to pull the hair outta my head now! 🙂

    Know what ya mean Angel,’ve got a few bald spots myself. LOL!

  5. I have a blogger friend from Australia who’s pulling for Obama too. She blogged about it today and I was all 🙄 Angie, some of the points in your post about Obama weren’t exactly true, you know there’s a hoax email circulating that his campaign managers are having to deal with, but still I share your sentiment that he is too left and too socialist (that’s why my Australian friend likes him).

    Hi fw, Yeah, I knew about the email. I went to snopes. I really checked that one out..what I found was that they took a little bit and twisted and embellished. However, there there is a lot on his record alone that he has stated in the past and now. For the info for the post. I go often to ontheissues. I have a link on side bar for them. I go there to see where they all stand on issues, then there are other links on side bar I go to…right now 🙂 I got CRS..cant remember, perhaps I hopefully posted the source.

    I am so fearful for our countrys direction. Thanks girlfriend, I want to visit yours again to see the Ron Paul info. Wordforit has some good links for RP too.
    Hugs Angie

  6. Europeans want to do what? Whatever! And I am actually scared as to who our next president might be. I thought it was bad now-IMO-but…what’s gonna happen next? Aaaahhhhhh!

    Hi sweetie, how’s patch? You and me too Mercedes! bawawawa. we gotta do our best to do our best!LOL! 🙂

  7. Hey! I just posted an update~you won’t believe it!


    Hey, I can’t wait, but I will believe it! LOL!

  8. I am so fearful for our country’s direction too! Obama is the absolute wrong choice for the presidency. So many can’t see him for what he is because he stands behind a myriad discussion surrounding claim of change. What is his platform exactly?? I have yet to hear it. Oh, it will be a change alright, but not at all I feel of what the American people were thinking all along in this election year or as in years past for that matter. Europeans arguing ‘right’ to vote in U.S. elections?? Grandiose thinking I’d say. Taking the European Union a little too far out of context for my comfort zone.

    Its a little far out for my comfort zone….Could not agree more. Now change to honor life, liberty, safe borders, jobs staying in this country with benefits, english promoted, (what’s wrong with english being our country’s language? Who would have thought that would ever be an issue?) , & patriotism for our country, yeah, that’s my kind of change.

  9. Oh~what to do, what to do. Everyone is dropping out like flies. Why couldn’t they stick with it no matter what they thought the outcome may be. So much can happen on Feb. 5. What am I gonna do? Sorry~just had to let someone know I am so confused~especially when TEA (Tennessee Education Association) endorses or approves of many!


    It’s a bummer that’s for sure..pray a lot for wisdom is about all. We need to start a confused club..LOL!

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