I’m Just a Little Kid

Thanksgiving was great with the kiddo’s. It seems to be a day of excess. Excess food, joy with each other, and an excess of dishes. I read somewhere that it takes 18 hours to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner and 12 minutes to eat it. Now how long is the clean up? lol!

My grandson who is 4 years old seems to like destroying his room and he can do it rather quickly. My daughter told him, “Jacob, go to your room and get everything off that floor, You can’t even walk in there”. ” His reply: “But Mom, I’m just a little kid, I can’t do it by myself”. To which daughter said, ” Get in there right now  and do what I told you or you will be staying in there for a very long timeout.”. After 30 minutes of whining, etc: he told her he had done the job. Daughter goes to inspect, how nice, nothing on the floor, so impressed, and then noticed the closet. All was piled in there knee high to a grasshopper, what could she do? she only told him to get it off the floor.



  1. Whoa! 18 hours to prepare a thanksgiving dinner? That’s nuts. Either those people prepare a frightening amount of food, or they spend 14 hours yapping and 4 hours cooking 🙂

    This year my dad single-handedly prepared the full dinner in about 2 hours (not counting waking up at 7 to put the prep the turkey and put it in the oven. Nut then again, it wasn’t a social affair for him. He was a cooking machine.

  2. Your Dad is an awesome guy! So neat that he will prepare the dinner. A lot of Dad’s would do take out or eat out! I bet it was just as good too!

    I guess when you count the time for homebaked goodies, It can add up, I have never counted the hours, I may try that arclightzero one day. It is just something I never really gave much thought, however I know people that start (and I was one of them years ago)on Monday. Lol! Ya know betcha there was a lot of yapping.

  3. I was a messy little kid. I remember one time when I was about 4 or 5 I built a “fortress” in my closet. I basically piled every toy I owned into an elaborate wall in front of the closet–and it went all the way to the top of the door. I could enter the walk-in closet through a little “porthole” of stuffed animals. I was so proud of myself I called for my mom to come and see what I built. I think her heart may have actually stopped for a moment! I was told to immediately clean it up! lol

    Shades, my Mama was a wonderful woman, howbeit a little bit of a perfectionist in her housekeeping! I swore when I grew up, I was gonna jump up and down on my bed and throw my clothes & toys around. Did too! :)!

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