McCain Advisor: “Think Mexico First”

Yeah, I know we have posts on this, but do you know who McCain listens to? Did you hear or see anything about this particular Town Hall meeting? We need to know all we can in order to make an informed decision on our candidates.

The present state of the Union seems to be: Hey lets all sing kumbaya and have Islamic Imans pray for us in our statehouses. Let’s open our borders wide and deep, heck it’s o.k. if a few terroists get in.. and while we are at it, let’s just see how we can bleed the American people of their hard earned tax money and pay for most of the cost of illegal immigration. By the way, be sure you don’t respect the American border guards and when you get a chance if they try to enforce the laws of America with an actual arrest…. Heck, arrest the border guard and then let the criminal sue the taxpayers. Yep, sounds like a plan to me…Always remember we gotta ruin the American economy anyway we can, after all, we want to be globalist..citizens of the world…no more of that patriotic crap of American pride…. We need foreign governments to come in and buy up our financial institutions, heck anything they want because we really do want them to have a say where the next business goes or in policy making….and while we are at it…don’t forget now that we have to be more of a Nanny state…ya know the kind that tells private property owners what they can do in their establishmentsno smoking, no cursing. and dang it…we need to make sure they are green baby…and remember no transfats..That should make it hard on em for awhile, reduce profits, help lower employment…raise costs, let’s see what else can we do to ruin America? Oh I almost forgot….Let’s shut the mouths of those talk radio hosts, ya know like Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Rush and all those guys and after we have done that, then we can take over the internet…you know…those bloggers that are always stirring up the pot with their ‘opinion’s..who needs free speech anyway..just hurts ya when you are trying to get elected. And while we are at it, we don’t need english to be our language. Heck we are a melting pot..we can force schools, and everybody to provide whatever language is needed. After all, you might make those folks too independent and they might become patriotic..not to mention a few other things..

Ladies and Gentlemen, that seems to be the current state of affairs or state of the Union..

Will the people please stand up?

 As I said earlier, we will be looking at all of the candidates, Be sure and check out the 14th Amendment Post by wordforit right after this post. It is an enlightenment and lots of good links, especially the ones to our reps.

Let’s come out of our slumber and find the real story with these guys!
McCain Advisor: “Think Mexico First”
By Kevin McCullough of

We are betting that the Mexican-American population in the United States… will think Mexico FIRST! …But now I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think ‘Mexico FIRST’,” so said Dr. Juan Hernandez on the popular broadcast Nightline, June 7, 2001.

And this is the guy that McCain listens to?

Anyone who has seen the dual-citizened Hernandez in media interviews knows that his rhetoric is offered with forked tongue smoothness. As a former advisor to Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox, his credentials for having less than 100% loyalty to America’s interests is easy to point out.

No wonder we have so much chaos on our borders

With the Florida state flag as a backdrop, Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks at a campaign event at the Borini Theater, Kings Point Clubhouse, in Sun City Center, Fla., Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

He has in his own words defended Mexican bus operators bringing illegal aliens to America. He is on record as supporting driver’s licenses for illegals in the U.S., in addition he has advocated vociferously for easier methods for illegals to send money earned in the U.S. via special banking agreements to Mexican citizens, as well as advocating for the implementation of mortgage programs for illegals who are working in America. Sum it up by saying that on nearly every issue in which the American interest was at odds with the interest of Mexican illegals, or Mexican nationals – Hernandez sided against America.

So why should anyone care?

Well for starters he has been closely related to the McCain campaign for President 2008. Which is troubling for many reasons.

In the border fence debate in 2007, McCain showed more contempt for his fellow Americans, his fellow Senators, and the voters he was even then campaigning in front of than can be recalled in recent years. Claiming to literally “know more” about the issue of border security/illegal immigration than anyone else in the room, he watched in anger as his arrogance went down to flaming defeat. Showing even more contempt for the American people he has mocked citizen border patrol who voluntarily use their time insure legal border passage of those seeking it. And with a reverberation that echoed around the nation John McCain cursed American voters by saying, “I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it.”

How gracious of him to oblige us with such enthusiasm!

Then the intensity of the 2008 campaign trail kicked in. McCain found himself increasingly outnumbered by Americans who didn’t much appreciate his arrogant ignorance of border security and what it meant to the average American. He resisted to his earlier urges which likely would have caused him to mock Americans who really want nothing more than for those crossing the Mexican/American border to simply do so – over there at the legal crossing point, with proper I.D. 

Americans aren’t confused, we understand just how reasonable such a policy is.

Nonetheless faced with the open hostility McCain began to back-peddle, morph his language, and modify his position. In the aftermath he picked up two serious victories – albeit that they occurred in “open” primary voting.

His mea culpa, that he has expressed somewhat less than articulately, in the debates gave him cover. He was a “convert” on border security. He had “seen the light.” (Though claiming that he had never changed his position.)

I honestly think voters WANT to give John McCain the benefit of the doubt. He is a decorated war hero. And he was the leading voice in strategy and passion for getting the Iraq equation corrected in some of the post-Saddam aftermath.

Yet his refusal to do the right thing on border security for so long had left many an American (not mention GOP primary voters) with such a queasy feeling that to this day do not see themselves supporting his candidacy.

Thusly when uber-blogger Michelle Malkin, and her cohort Bryan Preston at HotAir, uncovered McCain’s daughter’s own blog, with a picture of the McCain campaign in operation and Mexican-rights’ champion in tow – it spoke volumes to anyone who had misgivings about Senator Crankie
Actually – it confirmed those misgivings and causes us to wonder the damage McCain’s “open border” policy would have brought the American people. 

For all the progress that the American soldier has made in keeping terror at bay overseas it does us precious little good if middle-eastern terrorists are able with their olive skin tone move to Mexico City for a period of time, learn Spanish with fluent Mexican dialect, adopt Mexican dress, customs, and lifestyle then transgress our border while in the midst of illegal aliens simply looking for a better way of life than what they find south of the border.

With the Florida state flag as a backdrop, Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks at a campaign event at the Borini Theater, Kings Point Clubhouse, in Sun City Center, Fla., Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Border Patrol agents confirmed to me in private briefings in 2006 that since January 2003 their agents had detained more than 800 persons of middle-eastern origin on the southern border attempting to enter the country illegally. Of those in more than 60 cases, U.S. Authorities had confirmed ties to an array of international terrorist organizations.

September 11th was carried out by one-third as many persons – and THAT was in 2006.

By McCain even allowing the presence of Juan Hernandez within his campaign organization’s ranks, he confirms the worst that many had feared. John McCain, the arrogant maverick, who opposed the Bush tax cuts, who restricted our freedom of speech with his anti-first-amendment legislation “McCain-Feingold”, who sought to undermine the justices being nominated by President George W. Bush, and who served up arrogance and stiffed-neck hostilitytowards the American people on one of the most worrisome issues of our times – instead of humility and a desire to ensure border security, is a candidate who does not deserve the support of patriotic Americans.

Dr. Hernandez’s presence, advice, and influence on John McCain demonstrates just how out of touch the Senator still is.

Senator McCain has served our nation, in some ways even admirably, and for that we say “Thank You!”

Unfortunately that is simply not enough to be our next President, and American citizens patriots should easily understand why.


  1. *sob* Ok, help here please.

    I’m so confused – due to my own ignorance. I realize that McCain has voted against borders in the past. I get that.

    What I heard him do yestereday at the town meeting was layout a plan….an actual PLAN that made sense in my brain, where I have not heard some of the democrats do the same (I’m sure it’s because I simply missed it).

    What worries me about, say, Hilary (remember I’m a dem :::smile::::) is that she wants out of the war in 60 day after she takes office. Well, let the bombs start flying. THAT attitude scares me more than McCain’s previous thoughts son borders.

    Obama has a similar plan to get out of Iraq. I don’t know the timeline (ignorance again) exactly – altho I do like him and his stance on many of the issues.

    I was leading toward McCain tho as a “compromise” of sorts if I couldn’t sort it out in my mind exactly where Obama stands.


    I know I sound ignorant cuz I AM (and in my “real life” I know by FAR more on issues, especially in my own age group — how scarey is THAT!)!

    I’m so thankful for blogs like this and MKs, and Writer Chick’s so I can view some of these issues that would take me forever in a day to find and decipher.

    The sad thing to me is 4 years ago I was so on top of the issues, I literally stayed up 24 hours watching the night of the election – and then went through a semi-depression for about a week when Bush won again. That’s how INTO it I was. It makes me sad that I’m so far behind I may never catch up on this election. oyyyyyy

    FFIA, You are no different from most, life happens and we get caught up in the urgent at the time. Hey, I am new to this too, I just cannot believe what is going on and feel such a passion to share it but I do not know everything.

    All we can do is watch…look at past record…and pray (that what they say they will do when they take backwater) that they will live up to their promises and do what is best for the country.

    It is sad for all of us that we are not being listened to..I was utterly shocked at the bill McCain and Feinstein worked on to stop free speech and McCain’s (I hope the new attitude is not just to get in there?) attitude on the border and the freebies he wanted to give illegals (that is on his record) when the middle class is choking to death. BTW, Obama and Hillary are not much better on these issues. I have a post on Obama, I can’t go with his pro choice attitude and partial birth record for one thing. need a post soon on Hillary and Romney and Ron Paul. I am concerned about the issues in Iraq too so it is a major disappointment with other important issues with McCain as he truly knows what it like to suffer for your country in war.

    We must have a strong National Defense and a strong economic system, value of life and Christian concerns, free speech, and I could go on and on.. It is just not about Democrats or Republicans anymore. Its about Principals..Who be out there that got any that wants to be our leader? I dunno..hope we can find one out there. Now we just have to holler real loud before it is all taken away.

    I too have been out of it and asleep for far too long. When health issues arise, you have to take care of yourself or you cannot do for others. That said, the blogging helps me let out my frustration on some of these things and the wonderful
    ‘such as you’ online friends, well there is no price tag at all for that. I have and am very blessed to have met ‘online’ (How funny is that?) some great people whose opinions I value highly.

    Keep the faith and wishing you the best energy wise pain free zone this week and always!
    Hugs Angie

  2. Hey Ang!..Senator McCain has served our nation, in some ways even admirably, and for that we say “Thank You!”

    Unfortunately that is simply not enough to be our next President, and American citizens patriots should easily understand why.
    ..I could not agree more..excellent read!! 🙂

    Thanks Angel, What a mess we have..We are going to need strong leadership with American patriot values. Is that not what our troops have given their lives for in all the wars? in effect, the leadership and the wantabees is making a mockery of our founders, and our fighting men and women for their service to this great country in the past and now..

  3. McCain disgusts me to no end. Even as a proud veteran, I cannot see him as anything but a disgrace. I’m sorry, but his war record can only carry him so far, and national security is not the only thing that we have to concern ourselves with as a nation.

    Interestingly, even Glenn beck endorses Mitt Romney when it comes to the war on terror, so I don’t see how anybody can think that McCain has anything over Romney when it comes to national defense…

    Yeah Ryan, while National Security is is certainly not the only thing we have to be concerned about. That seems to be the problem, we have soooooo many issues that are going to determine our countrys future as far as I am concerned.

    I listen to Beck and Savage both. Romney seems to be strong on ND and Iilegal Immigration and that is good, I need to check some other things about him.

  4. Read this:

    Thanks for the link Ryan, I have been looking at MR..dunno yet 100% when I do, I will come out blazing for that candidate..LOL!

  5. Won’t be a comment -hog this time 😉 Just wanted to say that McCain’s daughter’s blog is an embarrassment! Her pappy needs to tell her to take that valley girl talk off of there! It would be different if she were ‘just a blogger’ (no offense to us!!!) She’s promoting the dadburn clothing lines she’s wearing in the pics!! LOL Is she related to Paris Hilton?
    Sorry. It was just so crass and I suppose they took the pics down MM & BP busted them on!

    I love your comments, don’t worry about it, funny I thought the same thing about the Paris Hilton mention..Wonder if Valentino or some of the designers give her a break for wearing and mentioning them? 🙂 I wonder how old she is, for some reason I was thinking she was a young adult but maybe she is a teenybopper? LOL!

  6. Angie, you’re spot on about McCain and most conservatives I’m afraid agree with you. Which is a horrible thought if he does end up our only choice. I hope at least conservatives will get out of the house to vote if this is all we’ve got.
    Apart from your comments here, the man has a psychotic temper. Can we trust a man who can’t control his anger with the leadership of America? Still, hesitant as I am about him, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat over HRC or Obama.

    Aurora, the vote really needs to get out..this is no time for voters to stay home to protest ‘lack of choice’, as I really feel people want change so badly they would vote their principals away with no regard to their deep held values and beliefs.With that said, I find many who do not know what Obama or HC really believe and support, it just seems to me that there is no party anymore that truly represents the average person in America.

  7. If I wasn’t married I would kiss you! What an excellent post.

    Why thank you, TT. Here’s a kiss on the cheek:)!

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