Person of the Year


‘No one is born with a stare like Vladimir Putin’s. The Russian President’s pale blue eyes are so cool, so devoid of emotion that the stare must have begun as an affect, the gesture of someone who understood that power might be achieved by the suppression of ordinary needs, like blinking. The affect is now seamless, which makes talking to the Russian President not just exhausting but often chilling. It’s a gaze that says, I’m in charge.’reference Time Magazine

Personally I think Time Magazine has a crazy way of choosing their ‘Person of the Year’.If you did not know their reasons and when you do know their reasons, it would seem to me that ‘Person of the Year’ would be someone that contributed to the betterment of soceity.For the life of me, I cannot see how a former KGB operative and suspected Murderer could be given such esteem.



  1. It’s a nuance thing Angie, they like to think of it as the person who influences things around the world, good or bad. Us ordinary folks think that’s called moral bankruptcy and also think that indicates they don’t know right and wrong. Apparently they lost a lot of readers when the Ayatollah was on their front page. I hear that National Review has chosen General David Petraeus as their person of the year, what a fine choice.

    I ditched TIME a long time ago and have been with NR for a while now and i ain’t changing.

    I stopped with Time too a pretty good while ago. I take a weekly news magazine now, can’t even remember the’s that work? must be CRS! LOL!:)

  2. *sigh* This left me speechless really. Sometimes you just gotta wonder… WTF?

    You got it Myst..ya gotta think, What are they thinking?

  3. common!!!! Putin is such a hansom man i just posted some photo art to prove that he deserves to be the best of best in terms of torso:)remember his photos published recently. I think TIME just can value real masculine beauty:)))
    i mean that do not we take all this TIME/PUTIN love brand new tsar BS too seriously?? :))

    Welcome photopunch, well, I don’t think he’s even slightly cute, if he is charming, his photo’s don’t show it. However, he may very well leave his KGB murderous side at the office and be ‘all that’ at home. Who can say?
    I don’t like Time either but since it has been awhile since I purchased the mag rag, who knows? There may be something inside there interesting too. I just doubt I shall ever know..:) Love your last sentence. Come back and visit again, got a feeling you got some good humor for us..

  4. That shot looks like it was taken at the wax museum.
    Time magazine states that the winners are choosen because of their influence and impact on our society and the world in general.
    In 1979 it was Ayatullah Khomeini ,1982 The Computer ,1988 Endangered Earth ( Jimmy Carters legacy),1976 Jimmy Carter (the worst administration in our countrys history) . And the winner of all winners was in 1938,Adolf Hitler.
    ya gotta wonder.

    Ya do indeed gotta wonder, Micky2. Don’t think I be caring too much for Time in any case. Your statement
    “That shot looks like it was taken at the wax museum.” made my day, laughed too long cuz it is just too right on!

  5. Uh… yeah… Putin is handsome in the “I like to be shoved out of a moving car by an @$$hole on the first date” kind of way.

    I be loving your take pynkmyst. I sure would hate to be be the one on a first date with him. I might jump out of the moving car.:)

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