Mouths of babes

It was one of those rushed hurried days, Hubby and I were frantically trying to get things put away in the kitchen.  We could barely hear our 8 year old daughter as she cried out, “Mama Daddy, I’m sick.” Her daddy yelled, “where you sick at?

“In the Living Room.” she said.



  1. Don’t you just love the simplicity of kids? This is sooo cute! It made my day. Thanks!

  2. Yes, I do, Crystal, and so honest too.
    They say the best!

  3. I love it! I have an “Out of the Mouths of Babes” page on my blog. Feel free to post anymore there too. What is so funny is adults do this too. We should create an Out of the Mouths of Adults…or Parents..or Teachers. Happy late Turkey Day!


  4. p.s.-Love your theme-I used to have this theme for my blog. Cool!

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