Fair, you decide.

By Debbie Schlussel

This was so good, I reprinted from Author above, please check out her link.

All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

That’s what George Orwell wrote in his 1945 novella, “Animal Farm.”

And so it goes in 2007 at Target.

The retail giant employs Muslims and Christians (and those of many other religions). But the former is far more equal than the latter at the home of Isaac Mizrahi cheap chic and Archer Farms foods.

target2.jpgtarget.jpgislamiccrescent.jpgnochristians.jpgEarlier this year, when Muslim cashiers decided to refuse to ring up pork and pepperoni pizza at the checkout lane, Target allowed this to go on. The retailer insisted that it respect and accommodate the extreme religious beliefs of its Muslim employees despite the cost and hassle to the customer and the retailer. The practice held up lines and required double teams of cashiers to keep up with the Muslims do-and-don’t lists of scanning and ringing up items. And the practice is ongoing.

But that was then (for Muslims). This is now (for Christians). And now, Brian Bundy of Swartz Creek, Michigan, is gone from his job at Target. He was fired because, unlike its Muslim employees, Target would not accommodate his Christian religious beliefs. That’s even though–unlike the Muslim cashiers–Bundy informed Target of his beliefs before he was hired by Target Corporation. And Target assured him they would accommodate him.

Bundy is a pharmacist. It is against his religious beliefs to fill prescriptions for the “morning after” pill a/k/a “Plan B,” which is used to terminate pregnancy in the 72 hours after unprotected sex. When he was hired by Target, the retailer told him that he could refer those who wanted the drug to another pharmacy.

But since then, Target changed its tune. At the time, the drug was not available over the counter. Now, it is, and Bundy did not want to dispense it. Target insisted he provide it to over-the-counter customers. He balked. Instead of accommodating Bundy’s religious beliefs like it did with Muslims who won’t ring up pig products, Target fired him. Target’s rationale: It’s bad for business. Customers won’t put up with it, and Target will lose money.

I am not saying I agree with Bundy’s beliefs. But whether or not you agree with Bundy’s beliefs–and many Christians do not–is not the issue. Many Muslims claim they do not agree with the mostly-Somali Muslim cashiers who would not ring up pork and other pig products. In fact, in Muslim-owned gas stations all over Detroit, Muslims sell pig products–even though profiting from that is against Islamic law–to make a buck. The issue is that Target is saying “We will accommodate Muslims and their demands, but we will not do the same for Christians.”

If Target fired Bundy–and it did–it must also fire its Muslims cashiers. Or it must rehire Bundy and give him back pay. But at Target there is no equality of religious faiths. One is “more equal” than all others. And it’s Islam.

And therein lies the problem. How many customers stopped shopping at Target over the Islamic cashiers and their Sharia checkout lanes? How many continue to express their anger to Target over the Muslim indignance once it’s time to ring up? Not enough, because instead of patronizing its customers, Target kowtowed to its strident Muslim employee population and still does. Target probably lost very little in its bottom line as a result of making you wait while another cashier is found to ring up your bacon. When Muslim customers (and moreso fake “customers” generated by militant groups like CAIR) are angry, businesses never hear the end of it.

Now, Bundy is suing Target. He was hired in April 2006 and fired seven months later for his religious beliefs. Target responds that,while it values the “diversity” of its pharmacists and their religious beliefs,

We have an obligation to meet the needs of the guests we serve . . . particularly when it comes to their health care needs.

But what about the needs of the guests Target serves after they’ve been waiting in a long line, and they suddenly discover they must wait again, while an employee is found to ring up their dinner?

Is meeting a Target customer’s immediate hunger needs less important than making sure they kill all life after a night of unprotected sex?

Who’s to say? Different Target customer’s have different needs. And Target is saying one set of religious beliefs–the ones of the 19 hijackers who murdered over 3,000 Americans . . . and their fellow co-religionists who’ve murdered so very many more–are more important than another set of religious beliefs.

That’s nothing short of religious discrimination, and it violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964, by failing to make reasonable accommodations for Bundy’s religious beliefs. Why accomodate the Muslims’ religious beliefs and not his? Why are they more important to Target?

This isn’t the first time Target’s picking on Christians while pandering to Muslims. In 2005, it forbade the use of “Merry Christmas” by cashiers. That policy changed because customers got angry and it was covered in mainstream media outlets, like the Wall Street Journal, giving Target a black eye. But Target also banned the Salvation Army (a Christian charity) from raising money for the poor outside its stores during the holiday season. That policy remains unchanged, though Target is now selling a gift package few will buy, the proceeds of which will go to the Salvation Army.

The bottom line is that Target will accomodate Muslim beliefs no matter how extreme, but not Christian ones.

George Orwell’s prescient pronouncement lives on 52 years later in the checkout lane at Target. And Islam is the “most equal” and revered animal of them all, all because they attacked us and we must bend over to make up for . . . them attacking us?!

The more you shop at Target and keep your disapproval to yourself, the more it will go on. And get worse.

The Salvation Army and Brian Bundy, first. You, sometime soon.

Think about that when you decide where to drop your holiday–and everyday–spending cash.



  1. What is good for one should be good for the other. This is insane.

    I agree, but ya know that ain’t the norm. I told Accountable at least when they insult our faith, we don’t march to behead em or give em 40 lashes! Sometimes I think common sense here has gone out the window, just hope they don’t throw the baby out too! LOL!:)

  2. Well, Dang it Ang… I really like shopping at Target too. I think I’ll have to do all my shopping at Meijers this year. I really don’t like K-Mart & Wal-Mart. Meijers it is!

    Me too, like it much better. Darn it, why can’t people treat Christians with respect too?
    At least we don’t behead or lash them if we don’t like what they say!:)

  3. Great article. I do think though that one of the main reasons Target has given preferrential treatment to its Muslim employees is because the company originates in France. France has one of the highest Muslim populations, per capita, in the western world. They are already accustomed to accomodating them, check their laws. They have also become somewhat anti Christian – and of course they’d want to force an employee to sell the morning after pill, the French are notorious for their sexual dalliances. Just my opinion.

    Good thoughts and bet you are right. Your opinions are usually right on! However, they (as in Target) are not right! 🙂

  4. “At least we don’t behead or lash them if we don’t like what they say! :)”

    That’s why organizations like Target don’t care for Christians. It’s always the case, the more violent and intolerant you are the more attention you get. Thanks for posting.

    Thank you, for the same.Value your perspectives.

  5. I’ll cross-post this, spread the word..

    Awesome, MK,

  6. […] Dhimmi Target and Christian Beliefs December 7, 2007 at 1:33 am | In Dhimmitude | Detroit News – A pharmacist who opposes abortion filed a federal lawsuit Friday against Target Corp., alleging the store fired him for refusing to dispense the “morning-after pill.” Brian Bundy of Swartz Creek alleges in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit that “as a result of his sincerely held religious belief that life begins at conception, (he) cannot dispense a drug that would terminate that life if used.” Bundy alleges in his complaint he informed Target of his strong Christian beliefs before he was hired in April 2006 and was told he could refer customers wanting a prescription for the drug to another pharmacy. Hat tip This and That. […]

    You go MK! Super!

  7. Wow, what a great and eye-opening article! That really is unfair to respect some employees religious beliefs and not others.

    I do love Target, but I might have to boycott… I am a Christian after all (and stubbornly opposed to waiting in a long line). 😉

    Great post!

    I have always liked Target too MKRules, but I feel the same, for me to continue to shop there or anyother place that obviously have no use or respect for our faith is more empowerment for them. I hate waiting in lines too! Gag!

  8. […] Detroit News – A pharmacist who opposes abortion filed a federal lawsuit Friday against Target Corp., alleging the store fired him for refusing to dispense the “morning-after pill.” Brian Bundy of Swartz Creek alleges in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit that “as a result of his sincerely held religious belief that life begins at conception, (he) cannot dispense a drug that would terminate that life if used.” Bundy alleges in his complaint he informed Target of his strong Christian beliefs before he was hired in April 2006 and was told he could refer customers wanting a prescription for the drug to another pharmacy. Hat tip This and That. […]

    Thanks for stopping by, checked your blog and loved it!

  9. I am growing more and more frustrated with this preferential treatment. Equality is a good thing, but what we are facing is not equality at all. Rights, freedoms, equality… They should all be level. Nobody should get preferential treatment or special privileges in the name of rights or political correctness.

    We ran into this problem here (Target is based here too) because the Muslim cashiers were refusing to touch pork products and would hold up lines while they waited for non-muslims to come and scan the items for them. If you ask me, if you cannot do the job 100%, then you don’t get the job. But because they had to accommodate their religion and make everybody happy, they were making other people’s lives more difficult.

    Yes agree with you. Strange how those that would wage war and teach hatred would be given such preferential treatment. And then again, maybe not.

  10. The more I read, the more I kept thinking is this for real?! The closest Target for us is 2 hrs away so I don’t go more than a few times a year. We have a couple super Wal-marts close by and I have heard some doozy stories, but this takes the cake.

    I just keep thinking…what next!!

    Me too, girl! We probably don’t want to know..LOL!:)

  11. Hi Angie, nice blog. I’m almost ashamed to admit I was browsing at Target last night. I had no idea about all this. The store was brimming with business. I have to imagine that the majority of consumers were equally unaware or chose to ignore if they had knowledge. I believe it to be a combination of both. Perhaps some simply don’t care after knowing. I care though, it matters to me. There is an unspoken standard here.

    Hi, Pink Biz, I agree that most just do not know. The media just does not cover or should I say ‘make much noise or ado’ about anything that would affect Christians in a negative way. Unless, it is covering Christianity or somene who as a christian really messed up..(“ya know, if a mouse gets in a cookie jar, that does not make it a cookie” one of my fav quotes from Corrie Ten Boom.)then they will put a very negative spin on that..

  12. Here is my story from the beginning of the month. Sorry, It’s long.

    I’ve made some bad choices, but my worst was accepting the promotion which cost me everything. After 9-11 and the passing of my father, I chose to switch career fields. As a school business administrator, my summers were crazy and I never saw my wife—a teacher—and kids during their off time.

    I worked retail in high school and college and loved it, so I joined Target. In my six plus years with Target, I never once said “No” to a new challenge. I moved to four different stores, each position gaining opportunity and responsibility. My last move and promotion came with only three days notice in April of 2006 taking me from Louisville, KY to Elmira, NY to open a new store. Target was months behind getting someone into the store and needed me quickly. My wife and I had discussed the possibilities before hand and knew, eventually, my relocation would be necessary for promotion. Several of my peers had relocated with Target and told me Target’s policy was to buy your house if you can’t sell it. After speaking with the relocation company and my superiors, they confirmed the buyout situation, so off I went.

    Long story short, an egregious home inspector with a chip on his shoulder created a list of deficiencies which we corrected. A second, third and fourth inspector came, creating more lists and making new call outs. In the end, my house was not bought because of wording deemed exclusionary on the very last contract, on the very last day. This part of the story involves a blizzard and getting caught in the car for seventeen hours on the way to a Target meeting on the same day the contract expired. I digress.

    The purchase of my new home in New York was based on the buyout numbers promised for the house in Kentucky. Since we were pressured to buy immediately, I used credit cards to cover expenses for inspections, storage, and a host of other moving expenses, since the whole moving experience was a 90 day turnaround. We would have to cover the costs. Did I mention this entire experience occurred while my wife was trying to finish up the school year and inspectors, realtors, relocators and Target people frequently called her ten to fifteen times per day while she was teaching?

    When the buyout didn’t happen, my wife had to stay in Kentucky and keep her job to pay for the extra house. We switched to an interest only loan to afford the payments and my wife moved in with her family. Did I mention she had health issues, almost dying during this timeframe? Fortunately, I had my in-laws to care for her and my fifteen year old son since I could not leave my store, even when she was in the hospital. Again, I digress.

    We have survived all of this for two years now: two years of double house payments, the worst home market in decades and compounded interest on credit cards purchases which were supposed to only be short term and costly trips back and forth so my wife can see our kids once each month. Additionally, this part of the story involves the sudden death of my father in-law (Oct 31, 2007): a firefighter, United States Air Force NCO and good friend. Last time, I digress.

    Now, let me discuss my store which opened in a brand new Target market at 130% of goal even with up and down economy fluctuations, new staff, and all new management. Sometimes my team didn’t know what to do; our first quarter was crazy. After six months, things leveled out. My store is one of the top in the region with employee satisfaction, guest service, operational measurements and—for the past four months—one of only a few regional stores to achieve Target’s highest honor: “golden contribution” for financial measurements including sales, payroll, productivity and expenses. My sales were ten percent up in November and the trend should have continued.

    Today, three weeks before Christmas, Target fired me. Why? On very few and rare occasions, I had to bring my children to work. I would say my daughter went to work with me four times in two years and my son not significantly more. Combined, they were at the store for maybe two visits during the last eight months. These occasions generally revolved around sickness, someone picking them up at the store, or my wife coming into or leaving town during her monthly visit. They never involved my entire shift of work.

    I am not used to being a single parent and do not consider myself one. We are a family separated by Target’s false promises. My daughter is ten and my son is fifteen and ADHD. My kids want to be helpful. They visit with my team when they are in the store and generally stay out of the way. My son is getting close to job age and wants to help and show he knows where things go. He follows me around and tries to help whenever possible. When I catch him trying to stock the shelves or help in any way, my standard response is “Stop, do you want to get me fired?” which is exactly what happened.

    On this occasion he wanted to keep me company because he had been out of town visiting mom, our family and attending his Grandfather’s funeral. He was hanging around the store when she brought him back since I had to work during the ten hours she was in town. He would follow me and try to take signs out of sign holders as I was taking the advertised signs down, carry a box, etc. I corrected him several times.

    Understandably, as a leader, I need to insure no one works without being paid; my entire team can attest to the fact that I ensure that. I also understand if I brought my kids to work with the intention of having them perform labor or allowed them to work, I would suffer the consequences. Ultimately, I didn’t object strongly enough to my kids trying to be helpful. Now, I am $30,000 – 40,000 in debt, have no savings, no job, two house payments and I am 650 miles from home, with no way to get back. Did I mention I lost a substantial five figure bonus, medical coverage and my pension?

    Wish me luck; I’m going to need it. My family is going to need it.

    jgdeneen, sorry somehow does not cut it for what I feel for you and your family going through this. This is the first day I have been on here for quite a while due to things going on and your comment was the first of many waiting for approval.

    It seems to me and I will bet anybody who reads what you and your family have been through will agree that you have been treated unfairly. Have you checked with anyone about a possible litagation suit or is Target exempt from humane hiring and firing practices?

    Please let us hear how things are going, My prayer is that 2008 will be so much better. Perhaps one of the competitor stores would love to get someone like you. You certainly have my prayers and I know the readers will lift you in prayer also.

  13. writerchick, Target has nothing to do with France other than that stupid pronunciation people do to try to be cute. You are right about muslims. New hiring policies just came into place because of this.

  14. If the Muslims hijacking (no pun intended;-) Target’s check out lanes doesn’t get you, jg’s story should. I deplore companies who have no regard for the people who work for them. And the more dedicated, the worse they’re/we’re treated.

    God’s Blessings on you and your family, jg.

    Frankly, I don’t like Target, anyway, and the only time I go is when I’m visiting Mom & Sis in NC b/c it’s convenient. No loss to me in avoiding them, but I will make sure this gets out!!

    Thanks, Angie, glad I nosed around!!

    Glad you did too wordfor it. Here’s hugs coming your way and lots of God’s blessings!:)!

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