I’m Excited!


Now bear in mind, while it does not take much to get me excited, after all, I am a little bit country, not much but just enough. After all, I am from Ky..oh my, is that a meme?

 I learned how to do something on here that I have been admiring in Writer chick and Mrs Metaphor.  When I visit their awesome blogs, (would I visit one that was not?) lol! I noticed that they always replied in the same comment box of their visitor. I thought..how they do that? I could not get the box to cooperate with me.. Well, (I know that is a very deep subject) I really really looked at you know, the thingamajig where you approve and all that. Noticed where it said edit….now before you roll on the floor laughing at my ignorance with tech.. just keep in mind I am rather quick in some things, not all things lol! Anyhoo, Ta La! it worked. I am excited though I will never be as skilled as those two when it comes to tech. Heck, who knows what I may be able to accomplish in a year or so? Now before you get to missing my avatar in my replies, just remember when you are approved, you are replied to. LOL!

Whoo Hoo, now if I could just get my act together in other ways..


  1. Too funny, Ang. Too funny!! I noticed that too about Mrd. M’s site and thought about doing that too. But, nah… I’m too lazy to do so.

    Hey girlfriend, if I can do it, anybody can do it…you probably just smart, not lazy! Hey that reminds me, I read an article the other day that said patient people were really just lazy, are you patient? lol!

  2. I can be patient, but I am also a procrastinator. 🙂 Maybe I’ll start too. Mrs. M: You’ve started a trend! LOL

    We always knew she was a trendsetter! She’s probably a writer for the Nashville Trendsetter! That could be a post Accountable, Who is the Mrs.? too fun!
    Whoo Hoo! love that Mrs M.

  3. LOL I just read that comment on a site I was on!!!

    Accountable isn’t lazy, she’s a free spirit, yeah, yeah that’s it!

    There you go, that’s exactly what she is! anybody that exercises pretty regularly and has babies that just weaned is not lazy! LOL!

  4. congrats Angie!
    You have just moved up from neophyte status. LOL – it’s so fun figuring this dang stuff out, isn’t it? If you have any questions on how to do stuff, shoot me an email, I may be able to help.

    You are just too good, Thanks for your sharing! I do appreciate you and
    promise to buy your murder mystery! LOL!

  5. Although I have also said, “I’m not lazy! Just efficient!”

    There ya go! sounds good to me girlfriend!

  6. Also, I “just” figured out how to organize my blogrollinto different categories/topics!! What a dork I am. 😛

    Hey girlfriend, so share already, I am still a dork! Duh!

  7. PS… Have I mentioned yet how much I like your layout!

    Gotta tell ya, I get bored with same look, Ya just never know with me here today gone tomorrow what can I say!:) Have I told ya lately
    I like yours mucho too?

  8. Go to Blogroll and in the next line is Categories. From there you can make whatever you want.

    To change your blogroll, I think it’s manage and selevt the “edit” option. You can change the settings there. Does that make sense?

    No, but I shall check it out and will give you many cyber hugs if works. I am a bit of a Duh myself when it comes to this. 🙂

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