Well the great debate is now on whether or not Obama should have fessed up to the students, what do you think? Is he encouraging them to think (as some have said) that they can do as he did and someday run for President? Or is it better for relating to them as some have said? Here’s the rest of the story:

Obama: Yes, I inhaled—that was the point

 Obama has discussed his past drug use on the campaign trail.

AUDUBON, Iowa (CNN) — Earlier this week in New Hampshire Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama spoke candidly about his past experimentation with drugs and alcohol in high school, and on Saturday—after a question on medicinal marijuana—Obama was prodded a bit further and asked whether or not he had ever inhaled.

“I did,” the senator from Illinois said to light applause. “It’s not something I’m proud of. It was a mistake as a young man.”

The question was a reference to a line made famous by former President Bill Clinton who, while admitting to trying marijuana, said he did not inhale.

“I never understood that line,” Obama continued. “The point was to inhale. That was the point.”

On the campaign trail on Saturday, GOP White House hopeful Mitt Romney said Obama’s earlier comments set a bad example for young people.

“I agree with the sentiment that nobody’s perfect and most of us, if not all of us, in our youthful years have engaged in various indiscretions we wouldn’t want to have paraded in the front of a newspaper,” the former Massachusetts governor said in New Hampshire. “On the other hand if we’re running for president, I think it’s important for us not to go into details about the weaknesses and our own failings as young people for the concern that we open kids thinking that it’s ok for them.”

On the issue of medicinal marijuana, Obama said that if the “best way to relieve pain and suffering is through medicinal marijuana,” then it’s something he’s open to.

He added it would concern him much more if people were allowed to grow their own to use whenever they were simply “feeling really tense” and “needed a joint.”

-CNN Iowa Producer Chris Welch



  1. Hey Angie,
    I have to be honest, this is something I don’t much care about. Like Romney said, we’ve all done stuff when we were young that we aren’t particularly proud of now. However, what does bother me is what seems like an attempt to seem ‘cool’ to a younger crowd. The man shouldn’t care if they think he is cool, he should be trying to (presumedly) raise their consciousness to a civic view, rather than a personal one. Presidents are there to lead society not be a rock star icon. And there is no lack of pop culture figures to do that.

  2. I agree completely. Very good points, WC.

  3. While I agree that honesty is a good thing, I have always lived by a very wise saying as told to me by my own father:

    “If no good can come by volunteering something, don’t. But don’t lie if asked about it”

    Obama should never have been open about this like he was. He doesn’t need to lie about it, but openly volunteering the information makes people wonder what he is trying to prove. As writercheck said, it almost looks like he was trying to come across as “cool” to the kids, which is not what a president should do. It’s not very role model-like behavior.

  4. I think he was probably trying to find a way to “clean out his closet” with the “threat” from the Hillary camp with regard to the dirt they had on him. I dunno. Seems like there could have been a better place to do it though… he spends enough time on Tyra – that would have been a great place, Oprah? John Stewart? These are all more “adult” audiences and I agree with WC, he would not have come accross as trying “to be all down with young peeps – fashizzle”

  5. I have no problem with Obama’s confession. He doesn’t flaunt it and he admits it was a mistake. It’s true we shouldn’t publically fess up to everything (like describing intricate details of our sex lives), but I can’t imagine that admitting he inhaled pot and that he now regrets it will permanently scar any of his young supporters.

  6. What is Romney trying to say, do as I say, not as I do? I have no problme with what Obama did/said. People should not make their own personal decisions about drug use, experimental or medical, based on comments from a presidential hopeful. I don’t consider any president of any country my moral compass.

    It’s nice advertising to have a funny line like, “that was the point” or “that’s because I read it” if you are a presidential hopeful. Comedy appeals to me, at least.

  7. Welcome Fightingwindmills,

    I think he be trying to say, elect me, elect me, not Obama…lol!

    While it would be nice to have moral leaders. The term is too broad today to define an individuals moral compass. It seems that what once was taught as right in now wrong and what was once taught as wrong is now right in our soceity. Go figure.

    As far as the Obama drug use? Too much ado about nothing. lol!

    It is a shame that sometimes politics is comedic. lol!

  8. Myst, You have made a very good point. He may well have been trying to clean out his closet with all the hullabaloo coming out about a scandal forthcoming.

    Pistol Pete, I agree, don’t think it will scar his young supporters. Thank God he didnt talk about his sex life, lol!

  9. arklightzero,

    Welcome, Thanks for stopping by.

    Very good advice from your Father.
    My Mom always said in a similar vein, “If you can’t say anything good about somebody, don’t say anything at all”.

    Now why can’t I learn to keep it zipped? lol!

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