I never thought I would be doing a political blog, it was intended for me to rant and ramble, uh huh….well, I just can’t sit back, the facts must be told…we must know and I gotta tell ya, the more I learn, the less I like it…any of it..I will be looking at all the candidates records and from time to time as I get facts, will be sharing with you so we can be intelligent responsible citizens and voters. At this time, I do not know who I will be supporting..sad to is a time to pray and ask for wisdom..a time to reflect and then make our decisions. We can not just listen to great charismatic speeches and go by how cute they are..we maynot like the direction they take us any better than we like it now.

Change is good when change is good. Change for the sake of change can be dangerous.

 by Aurora Hat tip The Midnight Sun

Emily's List Obama

I’ve blown up the picture on the left so you could read the background wording. Notice that he’s an Emily’s List darling? And that’s not the half of it.

I’ve just been reading the most alarming, comprehensive history of Barack Obama I’ve ever come across and let me tell you, he’s suddenly shot up there almost on par with the dreaded Hildebeeste.

Saul AlinskyAs a matter of fact, he’s as much an Alinskyite as she is; not to mention a very hard-core Marxist, white hater, anti-semitic and almost certainly a closet Muslim.

You need to read the whole thing if you are a voting American and/or a blogger. These are things not known by most people. And its information disappearing off the web fast. Here’s an excerpt from his politics which made my hair stand on end:

Obama supports homosexual marriage, racial preferences, gun control, flag-burning, socialized medicine and the absolute right to abortion, including partial-birth abortions. He voted against requiring medical care for aborted fetuses who survive.

Obama is anti-war, voted against the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act, against privatizing Social Security and opposes the death penalty, three strikes laws and school vouchers. He has no military service record.

Obama opposed the Defense of Marriage Act; would work to repeal it in the U.S. Senate; would not vote for any legislation that would restrict the ability of gays and lesbians to marry.

Obama opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act four times in Illinois. A similar bill passed the U.S. Senate 98-0. The Born Alive bill would have prohibited a baby from being born alive but left to die according to the mother’s wishes.

Obama opposed this bill not once, twice, or three times, but four times.

Obama took almost $90,000 in bundled contributions from the Council for a Livable World. The council is a well-known anti-defense organization.

Drug UserObama refused to vote for a bill in the Illinois State Senate that would have increased penalties for drug traffickers.


Gang membersObama voted against a bill that would have delivered the death penalty to gang members who murder first responders.

Child victimObama was the only member of the Illinois State Senate to vote against a bill that prohibited early release for sexual predators.


Obama makes an unsuccessful run for the U. S. House of Representatives.
Obama is also protective of civil rights for Muslims in the U.S., saying, “In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging,” he laments. “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

He sponsors the Illinois Senate Bill 750 creating the “Halal Food Act,” providing for inspections by the Department of Agriculture to ensure that all food labeled Halal is prepared according to Islamic law.

Aborted babyThe most horrifying thing out of all this is his child hatred.  He not only supports abortion; he supports partial birth abortion.  He supports leaving a surviving baby to his/her death if he or she fights for life after being subjected to the atrocities of the abortion clinic.

Of course it’s all bad and there’s lots more at the source.

This is an incredibly bad person with a smile like an angel.  BEWARE. 

Read the whole shocking thing at Freedom’s Enemies.


 From Patriot Post

“Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion presidential candidate ever. He is so pro-abortion he refused as an Illinois state senator to support legislation to protect babies who survived late-term abortions because he did not want to concede—as he explained in a cold-blooded speech on the Illinois Senate floor—that these babies, fully outside their mothers’ wombs, with their hearts beating and lungs heaving, were in fact ‘persons.’ ‘Persons,’ of course, are guaranteed equal protection of the law under the 14th Amendment. In 2004, U.S. Senate-candidate Obama mischaracterized his opposition to this legislation. Now, as a presidential frontrunner, he should be held accountable for what he actually said and did about the Born Alive Infants Bill… State and federal versions of this bill became an issue earlier this decade because of ‘induced labor abortion.’ This is usually performed on a baby with Down’s Syndrome or another problem discovered on the cusp of viability. A doctor medicates the mother to cause premature labor. Babies surviving labor are left untreated to die.” —Terence Jeffrey 



  1. He’s quite a man isn’t he? Not all men believe in freedom.

    Welcome, I was as shocked as anyone to see this. No not all believe in freedom..
    Thanks and come again.

  2. That picture is one I will never forget.

    I almost chose to not include that picture..then I realize we must see to believe unfortunately.
    Horrible how life is so devalued.

  3. Hey Ange,
    Wow, you don’t mess around. YOu know, I just don’t get the appeal of this guy. I know he is a black candidate and a lot people might feel that is significant – but wouldn’t you think before supporting someone they’d look into their background – know a little about them?

    Are we all so shallow that we just take things at face value these days? I fear we are.

    I am afraid I think your last statement is correct. Wish it were not, but the evidence seems to point that way. LOL!

  4. “He voted against requiring medical care for aborted fetuses who survive.”

    That strikes me as the very essence of cruelty and inhumanity.

    You and me both, I was shocked to say the about inhumane..we care more for our animals than this.

  5. Finally, revealing information on Obama. Thank you Angie!! I have been sharing with everyone about the world news report that was stated at the very beginning of his campaign when it was reported that Obama was a recent convert from Muslim to Christianity. (My thoughts…Recent? For purpose of campaigning? Probably.) Since I heard that report, no one seems to know what I’m talking about, they never heard that. I personally have never heard it mentioned again, and I pay close attention to reports on this candidate. We all need to get in touch with the background on this guy. My greatest fear is that a large portion of America is asleep on this one. Dangerous to the welfare this country to be in that position where this candidate is concerned.

    Agreed, shocking a bit..With a little time, I want to know about all of them, I just pray we will have a viable choice instead of a ‘lesser evil’. Thanks Pink Biz for your take..much needed for the word to get out, my fears are the same as yours.

  6. He has really snowballed the masses, but you’re right. he is not the great man that he is portrayed as being. There are many ugly aspects of this man, but he hides behind his race and “Democratic” ideals and gives people something else to focus on aside from his problems.

    but the fact remains that he is not the “change” that this country needs. He touts change, but what he fails to tell anybody is that his change is not for the better. Change for the sake of change is a poor excuse, but it seems to be the platform that he is running on.

    be afraid!

    “Change for the sake of change is a poor excuse” is right on! I am very concerned that our country is so ready for change and when someone runs on a platform of change and can hold your attention for more than a couple of minutes..:)well, it is dangerous to say the least..he certainly is not the change we need with a record like his..

  7. Spread the word folks, you know the media won’t. Unless you can convince them he is some sort of Conservative or something..

    Hey MK, I know the media have their agenda..Yuk! Do ya think we could convince anybody he is a Conservative?

  8. Hi Angie, thanks for the link and for getting the message out. I think Americans don’t know the half about this guy. The fetus pic is shocking (and actually pro-abortion activists really hate us posting these pics) but sometimes we need to realize exactly what’s going on. Abortion isn’t nice.

    You are so welcome, I agree completely. Thank you so much Aurora.

  9. Hi Angie! Excellent post! Abortion is equivalent to sacrificing children at an altar.

    Abortion aside for a sec b/c so many would vote for him anyway, I cannot think about this man w/out feeling sick over the public’s lack of discernment? study? research? control of emotions? When Oprah endorsed him, I thought I should do some looking b/c she is spreading the New Age rhetoric pretty far, wide and thick. She’s another one I intend to post about from a Christian perspective, but for now Please read ‘Obamination’ on my blog. Read the entire article, check out the links, then be aware that his minister gave an award to Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam)last month. It’s very convoluted, this election, and the public is being distracted from looking behind the curtain. . . again. My opinion is that Obama may not be experienced from a visible view, but his experiences are varied and very DANGEROUS. His childhood is a whole other story in embracing ideologies across many doctrines (he uses ‘global’ terms a lot and his speeches are very empty). It confounds me why some Christians think we should stay away from politics? So these can run our country?

    Sorry for the long comment; at least with the other candidates we kinda know what we’re getting!
    Couldn’t navigate your blog before, but I got a handle on it now! Glad to meet another Sister in Christ! 🙂
    God’s Blessings.

    Your comments are more than welcome. I will certainly get over there and read your post.I am a little under the weather lately so a bit behind. Be looking for me because I am coming..:) LOL!
    I agree that more need to be informed. I never thought this blog would become what it is becoming but so be it. It must be said. I believe we have a duty to share the truth as we know it. especially as Christians.
    God bless you too!

  10. Why must we keep repeating that Obama is a Muslim? Do we like to live in ignorance?

    Can you people use the right terms? No one is supports flag burning or is pro-abortion…

    Him being anti-war, anti-Patriot act, anti-death penalty are bad?

    You make it sound like most of his positions stated in this post that correct are not well known. Never read a newspaper once in a while? The reason Obama is so popular is because he does not support the far right agenda and the people what change.

    He supports civil rights for Muslims and gays like for everyone else? Say it ain’t so Joe. Now if could report he was against straight marriage then you would have a story.

    Why do pro-lifers get so off on late term abortion photos? Do we really need to show them? Don’t say to give a picture to the cause because you are probably against showing photos of what happens to our troops in war.

    MJ”revoltingpawn”, You would be surprised how few do read newspapers, not that they can not, they choose to get their news from Television which is seriously lacking in content. As for me, I read Newspapers daily, a couple in fact. I also read News magazines, Guess you could say I am a news junkie. I also read books and listen rather often to talk radio..Now that’s a trip! Did I understand that you have a radio program?

    I have no problem with civil rights for all. I do have a problem when our liberties, freedoms are threatened. I understand on your blog that you are supportive of change from a 2 party system. I have no problem with that either. I do not agree with many positions you take on your blog..I did like a comment you made.”Sorry but free thinkers don’t make generalizations, promote stereotypes, and make hateful comments.” Thought that was interesting.

    You know, I really don’t get off on the photo’s from aborted late term babies.I feel they are human beings and their story needs to be shared.

    As you are on the left with a tendency toward socialism as you have stated. You will see that I am on the right. I believe in civil rights, law protecting its citizens. I have no problem with civil unions, however, I do believe marriage is sacred between a man and a woman. I also believe in the right to bear arms. I believe in the death penalty when justified. I believe in legal immigration, not illegal immigration. I believe in pro-life or pro-birth if you want to call it that. I probably believe in a lot of things that you find distasteful. So be it. I did say that this blog is ‘politically incorrect’. I get out of line quite often.

    You are welcome here but be probably won’t like what you see.

  11. Angie…

    Yes, we were doing a internet radio program and can download past broadcasts here…

    We are currently rethinking what want to do next but leaning toward more a podcast in the future.

    Funny how you read left and equated to socialism.

    More funny how you say support civil liberties but not for everyone. As far as marriage I wrote a post a while back on the subject you may find interesting so check out and the comments also.

    I thought I read that on your blog. Sorry if I misread that. I will look again.
    Yes I do support civil liberties for everyone. Our interpretation may be different, obviously you are referring to my comment about having no problem with civil unions between same sex partners. What is wrong with that? What is wrong with my belief that marriage is sacred and as such (I am one of those bible thumping Christians ya know) should be between a man and a woman?
    I will check out your posts a little later. I am sure I will find it interesting.

  12. Angie…

    To answer your question if did not read my post on marriage is simple. Some religions think it is ok for same-sex couples and we do have freedom of religion in this country. It’s ok to be against something but personal freedom for everyone is more important. I don’t understand homosexuals or think abortion is a good option in most cases but yet have no problem with same-sex marriage or being pro-choice. The law should not be based on any one person or groups beliefs only. It should be obvious why this would be a problem.

    MJ, My personal faith believes marriage is sacred between a man and a woman. Again if 2 of the same sex want to be together, that is their business. Civil unions should provide that in my opinion. To men and women of faith such as I, we believe marriage was/is an institution created by God for Men and Women to be in a committed relationship. A family. Again, I am pro-life, pro-birth. We have separation of church and state to protect us from those groups that would threaten our right to practice our beliefs.

    I have not had time to go over and read your post but I will soon.

  13. Angie…

    Your logic is just following apart. You totally ignored my point in the fact some Christian religions have no problem with same-sex marriage. This would mean that our laws would be conflicting with their beliefs.

    I can’t believe you used the separation of church and state to defend your position which means you really don’t understand the concept.

    How does allowing same-sex marriage threaten your right to practice your beliefs? You make it sound like your church would have to close down or something. LOL

    MJ, sorry if I ignored your point. My point is I don’t believe as they do. That’s it period. They have a right to their beliefs and I have a right to mine. The point about separation of church and state as it pertains to laws favoring a group in reference to your statement about law not favoring one or a groups belief. I believe this protects all of us from tyranny.

    Others allowing same-sex marriage does not threaten my right to practice my belief. I do personally believe they do not need to ‘Marry in the traditional sense. I did not say I was going to stop them. I said I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

  14. Angie…

    What you need to understand is this country is founded on people and their freedoms. Your personal beliefs really are not relevant in regards to the law. You are right about separation of church and state and that is why it used to support allowing marriage for all.

    Funny how you have opinions about other peoples needs…

    If I am understanding you correct you don’t agree with same-sex marriage but would understand changing the law to allow the marriage of them?

    Read my post on the subject?

    MJ. They are relevant to me and mine. Remember I go by a Higher law. Don’t choke laughing. Gee, I thought there had to be some kind of change in the law that states or Fed would make to allow same sex marriage. No I would not understand changing the law to allow Holy Matrimony to same sex partners. I said civil unions. Does that mean I am going to be mean and ugly to them, no I am not. Look, we all got friends or family members that are probably gay. Do I love them any less? no.

    Yes, I have opinions and it truly seemed to me that you too have opinions on others needs.

    Yes I read your post. I will say you have thought it out very well but for me it still does not make it right. Many may get on board with the idea but not I. Just call me bull headed. My mama always said I was stubborn. LOL!
    As a matter of fact, I am finished talking about this particular subject.

    With that said, I do think you got an interesting blog. Havent had time to download your link to radio, but betcha I do eventually to check it out.

  15. “almost certainly a closet Muslim”

    Ya know what cheeses me off about this whole thing. You Christian folks will go out of your way to defend a Ted Haggert, a Jimmy Swaggart, a John Hagee, etc. because they believe in the same POLITICAL issues you do. These guys say they are sorry for their past transgressions and all is forgiven because they are “Christians” ( ahem, which apparently equals Republican).

    But Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both claim to be Christians, and I see nothing but sarcasm and eye rolls. They couldn’t possibly be Christian. No Christian would have an economic plan like THEY DO! No real Christian would believe pulling the troops out is BAD! Give me a break.

    And did I read up there that Barack Obama supports civil rights for MUSLIMS!!! How DARE he! He’s disgusting! He should be stoned!! Because as we all know anyone who is a Muslim, even if they are an American citizen, deserves nothing. Only Christians deserve civil rights!

    I’ve read the bible. You would think that if the abortion issue was such a big deal to God, he’d mention it. At least once. Nope. All we have is an interpretation of a quote in there about “I knew you before you were born.” Don’t get me wrong, I think abortion is horrible for the mother emotionally. It should be avoided at all costs. But it’s not a biblical issue. If you think it is, you’re a liar. It’s not in the bible. You’re interpretation of the bible is not biblical truth.

    So to claim someone is not a Christian because of you’re interpretation of the bible is putting yourself above God’s word. Good luck explaining that to the big guy.

    And all you, “I fight for the baby’s rights” people, I wonder…. why do you care if the baby doesn’t live? He/she goes straight to heaven, right? Isn’t that the best thing that could happen in your world?

    Duh, if you have read all my blog, you would see that I am not a Republican. I did not set out to have a political blog. That has evolved in a short time due to my interests in what is going on in the world.

    I do believe we can all be forgiven, even republicans. I do like John Hagee, I may not agree with everything but I think he has so far imo a pretty sound doctrinal stance. I don’t know if Obama or Hillary is a christian. Maybe so, maybe not. The posts are here for information as it is discovered. Yes, my views have certainly evolved. I am a gun toting, pro life, bible thumping Christian that believes in our constitution. If that makes me a bigot, so be it. I also believe that all American Citizens should have civil rights. I believe they do.

    I am not a theologian. My knowledge of the bible as I have said is about maybe on a good day, Kindergarten level. There is a lot of terminology used that you won’t find in the bible. Again, I believe that I won’t have to explain my stance to God. I believe He has explained Himself well enough in His word for all of us to know where He stands on the subject. It goes far deeper than abortion. If I am a liar, then God will judge me. I have not personally claimed this person or that person was not a christian certainly not for their political views. The posts stand on their own. It’s the news and we need to be informed on leaders or future leaders positions.

    I do believe that babies will go to Heaven immediately. How do you know what that baby might have been had he or she been given the choice to live? I believe God has a plan and a purpose for all our lives. I don’t believe we should extinguish that plan before its time.

  16. “I also believe that all American Citizens should have civil rights. I believe they do.”

    You believe they do? What does that mean? Do you believe that U.S. Muslims don’t need their civil rights protected because they already have rights?

    “My knowledge of the bible as I have said is about maybe on a good day, Kindergarten level.”

    I don’t agree with this. You’re a smart cookie. You read and you write eloquently. Why don’t you understand the bible?

    “How do you know what that baby might have been had he or she been given the choice to live? I believe God has a plan and a purpose for all our lives. I don’t believe we should extinguish that plan before its time. ”

    If God’s plan had been for the baby to live, it would have. There have been a few aborted babies that have survived. Obviously, God’s plan includes being aborted, being murdered, etc. If God has a plan for me and you, and it is derailed by something out of our (and out of His) control, it wasn’t much of a plan, was it?

    Yes, I do very much believe that the Moslems in our country have civil rights. I know they do, So do you and I.
    They have their mosques. They go freely about here. If someone does them harm, that someone is prosecuted the same as one would be for you and me. In fact a lot of adjustments have been made for them especially one being Harvard has just given the female students (so the moslem students can take off their burqas) special times to work out without men present. Some say that is discrimination against the guys. I wonder if Syria or Saudi Arabia would afford us the same rights if our faith required it? I don’t think so. I had a brother in Saudi Arabia and he kissed the ground when he got back here because of the lack of freedoms there. It made him appreciate what we have here pertaining to civil liberties. They have plenty of rights here as should any American citizen. They also have CAIR. to protect their interests.

    Thanks for your compliment. I hope I know more today than yesterday. For someone to think they have arrived and know everything there is to know about the bible is arrogant in my opinion. I know the truth that has and is being revealed to me as I study and have fellowship with Him. I am pretty sure there is a scripture that says something like the world could not contain all the books if everything were told about Him. Plus the Bible is a living word, (many may not agree,) so each time I may read it and have new insight perhaps pertaining to me perhaps pertaining to generalities. So yes, I feel I am still in Kindergarten if indeed that far along in His word.

    God does have a plan for each one of us imo. The problem or miracle, however you want to see it is just this: He gave you and I a free will . He did not want a bunch of robots, He wants us to come to Him by and Of our own free will. So we have choices. The great thing is, when I mess up which is often, I can come to Him and repent, and He has a beautiful promise that He can make all things (even my mess ups) work out for good in my life. So to me, that means He can take my sin, disobedience whatever, and use it for mine or others good.

  17. “I wonder if Syria or Saudi Arabia would afford us the same rights if our faith required it?”

    So is this the standard we are trying to be above? You’ve set the bar pretty low here. It wouldn’t take much for our civil liberties to be better than these countries. I think we can do better than that.

    Unfortunately, right after 9/11 U.S. Muslims were arrested on the suspicion of being terrorists. Several of them came forward and said that they weren’t allowed a lawyer, and they were held without anyone telling them why. (I wish I could remember the name of that documentary. It was on HBO, I’ll look for it. I hate to state this without backing it up.) That is a clear violation of their civil liberties. Among the right wing conservatives, there is a definite current of hatred toward these people. Just listen to conservative radio. What do you think would happen if you guys were in complete power? Would we be opening internment camps again? Read some books about the Japanese internment during WWII and see what happens to U.S. citizens’ civil rights when people are racist and irrationally scared.

    If ANYONE in this country deserves their civil rights protected it’s the Muslim citizens. They are the most vulnerable. You act as if people’s civil rights are not violated every day and then excuse that fact because Saudi Arabia and Syria are worse.

    “So yes, I feel I am still in Kindergarten if indeed that far along in His word.”

    If what you say is true, than all the preachers and pastors and teachers are in kindergarten too. Who in your opinion is not?

    ” God does have a plan for each one of us imo. The problem or miracle, however you want to see it is just this: He gave you and I a free will .”

    I don’t get the plan. OK, so God’s plan is only what he wants to happen or does his plan always play out?

    Those countries are certainly not my standard. This country The U.S.A. is my standard.

    I totally disagree with you on the moslems not having rights in this country. Totally! Do you think if Americans were responsible for killing over 3,000 people as some moslems did in 911 in another country, They would pat us on the back and not investigate us at all?

    Yes Duh, My dad fought in WW2. So now you know I am not a spring chicken. So I have heard and read about and have seen one of the Japanese camps.While I personally think it should have been handled differently way back then. This country did as other countries in time of war unfortunately.

    Just for the record. I am not a racist. However, you will see on this blog reports that I will probably post about whether they be Moslem, Black, White, Yellow or Purple. Democrat or Republican, Independent or libertarian, Far Right, Far Left, Moonbats.Whatever, I post what I want. But also for the record. I am a patriot. I have many in my family who have fought and given their lives for us to be able to have this conversation and I am proud of them and our country. I believe in the Pledge of Allegiance too and all the other stuff that you probably would find objectionable.

    I don’t know exactly what would happen if ‘you guys’ were in power. But if I were in power, now that’s another thing. However, even that would probably be challenged because of the way we have checks and balances with our system of government. Thank God.

    I like talk radio and when in the car. I listen to a few of them. Some of them have a lot of common sense that seems to me to be seriously lacking these days.

    Who in my opinion is not in Kindergarten biblically? That is almost laughable, surely you jest. How would I know? I just know when I hear sound doctrine. I guess I could make a list of those. You know, it really does not matter what my opinion is or what I think on that or anybody else thinks about someone else’s spiritual growth. I did hear somebody say one time that we were not to judge but we could be fruit inspectors. It was meant as a joke, btw. maybe there is some truth to some jokes. I don’t know.

    On God’s plan, I don’t always get it either. I can only share what I believe. I do not believe he causes the bad things in life to happen, It is easy for me to believe that there is a god of this world as the bible says whose name is satan. Why would I not when I believe in God and He says it is so. I believe that God can take what is done and make it work for good in our lives when we allow Him to. So, yeah, I believe God is ultimately in charge and quite capable of taking care of our business as He sees fit for us when we allow Him to. However I don’t believe He said we would have a rose colored garden. In fact, He said if He were persecuted, how much more would we be? so yeah, pretty lucky and blessed to be living here in the U.S.A. at least for now.


    An interesting little ditty about perspective.

    I’m crossing my fingers it goes through this time…

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