I got too many whys, I will concede to that.

 I want to know why, why, why our government does not enforce the law on our borders?Why are we so complacent? so passive?

Am I flipping or did they not pass legislation to build a fence around our Southern borders?

Why do the border guards get arrested when they try to enforce the law? Common Sense says Don’t be a border guard, you will probably be arrested and by the way, you could get sued. In fact, we have been sued by a drug dealer that was shot in the process of smuggling people and drugs. Common Sense says we have no Common sense.

Why are we giving Mexico 150 million to help them with lawbreakers? Drug Smugglers?Common Sense says invest it here in our country to strengthen our borders.  Who do WE call? 911. Who responds? Law enforcement. Nobody calls the border patrol.

Why can drug lords get in? Does it not make sense that terroists can get in too?

Why is the town of Laredo Tx not receiving enough or (any) money to help them with keeping the law and keeping their people safe? Why have so many Americans from there been kidnapped? Why would we be so passive about 2 young women being kidnapped and given as gifts to Drug Lords across the border? Common Sense says IMHO that we need some money to protect our borders. If we must give Mexico Millions to help their enforcement of the law, why can’t we make it contingent upon helping us get back our sisters. daughters and sons they have kidnapped. 70 people have disappeared around Laredo. These are somebody’s children, somebodys brothers and sisters,

Why does our Media not report some of this? Common Sense says they must have an agenda and it aint for our good

So how do you feel about it?


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