Let’s face it honey,I’m older than you and got more Insurance!

Let’s face it honey, I’m older than you and got more Insurance. This was a great quote from Fried Green Tomatoes. loved that movie. Not sure about the tomatoes. I wonder if we are going the way of the Whistle Stop Cafe?

Is it really true though, that most that are older have more insurance? According to the  news etc: It would seem we are about to have a major crisis with many (not just older folks) losing their insurance due to job layoffs, companies taking away their pensions as well as health plans. Saddens me to think that the next generation won’t be as well off as their parents if we may believe all we hear and read.

So what do you think about companies that don’t honor their commitment to their employees? After all, many probably chose to stay with them precisely for those benefits. That’s one reason I wanted to work for myself, didnt really believe in the Gold watch.

I remember when the Zenith decided to go to Mexico for cheaper labor. Best T.V. ever had, swore I wouldnt buy another one because they certainly didnt lower prices here and while I didnt know anybody personally that worked there, I felt it was the wave of the future. Sure enough, along came NAFTA,  Uhmmm…how much & what is actually made here anymore? We got automobile factories, many parts are overseas however. Even our beloved Proud American made Harley is now elsewhere too. (think they have one factory here, not 100% on that) I dunno, I guess I can eat my imported Chinese Seafood, Wear my Tennis shoes from India, my jewelry from Wherever…I better get with the program and become a distinguished citizen of the world.

How about you? Do you believe there is security in the workplace? Would you rather work for yourself and make your own security?



  1. Hi Angie!
    Security in the workplace does not exist in most companies so if you do find yourself in one, stay as long as you are happy.
    If everything else is equal, I would rather work for myself. However, I have two kids and work a full time job with a semi-state-owned company. At this point in my life, I cannot afford to leave the workplace unless I have a business that gives me at least the same amount every two weeks. I tried doing them at the same time, but it’s just like killing myself plus I seldom see my kids. So as hard as it may be, the choice was obvious. I love what I do and until I can build a business that I really love doing, I’ll stick around for awhile. Anyway, I’m blessed to be part of a company that offers more security than most others out there.
    Oh Angie, thanks for adding my blog in your blog roll. I will try to post often.

  2. Hi,CR!

    Girl, you gotta do what you gotta do. It’s tough out there today, I would never recommend leaving a position unless I had already replaced the income if I wanted to be self employed.

    I worked 2 at the same time for a while and it will kill ya! I’m glad that you love what you do, as long as that is the case, I wouldnt worry about it. Your children will grow up so fast your head will spin. You are doing what is right for you and your family.

    Thanks for posting. I love the name of your blog. Crystal Reflections, how pretty is that?

    I don’t really know much about this yet as you can tell, but we need new challenges from time to time, yes?

  3. When I bacame a teacher-I said to myself-“Teachers have job security. We always need teachers”. My first year major teacher cuts were happening everywhere-AAAHHH! My mother’s job just got shipped to China. 16 years of work-down the drain. She doesn’t have a degree and is 56 years old-Screwed! It sucks! The one hard thing about going in to business for oneself is getting healthcare insurance at an affordable price. The one good thing about my job is my benefits. Being “single”, I don’t have to pay a premium…but If I were to marry-that premium will be expensive. Most of the time-insurance is even higher for people that have their own businesses-My boyfriend, for example. He owns a store and has to get his own insurance-pretty expensive. Angie-love your place!
    *Waving to crystalreflections* How are you?

  4. I always thought being off in summer would be great!lol! We do need good teachers, location plays a huge part in the demand for educators.

    That is sucking bad for your Mother. I hate it that so many hard working Americans have lost their positions, jobs, to other countries. I haven’t noticed our prices going down even though their labor costs are way down and in view of the abundance of recalls,quality is way down too.

    Yes, Insurance is out of sight and a huge factor to consider. When you work for self, you have to be disciplined if you are self supporting to set aside for retirement,etc:
    Some companies try to honor past promises to employes, I am afraid however, that many more do not try to honor, they just try to get out of past agreements.

    As for my putting away $$?I really like to spend now…kinda like Scarlet O’hara.. I’ll think about it tomorrow..lol! I sound so very UNresponsible!

  5. My health insurance plan went from covering just about everything to covering very little. I used to have zero copay and all of my visits were covered in full. Now, the price I pay each month to have the insurance is astronomical and it covers less. Not only do I have a copay, but I still owe money to the doctor’s office after the fact. So what on earth am I paying for with the insurance? I’m really disgusted. I’m getting a smaller paycheck because I added my spouse to the plan and now I’m getting bigger medical bills that I have to pay to the doctor’s office. I never had to pay that before. I am thinking it would be better to get the HMO. It’s far less each month and it seems to cover more than the expensive health care plan. Does that make any sense??? 😡

  6. Shades, Yes it does make sense.It is disgusting that so much of our income goes to Health Insurance. I would just say this: be sure to read the fine print, ask a lot of questions.
    I would want to know why the present insurance is not covering what it once did and why is it more to boot? It is so disheartening.Then remember to compare apples with apples. lol!

    I had an incident once where I had a request for a particular physical Therapist that I had had earlier. After many calls, I understood they had said yes, and then of course they did not pay. So I was faced with thousands of dollars owed.

    I just wish that all could have their choice of Doctor, etc: I am not a believer in socialized medicine, however I believe at the same time that something has to be done. This is a huge concern for all.

    Good luck and I hope you can find the right answer for yourself. The HMO may be the best choice at this time for you.

  7. Thanks for your feedback. I did request a copy of the new policy from my current insurance company. They changed it July 1, 2007. I just missed it. Now I have to wait until May or June to change my plan to the HMO. We have Open Enrollment periods at my job and we can only make changes then. The only exceptions are if we get married, divorced, have a baby, or a spouse gets a plan of their own or leaves a plan. If my husband decides to take the benefits his new job offers, then I would have 31 days to change myself back to the single plan. I still would not be able to switch to the HMO until open enrollment.
    I agree universal healthcare is not the answer. Then, no one would see doctors because too many people would be waiting. Also, it would limit prenatal care among other things.
    From what I can tell, switching to the HMO will give me more coverage, lower payments, but less freedom as far as what doctors I can see.

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