Creative excuse for fornication

Hat tip to MK’s Views – Down under on the right side

check out the blog above, it is a cut above…

FOXNews – At the exact moment of the winter solstice, the world is urged to get busy at the second annual Global Orgasm for World Peace. People across the world — but especially in countries with “weapons of mass destruction and places where violence is used in place of medication” — are being asked to synchronize their orgasms, according to the group’s Web site. This group session of sexual healing, aka The Big O, is designed to be an “instantaneous surge of human biological, mental and spirtual energy” that organizers hope will reduce levels of violence, hatred and fear around the world during this, the longest night of the year.

“Is there any doubt that these are bunch of stupid leftists, who else could come up with such a stupid idea?” quote by MK.

My sentiments exactly, MK. They obviously have no morals, loss of human dignity appeals to them.



  1. Thanks for the link back Angie, Merry Christmas to you and your readers.

    Hey MK, you be so welcome. Merry Christmas is over now, but Happy New Year to ya!

  2. Oh for cripes sakes – don’t they get that oppressed societies, such as those in the Middle East are angry because sex is so taboo (72 virgins, women flogged for being raped, etc.) and the last thing they are going to do is ‘sin’ and have a big “o”

    And sex for sex’s sake does not forward peace or stop violence in any way. Sex without love is like slapping to sirloins together at the meat counter in the grocery store.


    Whoo hoo! you go girl! love your take, and I agree big time!! Happy New Year to ya!
    by the way, is it just me or are there a lot of crazies in the world?

  3. wait, this makes no sense.. I thought that babies/reproduction/pleasure were all deemed bad for the environment by the left… Ugh, see now that’s the problem with the left. Always full of contradictions. just when you think you’ve pegged them, they change the rules on you.

    Hey arclight, do the moonbats, 🙂 ever make any sense? You are so right, why don’t they make up their mind and stick to it? 🙂

  4. I heard about this. Hubby and I had opinions similar to yours. Additionally, there’s always the question: just how do you coordinate this??? 🙄

    Beats me Shades, but then all this just confounds me…:)

  5. Umm.. yeah this was clearly something a guy came up with cuz last chat with my girlfriends this is not exactly something to be timed… not exactly instant….

    There are so many things wrong with this… but think of the marketing and money making opportunities! You could have special “solstice condoms” the tag line could be “the right choice for the longest night of the year!” Oh oh oh… and pharmacies could run “after solstice specials” hmmm… the tag line could be… “discount on prescriptions to treat your longest lasting std from the longest night of the year!” (Because really… I doubt they would use condoms… just think of the MASSIVE CARBON FOOTPRINT! I mean… are they biodegradable?) Oh but hey, there is always the “morning after the longest night discount.” I could go on and on and on… ooops wait… better not… what time was I supposed to … eh… “stop” crappity… the time zones have me all messed up. *sigh*

    Here is what really puzzles me… really… humor me here…

    It is easier to believe that a mass global orgasm can save the world but IMPOSSIBLE to believe in a God that created it.


    ‘Play Misty for me keeps going through my brain… can these people really be for real? Do they really believe this crap or do they just want attention? Not hard to imagine how our Nation has gotten into such a mess with moonbats trying to run it. I love your last sentence “It is easier to believe that a mass global orgasm can save the world but IMPOSSIBLE to believe in a God that created it.” Totally agree, WTH?

  6. but if they made up their minds, stuck to it and (gasp!) made any sense at all, we would have all of our fun taken away! Part of the enjoyment of being “right of center” is being able to look across at the moonbats and laugh as they flounder all over the place 🙂

    Great attitude, arclightzero. They are kind of pathetic. What in the world would we have to be appalled about without the moonbats?
    What would frustrate us so much we would feel the need to express it on wordpress? My we would have no more funnies..:)

  7. Oh, I dunno. There’s always wayward “republican” RINOs to get your blood boiling 😉

    My blood has boiled a little too much for comfort. Sometimes I wonder where they came from..oh, they are mostly from the law profession, right?

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