The Hidden Key to Cosmo Headlines:


I have always found the different personalities fascinating. In fact, I remember as a little girl noticing how my maternal and paternal grandparents differed. I then took it upon my mouthy self to ask one of them, why did she not marry my other grandfather as it was clear they were very much alike and for that matter, my grandfather (her spouse) was just like my other grandmother. She gave me an answer that stuck and has much more meaning to me today. “It takes one to brake and one to pull”! Think about it.

It should have come as no surprise that this fascination continued in my adulthood and I went on to teach the temperaments at Universities, Teachers, and many other professional groups for quite some time.

So now you can see why this article caught my eye…I wanted to share it with you. I am sure many of you are as me and notice in the sitcoms and movies and books we read.. there are usually 4 temperaments you can pick out..And by the way, just who might we be?

The Hidden Key to Cosmo Headlines:
Sex and the City?

Sex and the City

This is a guest post by  Jeff Sexton

I bet you didn’t know that the main characters of HBO’s Sex and the City represent one of the better examples of the four personality temperaments, did you?

Just about every personality typing system—from Hippocrates’ humors to Myers-Briggs/Keirsey or DISK—groups personalities into four primary temperaments. Only the labels differ:

  • sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic
  • spontaneous, methodical, competitive, humanistic
  • artisan, guardian, rational, idealist

and so on.

And, yes, each major character on Sex and the City typifies one of the four temperaments:

  • Carrie serves as the Humanistic hub that brings all the others together, and she discusses and writes about her feelings and relationships
  • Samantha, the here-and-now, “I’ll try anything,” confident hedonist, represents the Spontaneous temperament
  • Miranda’s hard-edged, skeptical, career-minded “voice-of-reason” perspective corresponds to the Competitive temperament
  • Charlotte’s more traditional, conservative concern for “The Rules” marks her as a Methodical

And, yes, Dorothy, this pattern applies to many more shows than just Sex and the City. Star Trek’s Bones, Kirk, Spock and Scottie also fall into this pattern, as well as Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Rabbit, and even the Tin Man, the Lion, the Scarecrow, and Dorothy, herself. If four principle characters are involved, they’ll probably line up with the temperaments.



  1. A long, long time ago when i first saw that program i saw that Samantha woman, doing the naughty on some delivery guy, that was a bit of a shock.

    Yeah, confident hedonist, that’s a fancy way of putting it. 😀

    Good to see you’re back Angie.

    Hi MK, Thanks, Glad to be back, even in spurts..I have missed you all. Yep, it was a bit of a shock, are we shockproof now? Is there anything they will not put on programs in primetime? lol!:)

  2. Now that you figured out who I am (bwahahahha) can I add you to my blogroll?

    I would be honored especially if you would let me add you to mine? lol!:)

  3. Absolutely!

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