Let’s say Thanks

Let’s Say Thank you,hat tip to Angel from Woman, honor thyself


  1. Doesn’t the sign for “Thank You” start with the hand on your chin and then it comes forward? I didn’t think it started at the shoulder…

    Beats me, I don’t really know, How can we find out? LOL!

  2. Good on ya, i’ll be spreading the message..

    Great MK!

  3. I’m not sure if this will copy correctly: The website (with pictures) is http://www.lifeprint.com

    Thank you
    The sign for “thank you” is made by touching your lips with the front of the fingers of your right hand.
    Your hand should be an “open-b.”

    Move your hand away from your face, palms upward.

    Thanks Accountable, perhaps the other is especially for the soldiers? I don’t know.


    Note: If you use two hands with this sign it means you are “very” grateful.

    Note: This sign can also be interpreted to mean “good.”

  4. Yup–starts at the chin: http://www.aslpro.com/cgi-bin/aslpro/phrases.cgi

    This website is interesting. The “signers” look kinda pissed off. Take this lady:


    That looks like she’s giving an obscene gesture!

    The overall message of the video is a good one. Liked the video–even if they are a little off on the ASL. 😉

    Is interesting. and certainly do want to say thanks.., Too funny about the gesture..:)! and yes, it is the intent of the message, I think..

  5. Oh, it didn’t carry over exactly what I saw. For that first link, click on “conversational phrases” then “T” and then find “Thank You.”

    For the second link, click on “Main Dictionary” then “T” and then find “Thank.” The “Thank” lady looks kinda angry.

    Will do it Shades, I thought she looked a little ticked too then thought maybe that was her contemplating or reflecting look,:)

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