So, Another recall on toys. Now they have a date rape drug in them.  Whoo Hoo! Is there any reason why we can’t make our own toys anymore and perhaps have safety inspections? What is going on? Our food, even Pnut Butter for Petes sake! Our Pet food? Lead in Lipstick? Dang me, can’t eat, feed my dog and now I can’t even get cute without possibility of harm? Oh well, It’s getting harder and taking longer to get cute these days anyway!

I suppose next our shoes and clothing will have some kind of dangerous chemical in them toxic to our health perhaps? I wonder……is anything completely made in America anymore? Does it matter? Are we just as slack? What has happened? Is it really the World Trade Agreements fault?

Are our politicians losing their mind? Do they have no common sense?  Would they rather be thought of as Citizens of the world vs Americans?

Is it me or do you think our schools are promoting Secular Progression? Why is Patriotism so unpopular? Why is God so unpopular with the Politically Correct Soceity? Why do we have to be so Politically correct about our opinions? Why why why?

Enlighten me.


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