Smoking Ban

Ban the Ban!

January 9th, 2008

Please stop over and sign my friend, Ryan’s petition to stop the smoking ban in Wisconsin!It doesn’t matter if you smoke or not, this is about property rights and business owners – who have risked their life savings on their investments – being able to allow the use of a legal substance on their private property. Please join with us and fight for private property rights in Wisconsin, and feel free to use the graphic below on your own website.  (All we ask is that you link the image to the petition.)

ban the ban

Gang, first it’s tobacco and transfats, next it will be red meat, perfume, etc, heck, one state is trying to pass a law against cursing in bars..I could not believe that last one I read on the Pro Patria blog. When and where does it stop? Listen, this is not about smoking…this is about your personal freedoms. Trust me, this is only the beginning.

Thanks to PheistyBlog » Blog Archive » Ban the Ban! for photo above.



  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Angie! 🙂

    You are so welcome Pheistychick! Thank you for the great photo!

  2. We had a city ban here, but then the state ban in IL took over. Personally, I’m a non-smoker, and I love it when we go out to eat. But it’s getting a bit ridiculous. They are now talking about a state-wide leaf burning ban.

    It is getting ridiculous. The problem is when they do this,then they do something else…I call em the Nazis. :). Seriously, We nor business owners should have Big brother continously telling us who to serve. What to eat, and now trying to tell us what we can say or not say. In some places, they have tried to ban perfumes or anything with a scent. I understand people objecting to being around smoke. Let’s face it, some are not very polite..but when a restaurant owner has spent a lot of money (I know one particularly) to keep it ventilated and created very separate dining areas, then it just does not make sense. Some places are not done well, we then have the choice. I have smoked and not smoked. The point is all the rest of it.. if they keep on the bandwagon with legal substances they will not stop there. I say,, Just make it illegal, then it would make more sense. 🙂 sorry for the rant, I just love our freedoms that are eroding and not too slowly at that.

  3. Thanks for helping to spread the word and the link, Angie 🙂 Every little bit helps!

  4. What? You guys just don’t get it do you!

    BAN Smoking and Legalize Marijuana!

    DUH! What is so hard to understand????

    (In case it is not obvious… this is sarcasm in a very huge way.)

    Yo Girlfriend! You go girl! :)! LOL!

  5. It’s like prohibition, but with smokes. So much for freedom of choice.

    It’s really funny watching the older movies and everyone smokes. Nowadays, that’s even left out of movies. Even Airplane! has smoking. “I picked the wrong day to quit smoking…”

    It is funny and looks kinda strange doesnt it? I do love those old movies..:) the old sitcoms too!

  6. It is very much like prohibition… Except prohibition made more sense since the pitfalls of alcohol outweigh the dangerous of smoking ten fold.

    To the anti-smoking crowd, this is a personal agenda. They hate smokers. They hate smoke. They hate the smell. They all seem to have a family member or friend or the nephew’s step-sibling’s cousin’s mother’s best friend who dies of lung cancer 30 years ago…

    They are just angry people who want to push their views on everybody else…

    It is true that alcohol has destroyed a lot of lives, not to mention the deaths on the highway, drugs too btw!
    Most just do not understand that when they unleash and it has been is the first step on the highway to loss of freedoms and America as we knew it.. sounds dramatic but I believe it!

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