Political Quiz

My quiz results

                 In-ter-resting….. Go take the quiz and let me know how you score!

            I am Centrist, imagine that! I know you all are probably very surprized, Yes?I warned all of you that I am a sucker for this stuff. Yep, that’s me, stuck right in the middle where all the common sense people reside…Certainly not with the Moonbats or any extreme..don’t you wish your girlfriend were centrist like me? (notice I did not say sexy (although I am, or a freak like me, referring to a song by the pussycat dolls just in case ya were in an extreme left state of mind:).


  1. Libertarian leaning to right conservative.
    Your PERSONAL issues Score is 70%.
    Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 80%.

    Though i think the questions are a bit different, i’ve taken this elsewhere and it came up Conservative.

    You go MK, I would not have guessed! LOL!:)

  2. If that is your chart, you’re hardly a centrist, you’re in the same spot as I am 🙂

    Imagine that, perhaps that is why I like you..yes?:)

  3. I was a spot on in the middle Centrist.

    You go Spot on…lol!:) I love this kind of stuff, dunno how some of them work to get the conclusions..still fun..

  4. I’m a conservative??? When did that happen. The democrats might throw me out for admitting that. LOL

    Its hysterical, isnt it? I’m a centrist…according to the quiz.. Amazing what we might learn about ourselves.
    LOL!:) Hugs too today to you..hope it is a good day for ya!

  5. Hey Ladies: I am formerly known as MK Rules by the way! It says….

    I am a STATIST! I swear I am not a commie! LOL!

    That is too funny girl! LOL!

  6. It could be 🙂 after all, great minds think alike, don’t they?

    and they usually are hard to keep in line right? :)!

  7. I too am a Centrist. I have never heard of this term before-lol.

    We all just getting so smart, whoo hoo! :)!LOL!

  8. I be a libertarian – but no surprise – I kinda knew that. And I don’t know, Ange, you a centrist? I’m wondering about that. 😉

    Actually. I thought it funny too. I dunno, quiz said I was open minded, my question is: to what? 🙂 I know I lean on the conservative side..I have taken these and they said I was a libertarian..who knows? Me thinks I’m an independent conservative..with some strong die hard beliefs..LOL!:)

  9. I am so not into politics, but I took the quiz. I’m Libertarian leaning a little to the right side of the chart. Not entirely sure what that means, but here are my stats:

    Your PERSONAL issues Score is 60%.
    Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 80%.

    LIBERTARIANS support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters. They advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence. Libertarians tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.

    Yea, I guess that sounds kind of like me.

    Hey Shades, I kinda knew that about ya!:) I am such a sucker for quizzes, I never meant this blog to be a political blog,,dunno what happened. guess shocked at what is going on. Love ya!

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