Told you I need change, so it is the Christmas Season! I’m getting in the groove, Just as soon as it is over, I will be probably be back to Connections but then ya never know as life truly is like a box of chocolates!


  1. Fair enough!!

    Uh, what’s fair? I know you be fair, I be fair, fair of face? yes that’s it! 🙂

  2. You did warn that you change layouts at the drop of a hat!! LOL!!

    For me, fair skinned! Very fair skin. 😀

    yeah, I’m sort of medium, however there is another kind of fair..fair as in a cutey!:)

  3. I don’t think fair is extreme enough for me. I’m more uncolored than fair.

    Hey girlfriend, that’s the new Cool, or was it the new Natural, anyhoo it ain’t bad! I heard…LOL!:)

  4. I like this layout. I almost changed my (private) blog to this layout, but it seemed popular so I used Iceburgg. I like this one a lot, though. Good work! 😎

    Hey girlfriend, I like yours, thought it was awesome, This one seemed to represent the Christmas Holiday for me.

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