I’m Fluffy, not fat, thank you very much!

Why do Boutiques think everyone is a size one or two? Do they not know that the average woman is a size 14? I have seen a few Fluffy Rich women. Not very many though as I think about it. Uhmmm…..maybe they do eat differently.

 Why do the fat clothes have several in each size? Is it because they want everyone to know we shop in the same store?

Have you ever been treated differently because you are over a size 8 in some stores?

Remember that movie ‘Network’ where he hung out the window and said ‘I’m Mad as Hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore”! I propose that we all do that, of course, they would probably send the men or women in white coats after us.

So who has experienced any change in their life and noticed a difference if any?



  1. Ack…they eat better (because they can afford to eat well) and they have the time, inclination and money to have a trainer! LOL

    I hate to shop, don’t even get me started on bathing suits. This is why I love the internet. I never even have to get out of my bathrobe. ; )

  2. I be loving my bathrobe too. Nobody can see me(at this time)anyway.

    mrs. I hate shopping too, Now if they would only get a bathing suit that was truly flattering. Oh, and they should get different lights in the dressing rooms. Let’s not forget the mirrows.. how about those that take off 20 or so pounds? Whoo Hoo!they would make a fortune yes?

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