If a cluttered desk signifies a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk signify?

Yep, I got too much, too much stuff, pretty bad when you gotta rent space to stuff it all in.

I was reminded of this today when I visited my favorite blog over at mrsmetaphor‘s. You will want to check it out. Interesting, sharp chic thinker for our time. The post was about how we have stuff overflowing into our attic, basement, closets bulging, etc: The thought I came away with and I believe was in the undercurrent was this: How much of it is truly relevant to our life today? How much is emotional baggage tied to the past?

It hit me that truly this is what it was, my now grown daughter’s (she will always be my baby) things from her childhood (not everything but darn near) Clothes that I hope I will get my fat Arse into….Ah, I must admit that they are most likely history. Things that I tell myself I might want later. Things that are sentimental only to me. Things that I tell myself, someone in the family might want one day. Letters, Awards, Stuff..

I do donate fairly often (apparently not enough) to the Salvation Army. I give away things that I feel someone might need want or appreciate. (I share this so you won’t think I am a selfish hoarder.) Yet I am or I would not be holding on so tight to the past. I would be busy living today, enjoying the moment versus the Clutter of my mind, the waste of renting space…How would or will I feel when I can truly break free?

Oh, about the title, I had a litlle sign on my desk years back (bet its in all that clutter) that said this, thought it funny back then….second thoughts anyone?


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